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The Check In: Trump Country

The Check In: Trump Country

-As a candidate,
Donald Trump repeatedly promised that rural America,
which he dubbed Trump country, would improve
under his presidency. But is that really the case? This is “The Check In.” [ Cheers and applause ] [ Bell dings ] Throughout his presidency,
Trump has consistently claimed that now he’s in charge,
everyone, especially his supporters,
are coming out on top. -America now is winning again. Some people are getting
a little tired of winning. The people of Missouri
are gonna go to your governor, and they’re gonna say, “Governor, please,
go see the President. We can’t stand winning so much.” We are going to keep on winning. We’re going to win so much, you’re gonna get
so tired of winning. Just so tired. -I’ll give him credit
for one thing. He doesn’t
overwhelm you with details. [ Laughter ] Also, I don’t think he gets
how winning works. You don’t get tired of it. I’ve never heard
a New England Patriots fan burning his Tom Brady jersey
and moving to Cleveland. “Enough’s enough, Brady!
I got January plans!” [ Laughter ] Trump loves to say that,
thanks to this presidency, farmers, coal miners, and residents of red states
are back. But in November,
“The Washington Post” asked the question,
“Is Trump country really better off under Trump?” And their answer was no —
it’s falling further behind. And there’s no better example
of that than West Virginia. You might remember that
when Trump visited West Virginia in 2016, he made all kinds
of impossible promises and even
pretended to be a coal miner. -I’ll put it on, right? [ Cheers and applause ] -I’ve never seen someone
so proud of his ability to put on and take off a hat. [ Laughter ] He took off that hat like a dove
was gonna fly out of it. “Ta-da!” Also, whoever picked
his hard-hat size did not take into account
Trump’s giant ego. [ Laughter ] I know next to nothing
about coal mining, but I’m pretty sure
that’s not how you do it. Unless I’m wrong,
coal is generally not located under 4 to 6 inches
of loose dirt on the surface. I think he’s mistaking
coal mining with clearing the driveway
after a light snowstorm. But Trump didn’t just
act like a coal miner, he also promised he’d put
coal miners back to work, and as president,
he claimed he’d succeeded. -It’s really happening.
We are back. The coal industry is back. We’ve ended the war
on beautiful, clean coal. I will tell you,
you will look back, and you will say
it was the single greatest vote you ever cast,
and you are gonna be very proud. And for those miners, get ready,
because you’re gonna be working your asses off,
all right? -So there you go.
Trump says he’s ended the war on coal
and that coal miners would be
working their asses off, but based on the actual facts, it sounds like
their asses are still firmly on. -Coal mines are closing
faster than ever. -A bleak outlook tonight
on the coal industry. A brand-new report from CNN
suggests more coal plants have closed
during the first two years of the Trump administration than the first four years
of the Obama administration. It’s not because of regulations
but competition with cleaner,
cheaper forms of energy. Another 20 plants
are expected to close this year. -In fairness,
it isn’t Trump’s fault that the mines are closing. It’s just the march of time. It’s the same reason
it’s hard to find work as an abacus operator. [ Laughter ] And instead of facing
the reality that coal plants are closing faster
under his presidency than they did under Obama’s, Trump keeps
insulting coal miners by insisting
that they’re incapable of doing anything
other than dig for coal. -Remember, I was here
just before the election? And I brought a couple of guys
into a room, and I said, “Fellas, supposing
we teach you a new skill. Supposing we teach you, like, how to make little widgets
or gidgets or gadgets or…?” These are big, strong
coal miners. They said,
“Sir, we want to dig coal.” I said, “I agree with you!
I agree.” -Well, maybe they would’ve
answered differently if you had said,
“We’d like to train you to transition to another field
of energy development that’s cleaner and safer with better
long-term prospects,” instead of, “Do you fellas wanna
make widgets and gidgets?” [ Laughter ] “Giguh-guh-uhhh!
Wigi-gigi-guh.” [ Laughter and applause ] Also, they told you they didn’t
want to learn new skills? Are you sure it wasn’t
just an assumption you made like you did in an interview
with “Playboy” magazine back in 1990
when you proclaimed, “If had been the son
of a coal miner, I would’ve left the damn mines, but most people
don’t have the imagination or whatever to leave their mine.
They don’t have it.” Which is?
“‘It’ is an ability to become an entrepreneur,
a great athlete, a great writer. You’re either
born with it or you’re not.” And by “it,”
he, of course, means a wealthy father
who cheated on his taxes. [ Laughter ] And don’t take it from me. Even experts on coal mining
in states like Pennsylvania and West Virginia
said that Trump’s lies are actually hurting
the coal miners he claims to be saving. -He’s lying to them. -For 52 years,
Art Sullivan worked in and consulted on mines
around the world. And he bristles every time
he hears the President claim to be the savior of coal. -And that really disturbs me, because these
are really good people. -Do you feel the President gave
these communities false hope? -In my opinion?
Absolutely. I mean, I’m an expert.
He’s not. If you spend several years
working coal mines, you’re going to come
to understand electricity, hydraulics, mechanics. I see no limitation on
the average coal miner’s ability to transition
into any other field. -That’s right.
Coal miners are qualified in electricity, hydraulics,
and mechanics. Meanwhile, Trump isn’t even
qualified to be the canary. [ Laughter ] So, Trump promised that cutting
regulations on power plants would help bring back jobs
in rural America. He also promised
that cutting those regulations would not impact the quality
of the air and water. -We want a clean environment. We want a strong, beautiful,
clean environment. I want clean air,
I want crystal-clean water. And we’ve got it. We’ve got the cleanest country
in the planet right now. There’s nobody cleaner than us. And it’s getting
better and better. -Can we start
by cleaning you off first? [ Laughter ] You can’t claim
we’re the cleanest country when the President looks like
he just lost a challenge to eat the world’s
hottest jalapeño pepper. [ Laughter ] “Don’t worry —
my stomach can handle — Oh!
I’m shvitzing right away.” So, there you go.
Coal mines might be closing faster under Trump,
but at least they still have clean air to breathe
and clean water to drink, right? -The Environmental
Protection Agency is considering rolling back
regulations on mercury. It’s a neurotoxin
that can lead to brain damage, learning disabilities, and
other birth defects in children. -The Environmental Protection
Agency announced the proposal today,
saying that the cost of these regulations
outweighs the health benefits. Remind us again why we care about mercury
getting into the air. -It’s a powerful neurotoxin. There are also
other hazardous air pollutants that are emitted
along with mercury. -So you might have expected
Trump to neglect the blue states that didn’t vote for him. I wouldn’t be surprised
if he started dumping mercury over New York
out of Air Force One. “Don’t breathe in, losers!” But this is Trump country. These are people
he promised to help, and if this keeps up,
Trump might need a shovel to dig himself out of this hole. This has been “The Check In.” [ Cheers and applause ] [ Bell dings ]

