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The Country with No Territory

The Country with No Territory

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sign up over at Let’s see, a super-secret, sovereign, international
organization with ties to governments worldwide that dates back to the 11th century? I don’t
see why anyone would suspect any… oh you know what it looks like a few people do this
something weird could be going on here. Here’s a one-minute history of the Sovereign
Military Hospitaller Order of Saint John of Jerusalem of Rhodes and of Malta—AKA the
Order of Malta. In the 11th century there was a country called the Duchy of Amalfi.
A bunch of merchants from there went to Jerusalem, which was ruled by an islamic caliphate at
the time, and started a hospital to care for anyone from any race or religion—something
rather progressive for the time. But then the crusades happened, the Christians conquered
Jerusalem, and the regular order became a military order with the goal of protecting
the Christian stronghold. They were pretty successful at that until 200 years later when
Jerusalem was conquered again by an opposing group and the Order was kicked out. So, they
went to Cyprus, then they went to Rhodes, and then they went to Malta. Oh yeah, and
there weren’t really called the Order of Malta until they got to Malta, and while they
were there they got really powerful, briefly owned the Caribbean Islands of Saint Barthélemy,
Kitts, Croix, and Martin, then in about 1800 your boy Napoleon Dy… I mean Bonaparte kicked
them out of Malta so they went to Rome where they still are headquartered today.
The mission of the group is stated as “Tuitio fidei et obsequium pauperum” which, if you
don’t speak Latin, translates to “defense of the faith and service of the poor.” The
“faith,” in this context, is of course Roman Catholicism, the faith that Jorge Bergoglio
practices, who’s also known by his other name—Pope Francis. The pope is the very
reason why the order of Malta is a sovereign entity today—just not this Pope. 105 popes
ago, Pope Paschal II said that the Order of Malta was a sovereign entity, and since the
Pope was basically president of the world at the time, at least the western world, everyone
listened to him. So, still today, the Sovereign Military Order
of Malta is sovereign. It’s treated like a country even though it doesn’t have any
territory. It does have buildings, like its headquarters in Rome, but these buildings
aren’t technically territory of the Order. They’re considered extraterritorial territory.
Extraterritorial territory is the kind of territory that the embassies of any country
are in. Embassies are not subject to the local laws of the country they are in but they are
not territories of the country of origin even though they’re subject to the laws of the
country of origin. Therefore, since the Order’s properties are extraterritorial, the Order
of Malta has no real territory making it the only sovereign entity in the world to exist
territory-free. But they do have pretty much everything else
a country has. They have coins, they have stamps, they have license plates, and they
even have passports. Only 500 people have this passport, though, making it the most
exclusive in the world. 105 countries actually recognize the Order as a sovereign entity
so 105 countries will actually let members in on their Order passports, but they do have
recognition from the most important organization—the United Nations.
The UN’s declaration of an entity’s independence is really the definitive determinant for whether
or not the entity is sovereign, so, the order really is sovereign. They aren’t, however,
full members of the United Nations. They have permanent observer status much like the Vatican.
The Order of Malta even has embassies in 75 countries worldwide and a military. The unique
political independence of this group allows them to hypothetically use their military
to invade a country and start war without the approval of any other country. Nowadays,
however, the order’s primary focus rests on charitable acts around the world. They
still hold true to the mission of their original hospital in Jerusalem and administer aid to
those in need regardless of their race or religion though employing over 25,000 doctors,
nurses, and paramedics globally. Although, a secret society wouldn’t be very
good without some secrets, so you can never really be sure who’s in the Order because
they don’t release that information publicly. Some people will say that they’re members,
but many don’t which helps fuel some of the conspiracy theories. Alleged members include
George H. W. Bush, Ronald Reagan, Rick Santorum, and plenty of other powerful politicians,
but, if you want to join the Order of Malta, use its military to topple the oligarchy,
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100 comments on “The Country with No Territory

  1. Yeah, some organization with no territory and citizenship – a sovereign entity
    "Micronation" with actual territory and residents – how the f* you think you are?
    Actually full-blown independent country, separated itself out of other country due to national self-determination (which is a cardinal principle in international law) – pretending it's not even exist

  2. You forgot how they split up on Malta into the catholic and the protestant part. Would've maybe been interesting as well but doesn't really matter.

  3. It's hospitaller work and assets (buildings) are sovereign. It is subject to the Vatican as a religious Order. Its Knights of Justice are fully vowed monks (obedience, poverty, chastity). It is these Knights, among all the other "ranks" of the SMOM, who are the modern descendants of the fighting warrior Knights of St. John, (aka Knights Hospitaller, Order of Rhodes, Order of Malta).

