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The Hardest Countries To Become A Citizen

The Hardest Countries To Become A Citizen

In June 2016, Denmark introduced a new, multiple-choice
citizenship exam focused on Danish history and culture. The test is reportedly so difficult that less
than a third of foreign nationals passed, and even many Danes have had trouble with
it. This comes at the heels of other efforts by
the Danish government to crack down on immigration, including a law requiring refugees to hand
over their valuables upon entry. But even with these new regulations, Denmark
is still far from the hardest place to naturalize. So, where is it the hardest to become a citizen? Well, one of the most infamously hard places
to gain citizenship is Switzerland. Unlike Denmark, Switzerland places less importance
on a foreigner’s knowledge of the country, and instead ensures that they are fully integrated
into society. Most prospective citizens are eligible only
after living in Switzerland for at least a decade, during which time they must fully
adopt Swiss culture and traditions. Integration is overseen by local officials,
who have been known to go to great, arguably intrusive lengths to monitor applicants, including
regular check ups to ensure they interacting with their community. In one famous case in 2014, a local naturalization
commission rejected citizenship for a 75-year-old man who had lived in Switzerland for nearly
40 years and taught at a Swiss University, only because they felt that he did not know
enough about the region’s politics and geography. Austria has similarly strict requirements
when it comes to integration. Anyone planning to stay for more than two
years must sign an “Integration Agreement”, a six-month program designed to improve German
language skills and one’s ability to [quote] “participate in the social, economic and
cultural life in Austria.” But the real hurdle on the path to Austrian
citizenship is the time commitment. A foreign national has the right to obtain
citizenship only after living in the country for 30 consecutive years, or 15 if they can
prove that they’ve fully integrated. Most prospective citizens must also renounce
any other citizenship they may have, as Austria does not allow dual citizenship, with few
exceptions. But perhaps the most difficult place to naturalize
is Japan, where prospective citizens must live in the country for at least 5 years,
gain approval by the Minister of Justice and submit a slew of paperwork, which is known
to include detailed questions about the applicant’s personal life. Some applicants have reported having their
home or workplace inspected by immigration officials, in order to corroborate the details
on their application. If approved, applicants must renounce any
other citizenship. According to the Japanese Ministry, this process
takes anywhere from 6 to 12 months, however those who have gone through it have said it
can take years. Interestingly, the process to obtain permanent
residency, but not citizenship, is even longer. This is because permanent residents receive
all the benefits of citizenship, without being required to swear allegiance to the Constitution
of Japan or renounce other citizenships. Although the road to citizenship in Japan,
Austria and Switzerland is lengthy and demanding, it is very rare for an applicant to be denied. In Japan for example, about 99 percent of
citizenship applications are approved. What’s more, all of these countries rank
extremely high in terms of quality of life. So obtaining citizenship, or at least residency,
might be worth the wait. On the other hand, some places are so open
to new citizens that you can just buy a nationality, sometimes for only a few thousand dollars. That said, these might not necessarily be
places you’d want to live in the first place, so where exactly can you buy citizenship? Find out in this video! Thanks for watching Seeker Daily

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  1. Wrong, in lebanon you can't get citizenship even if you lived for 100years The only way to become a citizen is by having lebanese parents (duh lol) or the second way is that the president gives you the citizenship and usually it happens once a year like very big investors gets citizenship this way( usually like 20 people every year get citizenship by an order of the prez)

  2. Some middle eastern countries + Vatican city is not in the list because there is a difference between hardest and impossible…

  3. eeh monaco, you HAVE TO be a milionair to be a citizen atleased when you strat to ben a citizen, AND it takes 10 or 15 years

  4. Please remove your video the hardest place is India even your both parents are Indian but your birth place is foreign country and even if you spend rest of life in India you will get half citizenship (OCI) of India(Ex-Deepika Padukone) and if these country are Bangladesh and Pakistan then you don't even get that citizenship and also India don't allow dual citizenship and also test of Indian nationality is quite hard

  5. The hardest is Kuwait as u must be born of Kuwaiti mother and father to have citizenship … there is no other way!

  6. I think it’s only fair to allow people to naturalize only when they have fully integrated into the countries’ culture/society

  7. Some persons in the world says that the difficult citizenship worldwide is the Moroccan nationality!!.. But.. For what? For the level of educations or health!! They had nothing like country in war or from 13 century!

  8. You didn't mention Greece: You have to be a legal permanent resident for 7 to 12 years (depending on the type of your residence permit) in order to apply, if you are a non-european citizen. After 4 years more or less you are interviewed about history, culture and language and, if you pass the exams, you are granted the citizenship. If you fail, you have to wait one year, apply again, wait again for 4 years and go to a new interview. And if you ever have been convicted for any crime with 6 or more months of imprisonment (which could be the result of driving without licence), you can never be granted the citizenship. Fabulous?

