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The Country Girls of TikTok

The Country Girls of TikTok

This town ain’t big enough for the two of us So we should find a bigger town that will accommodate both of us. Okay. Hey guys, welcome to my channel if you’re new here What’s up? How’s it going? And if you’re coming back, what’s up? How’s it going? It’s good to see you again

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  1. Lemme get a YEEYEE right quick!!! also check out the description and grab some KurtisTown apparel. I really wanted to make cowboy boots as my merch but maybe in the next drop!!! lol kk thanks for watching see u soon!!!

  2. As an equestrian that video just made me mad tbh, Idk if she was like a barrel racer but it looked like she gave her horse a tie down, painful, not a fan.

  3. The south is about so much more then trucks. The South is about community and togetherness. You can’t get an image of the South from a few dumb video.

  4. 13:10
    Okay, I've never owned a horse so this may be a myth but… Aren't you never supposed to stand behind a horse??? Because it's a huge blindspot so they could spook easily, and they kick really friggin hard?? Did she just risk getting bucked by a horse for a tik-tok?? I mean… That's dedication I'll say that much.

  5. I'm not really a country person but I'm from Tennessee and I listen to country music occasionally so… but I'm nonbianary. Yee yee

  6. Yes we listen to that music. No joke, probably sang along to most of the songs in this video. Yes we also realize that they are ridiculous but yee ya know?

  7. lol love how clueless you are as a Canadian. yes, people get married in their wedding boots, yes people hang out in their backyard in their trucks, they go "driving" lolololol country culture is weird haha

  8. Only kurtis can make fun of someone without actually offending them by his disclaimers in the beginning lol

    Edit: an example of this is "now I don't want y'all to think I am a white man making fun of girls because there is way too much of that." Like such a great person

    Edit: my sister listens to ALLL of this music. It's terrible haha

  9. This guy is something else he first talks about gender then goes on other people’s lives like he’s the type of guy to see a river turn away and go swim in a pool like a mamas boy all these kids are afraid of everything and anything, He is the definition of a millennial.And making fun of country music are you kidding me now a days you here mubbiling words to a beat ,Country songs aren’t about the instrumental it’s about the story it tells not like the “country” music we have now a days with that pop country bullshit for god sakes .

  10. Please no…..this is not country these are just frikin weird people. Country people don’t do this…………oof

  11. These songs reminded me of a song I heard on the radio a while back… I don't know what it was called but some of the lyrics went, "Work your fingers to the bone and what'd ya get? bony fingers!"

  12. Hey man as much as i like a lot of your content. Seems a little closed minded yourself to denounce every part of what these folks enjoy. I mean are there not great country people sure. Plenty of good people though too. Just because you can drive a truck and hunt doesn't mean you can't be a supportive partner. Just sayin a little too much stereotyping. Also neil breen is amazing.

  13. I live in North Carolina, and I can attest that these girls are like this all the time, and they love themselves above all else. My tattoos, short black hair, and totally un-country style really pisses them off lol

  14. Lol a real country girl doesn’t post about how country they are 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  15. @6:38 These country persons mash 'cowboy culture' into everything. Why would you wear heavy, leather, work boots to your wedding? Bet she don't even cowpoke or nuthin'

  16. I've never used TikTok, but I love it. When I feel like a loser I just watch stuff like this to remind me that it could be so much worse. I could be making cringe-inducing TikToks.

  17. As a country Boy I can say the whole 4 box thing is true sadly, and yes most people don’t understand multiple genders.

  18. Lol the hell? You tuck you jeans into your boots or animals get into your jeans and they bite your legs! Like snakes and crickets, and shit

  19. Oh my God my boyfriend is a
    Country Boy ™ and he watches these all the time lol he’s like “check out these girls’ boobs”

  20. As a person who lives in north Georgia, I can confirm that I spend my free time throwing sticks and picking up corn

  21. Lmao don’t you dare diss International Harvester, it’s a piece of comedic and lyrical genius

  22. Kurtis I just got into your shit and love your videos, but as you can clearly see my name is Grant and I am offended by the joke you made at 3:30. I am not from the country and would never want to be associated with those people. Looks like I'm no longer getting that special greeting, if you catch my drift. 😂😂

  23. But honestly he can't say nothin until he's gone out to the country, i've lived the city life, hey wanna go out and drive on a flat concrete road and go to the movies?! orrrr go drive down a mountain to a big mud hole and drift and race?

  24. I'm from alabama and not southern in the slightest😂. I'm sorry about those people. We're not all that terrible

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