100 comments on “The Check In: Trump Country

  1. nothing makes me HAPPIER than seeing how worse off trumpf voters are (the poor ones) who worshipped him as he and his rich friends destroyed their cities and lives while lying TO THEIR FACES….ahhh i LOVE IT!

  2. In 1983, my father, a newspaper man since before WWII said, ''The ''republicans'' do things TO people and democrats do things FOR people.''.
    I have seen nothing to make me question his observations.

  3. Coal miners are smart. They have skills in team leadership, group cooperation, problem solving, heavy machinery operation, electrical engineering, and a slew of other important skills that not everyone has. Theyre capable of transitioning into literally any energy industry and the fact they keep letting trump steamroll them and insult them to their faces is just disheartening. Its hard to see it when the coal industry is geographically located in places that dont have the infrastructure for the new industries, but bringing them in and replacing old coal mines with new energy plants creates so many jobs that miners can be prioritized for training and placement. But coal CEOs and Republicans dont want them to do better.

  4. Did Trump run at all on anything good about himself or real descriptions of good things he would do?
    It seems like almost all of what Trump did during the election was to say about his opponents an insulting label that is short short and easy to remember:
    dickhead Donald

    Although, if really trying to use his tactic, it wouldn't really have to be backed up, but with him it can be backed with information:
    He's hurting people he said he would help: (lies, his label 'lying' so we could also say lying Donald). He appears to be corrupt, a number of people working for him have taken plea deals which are not offered unless the person has information the prosecutor wants (corrupt, his label: 'crooked', we could also say crooked Donald). Both of these are just brief examples of how Trump actually is the bad things he calls his opponents.
    If it comes to it, maybe it would be helpful to listen to how he insults his opponents, and then look at what he has done and show examples of how he fits the insulting description he has come up with.
    For example: he labeled someone 'lying'. I don't like the guy he labeled 'lying', but it is funny for him to make that label considering that he lies all the time.

  5. Trump said we're one of the cleanest countries "in" the planet…what's one of major cities—Molten Central? Lavapolis?

  6. Now don't give up on tRump! I'm sure he'd make a great canary for the mines. He's halfway there with the feathers on his head he calls hair! Come on! Let's send him down!!

  7. @3:58 I nearly shat myself 🤣😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  8. I never cease to be shocked whenever I see how disgusting Trump's face is; and you're asshole supporters aren't "tired of winning" yet

  9. talking about coal mines – Trump has lost his mine or is it MIND -now he attacks Beto using his hands – hell if you watch Trump this guy is an idiot-America will take yrs to erase this morons destruction of the environment – adding to defacit drain swap -hell Trump hires only goofy alligators and criminals & Russians & his criminal family—-Trump thinks he is like Gotti or a mob Boss -but he is more like the 3 stooges-Trump,Tump jr & Eric Trump yuk yuk yuk lol

  10. Trump country will never wake up from this delusion. They will see their communities falling apart and their jobs lost, but they will still cling to Trump, proclaiming that they were never better off. I don't give them credit to figure out that they have been duped.

