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The Impact of NYU Wagner: Turning Passion into Action

The Impact of NYU Wagner: Turning Passion into Action

Translate ideas into action at NYU
Wagner. Here, we’re preparing the next generation of public service leaders to
make lasting change in cities across the globe. Our alumni, faculty, and students
are working in every area of public service. Our faculty are changing the way we
address public service challenges. They’re helping low-income families
manage income volatility; showing how accountability to citizens can be
increased through re-organizing public management; uncovering that many promised Ebola
donations never made it to their recipients; illustrating how foreclosures
affect crime rates; exploring how parking
policies affect neighborhood development. Our network of over 11,000 NYU Wagner
alumni is bringing clean water to Africa; promoting democracy through citizen
engagement; alleviating poverty by increasing government
efficiency and accountability; improving transportation infrastructure and
Public Safety with technology; strengthening communities through education and wellness programs. These examples, among many others, make us
proud of the way our community is tackling today’s most pressing social issues. We look forward to continuing to
educate students in one of the most vibrant urban centers in the world, so
that they can make the world’s cities better. NYU Wagner: turning passion into action.

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