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The Full Circle of the C&C Disney Angel Policy

. So. Just so that everybody who’s asking about the Angel Policy, I just wanted to explain that to you. So with Disney it’s not about us selling our cards this is about actually crafting and giving our cards. So, it’s about giving, sharing, making all of that and, of course, with all of these fabulous items. So just to make the Angel Policy clear it’s not about selling our cards, that’s not something we can do with our Disney franch, with our Disney Licence but it is about crafting and sharing and actually taking us into that magical world. I’d just like to talk about the Angel Policy Because a lot of people, quite rightly when they’re spending this kind of money they’re wondering whether or not they’re able to make to sell for charity or, indeed, themselves. Now, obviously, you will be aware that we are dealing highly protected copyright material. So what Create and Craft have done, they have negotiated with Disney the following: This is a policy that comes from Disney and also us here at Create and Craft as the official retailer. So, and the reason we read this out is to maker sure that. there is no confusion, okay, so The Disney range of products from Create and Craft are covered by a legal agreement with a Disney authorised licensee, Character World. With this agreement in place we have been assured that our customers as individuals are free to be creative with the Disney approved products, creating finished products to gift or sell. A great deal of effort has gone into ensuring that our products comply with Disney copyrights. Our dies are Disney approved designs, manufactured to the highest standards. Using these products will produce finished craft items that are genuine representations of the characters and the Disney brand. These products have been thoroughly audited by the Disney Corporation over several months. Please enjoy the products and be confident that the finished craft projects that you create will be true representations of the Disney brand And so that means if you are looking to sell, you can do that. I would just like to add my own personal thing about this in terms of almost 15 years as presenter on shopping television Interesting to not that whenever you see anything on television there are certain agencies that are there to ensure that what you hear is the truth, like the ASA. Doesn’t exist on the internet, doesn’t exist. You can say what you like on the internet, doesn’t exist. So just to highlight that point, we cannot stand here and say these things unless they are 100% true. (Mel:Absolutely) On the internet you can say what you like. Just thought I’d mention it! As more and more people have been finding out about the very, very, generous Angel Policy a lot of people have been going for the Ultimate Collection. Now, I’d like to talk to you about very, very quickly is the Angel Policy. Now the Angel Policy is fully explained online. If you go on to the website you’ll see there is a link on every single item under “Angel Policy” which will tell you exactly what you need to know with regards to the Angel Policy in terms of making for yourself or if you are looking to sell. The good news is you can do all of that! We often get asked about the Angel Policy It’s quite simple, go and have a look on the website Disney have given us a very, erm, generous Angel Policy you can find out all about that on the website What Mel and I are going to do are introduce you to some of the things you may not have seen – maybe you didn’t realise that we do Disney here (Mel: I know) at Create and Craft. (Mel: Exactly) and you’ve tuned in and gone “What?” (Mel squeals) “Do Disney? Seriously?” (Mel: That’s what I said!) Yes. Seriously!

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