  9. Thankfully I’m a EU citizen so I don’t really need to get citizenship to stay in those European countries ❤️🇪🇺

  10. Hi,
    I saw your video, but You miss a country which never gave citizenship to anybody, it is ARMENIA, probably you surprised but its true, let me tell you my story:
    I am an Iranian who moved to Armenia in 2004, I went to university for 4 years in Armenia, I married to an Armenian girl, I opened business in Armenia in 2008 and had Two companies until 2013, it means I have been there for 9 years and also I married to an Armenian girl also I can Speak, Read and Write Armenian like an Armenian, with no accent or issue, In 2012 After couple years of marriage and working and knowing their culture, I applied for Armenian Citizenship.
    I passed the Test for language and Culture with 100%, no mistake.
    Then after almost one year waiting and paying all fees, they rejected me, when I asked why? What is the reason? I am married to an Armenian citizen and passed the test and have business here, the just told me that they cannot tell me the reason.
    I found some connections in the immigration office and they told me in history of Armenia they have never given Citizenship to anybody who is not Armenian by blood. And they said only one time they gave Armenian Citizenship to a foreign Soccer Player because they wanted him to play in Armenian National Soccer team.
    I just wanted you to know that getting Armenian citizenship is 99.99% impossible.
    Please Consider it,

  11. So it's OK for these countries to be super difficult to get into but for big countries like England, the U.S & Germany they should just let in any illegal who wants to climb over the wall?

  12. What about UAE… KSA… basically all GCC countries… What about North Korea… This list is really stupid..

  13. Austria is not 30 years it's 5 nowadays. My uncle immigrated from israel to vienna and after 5 years got his citizenship with no job visa or anything like that. And i also checked that myself

  14. I’m surprised the Federation of Russia didn’t make this video.
    In my personal opinion, they are the strictest when it comes to getting citizenship

  15. Why would someone want to stay in frozen land and Japan is almost at dead end with no younger population.
    These countries cannot defend themselves.
    Swiss has always been neutral in wars… only famous for holding black money, chocolates and hiding stolen gold from WW2

  16. Qatar… EAU… both much trickier haha .. or Oman, where you its basically impossible without 100% Omani ancestry.. didnt do much research at all for this video! Or maybe they just dont regard non-European countries as worth mentioning

  17. For North Korean citizenship all you need to have is a basic understanding of advanced aerospace engineering and ability to apply that knowledge to intercontinental ballistic missile technology. There is also a small fee of 10 pounds of uranium that has been enriched to 90% U-235 or greater.

  18. i was born and live in switzerland (im 15 rn) and the thing is, you dont just have to live in the country for 10 years, but the same canton.. and i moved to a different canton with 5 which means im only getting my passport this year even after living here for 15 years

  19. All of these Countries are racist!! If you don't even look like them or attempt to speak their language then just stay in yours!!! Don't even try to argue with me on this one…

  20. In Thailand you can only attain citizenship only if you have had tens of permanent resident status, be conversive in the Thai language, knowledgeable in Thai history and be able to sing Thailand's National Anthem.

  21. UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, never give citizen ships to anyone even if you are born there, ur father has to be a citizen. Even if ur mom is u still don’t get to be a citizen EVER

  22. USA is hard….. They put consitution laws, biology test, science test, math test, etc. you have to pass them in order to get citizenship of USA.
    you have to pass them and ace them. you can't come here illegally.

  23. If you want candian citizenship and you are saudi just attack the saudi government lol poor canad 😂😂💔

  24. The title should be narrow minded countries in the world. All human being is belongs to the earth so no one should be rejected to live anywhere in this world .

  25. Israel is way harder to get citizenship in than all of these countries. You have to be Jewish and you can't just convert to Judaism, you've got to have a Jewish mother and you have to prove that you're Jewish to get citizenship. So you can't just get Israeli citizenship.

  26. Iran and Singapore want foreign people to do their national service to these countries, otherwise you are excluded from applying there

  27. hardest is japan it takes an average of 25years mostly people whose grandfathers lived in japan before capitulation are allowed to citizenship otherwise almost impossible unless playing football better than pele or beckenbaauer or running faster than ushain bolt

  28. Come on. After almost 40 years? No that man deserved his Citizenship. Especially if you taught at the University.

  29. Hi, I have a question. I know that in order to be a naturalized citizen of Japan you need to have lived there for 5 consecutive years. I want to know if one of your parents is a Japanese national and you want to be a citizen through them, do you need to have lived in the country too?

  30. Or get adopted by a descendant of a Japanese citizen. Criminals in South America pay Japanese descendants to adopt them as adults and flee to Japan with "family connection".

  31. Japan is actually an easy one to get IF you’re a spouse of Japanese national. There is no citizenship test in Japan like most western countries do. You don’t even need to be a Japanese permanent resident to apply for citizenship, which is easier compare to other countries.

  32. I understand every culture better than western cultures because of social reasons. Exceptions are Scandinavia, Canada and so on.

  33. Something's confusing here,I saw previously that switzerland is the easiest to emigrate but now u said is the hardest. Mmmm…



  34. For citizenship in the UK you have to eat a portion of fish and chips, sing Britannia in the best British accent you can do and finally have a scrap with someone 🙂

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