  4. I read the title as meaning "a country that does not have any territories," like how Guam is a territory of the United States. But actually, it was saying "a country that literally has absolutely no land whatsoever." Which is kind of like saying, "A country that's not a country," in a sense. So, it's like, "How does this place exist?"

    Which, I think I once heard that, in order to be a country, one requirement (like, by international law) is that it has to have land, or else, it will not be recognized, so, Order of Malta would cover that question, based on what I remember once hearing. Also, isn't there an island called Malta? I thought that was the country. So, I guess this is a different Malta? So, they made an order into a country. I wish I could claim a place as a country, and it actually be so.

    I say, this Malta should do what the narrator said they can do, and invade a place, so that they can have territory of their own, even though just about every place in the world is claimed by a country, already. But, invade an uninhabited island, or something, especially one that is disputed by multiple countries, or one that is not really that thought of, at all. Don't invade a populated province, or anything. Because, they need a territory of their own. Even if it's the size of a building. They need their own territory.

  5. Vatican City: We’re the smallest country.
    Order of Malta: I’m gonna steal this mans whole career.

  6. That was a great segway into your sponsorship ad. Usually they bug me a little, but that one was clever and really funny.

  7. Wait a minute, you're saying that anyone could invade with no consequences, since they have no territory

    RIP malta

  9. "105 Popes ago" lol

    Also, the Order was sovereign 105 Popes ago, and its passport is respected by 105 countries… Coincidence? I think not

  10. Order of Malta, a micronation treated as a country…which is fair enough for Molossia and the rest…but not a full member of the UN…but has LITERALLY everything.

  11. This world ain't right. A charity has met most of prerequisites for a shadow government straight out of a movie, or at least a decent Bond villain, and it's a charity.

  12. An embassy is not a building it is the group of diplomats sent by a country to another country the building is called a chanslory and is technically subject to the laws of its host country with the exception that law Enforcement of the house country ma not enter, the chanslorys are not protected extra territorially

  13. Malta and Philippines look mutually compatible for their Catholic-oriented spirit!
    Plus, both countries are bilingual with English as the 2nd most spoken national language!

  14. SMOM owns two buildings in Rome, Italy. The larger building contains a hospital, a treasury which issues stamps
    And coins, their state department is on the second floor and you can get your passport stamped their. Their currency
    Is called Scudi which is Avery old Latin name. The other building is known as the Ducal Palace and is where many
    Of the officials live. Italy does not recognize SMOM postage or currency so if you want to actually mail something
    From their post office you put both SMOM and Italian stamps on the letter.

  15. Pope Francis no more Catholic than his BFF, Xi Jinping. And the 'Sovereign' Military Order of Malta hasn't been sovereign since Francis deposed His Most Eminent Highness Fra' Matthew Festing, the Prince and Grand Master, on 28 January 2017 (well before you made this video) and imposed his own puppet.

  16. If you ask me, someone who thinks President Reagan and President Bush I (both Protestants) were members of the Order of Malta says that they don't know how lay Catholic orders of chivalry work.

  17. I suppose according to the law of nations anyone who declares sovereignty is sovereign, whether or not they lay claim to any law whatsoever.

  18. The UN can’t be any more sovereign than any other entity and therefore they don’t truly decide another state’s sovereignty.

  19. To much territory

    Extraterritorial territory Extraterritorial territory Extraterritorial territory Extraterritorial territory Extraterritorial territory

  20. mfw when people think we can govern shit in malta XD we can bearly hold a voting session with out it going to shit and people shouting and chanting swears at the other party
    trust me pal . we cant govern shit here

  21. 3:25 wrong, this is a part of the italian military which helps the SMOM with humanitarian assistance. But its still a completly italian unit as evident by the "tricolore" on their jacket and the "EI – Esercito Italiano – italian military" license plate. Also the SMOM license plate is a italian military license plate which they dont issue by themselves.

  22. CORRECTION: "The Vatican" does NOT have diplomatic relations with the UN. The Holy See has diplomatic relations with the UN. The Holy See is the Catholic Church, The Vatican is The Vatican City State. So the UN has diplomatic relations with the Catholic Church (as a permanent observer).

  23. Actually they aren’t permanent observers of the United Nations, they are trying to become though. The only countries wih that status are Vatican City and the State of Palestine

  24. Why don't any of the millions of updated versions of "Yakko's World" not include the Order of Malta (or Antarctica, for that matter)?

    "Papua New Guinea; Guinea; Guinea-Bissau; Guinea, Equatorial;
    The Sovereign Military Order of Malta has no territory at all."

  25. In Canada we have an organization, St John Ambulance, which was founded by Royal Charter in 1884. It provides medic and ambulance services throughout Canada and is a branch of the same Knight's of Malta Order of St John. They do a lot of good, just don't dig too deep into their origins .

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