  11. Why can't anyone see that trump has gutted all the programs that projects the nation Clean air cleaner water clean food . That's what a enemy would do. He cut everything that helps make America great again.. That's what Putin put him in charge of doing Tear up the contruy and blame it on the dimercracts

  12. I've come to the conclusion that there is nothing Trump can do to his supporters that would dissuade them from voting for him. He can roll back regulations and poison them, raise their taxes, get rid of their health insurance, threaten social security and medicare and medicaid, but as long as he continues to trigger their most base and hateful prejudices, they will back him up. To quote our orangutan-in-chief: "Sad!"

  13. Ye Gods!! We're from Missouri and we could stand some winning anytime, anyplace, any year! How dare Trump speak for Missourians? We doubt he even knows where our state is located. Please let the nightmare end! :0( DBB

    NOTE: I don't know why this printed out twice, but you'll find it again below next to another very similar one of mine sent 3 months ago. The copy wasn't down there until I tried to "save" this one. Trump Gremlins, I guess, because I'm not trying to be a pest here. Guess I was just thinking the same thing recently when I re-viewed this video. I tried to CANCEL, but it wouldn't go away. :0( DBB

  14. It's fascinating how many people enjoy the natural raw wild organic sensations mother Earth has to offer, but yet the majority of the population is not doing anything to demand from leaders that we improve upon and maintain the quality of standards pertaining to our air, water, foods, landscapes, working and living environment every day home products to be made manufactured mass-produced in a way that doesn't disrupt or diminish the quality of life, by leaving excess poisonous ,toxic, wastes behind you can't be pro-life if your doing business with outdated power sources, inferior materials, poisonous, toxic substances that have been scientifically classified, religiously verified as petrified death! Better known as coal, oil and gas the chemical industry. Which now that Donald Trump has been bought off and paid out by lifting sanctions and deregulating! Putting Caps ON restricting what the EPA FDA drug and food ministration, health and human services environmentalists can present to the public. Our air ,water ,landscapes ,working and living environments are going to be facing oil spills, gas leaks, toxins being burnt off in to our airways) much more frequent with less consequence which is going to result in, cause environmental financial global collapse. Combined with all the health risks that have already been established from business being conducted in this, low-quality outdated manner, by top scientists leading physician specialist the EPA,FDA, drug and food ministration Surgeon General's warnings. They say not to use a generator inside your house or car garage for carbon monoxide poisoning is a leading cause of death! So very soon you will have pipelines from coast-to-coast burning off this petrified death! It is basically bringing the generator inside our house. The oldest trick the Republicans have been using preventing these programs from doing their job is by defunding them. It's what happened the whole time during Obama's presidency it is irritating negligent that Democrats are not bringing these points out sharing these facts would Americans. Talk about play hardball! Talk about pro-life ,women's rights and gay-rights. How about the right to clean air, water, high nutritional value foods. Democrats are only bringing up social classification rights. There not hitting the fundamental rights which is air water, foods, landscapes ,working, living environment and every day home products being made with advanced materials resources substances, that are stronger, lighter more versatile easier to work with+ plus the + these products can freely be used manufactured mass-produced as much is the people need or want without leaving any excess poisonous waste behind. Democrats are pushing how important it is that women have the right for a abortion. Will do the fathers have the right to make sure the kids have clean air, water and high nutritional value foods available 24 seven. As ignorant as the Democrats are behaving right now, the Republicans are celebrating being vindictive. By doing everything they can to keep the majority of the population of Americans) overwork, underpaid, out of shape, sick weak ,desperate ,overfed' undernourished' with them dirty low-paying jobs, that come from outdated! Power sources) inferior materials, poisonous, toxic substances, pesticides ,chemicals that never change their killing composition.

  15. Let`s be honest here. Trump is a dumb privileged idiot but 98% of all in power had to have money and a certain status to be able to study and to then climb the ladder in politics. These people never even saw a working-class family who struggled to survive from one paycheck to the next. We have always been led by people who have known absolutely nothing about the people they were leading. The majority of leaders have no idea what they are talking about.

  16. This is several months ago & for all those people that say America & it's economy is doing great under Trump

  17. So your education level suits your skill level hence diggers of coal no schooling will keep you there.Backward People.

  18. He accidentally stumbled into a viable alternative profession for miners. Coding widgets is a thing. Well at least it used to be.

  19. It was just a couple of weeks ago Trump lifted the ban on spray that has been proven to damage children’s brains . Sad

  20. DUH Wining! Tiger blood, Wining!
    Secretly crying out for help like Charlie Sheen…👹👺👻😈🎽🎽🎽📉📉📉🛇💲
    Oh yeah and Autism created by secretly injecting Mercury into infants… Wining. 🏥🏦💉💊😵☠😢

  21. He is only in it for himself to make business deals and make money for him….he doesn't even care about anyone but him ! He is looking at buying Greenland….like WTF !!!!!

  22. Huh, that fellow was right, Trump really does include someone calling him "Sir" whenever he makes up a totally fictional story.

  23. Lol… it doesnt matter what he does. Everyone who voted for him before will vote for him again. The majority of them anyway. It wasn't about policy or results or racism, but just being sick of the system… and most rural Republicans won't vote for any Democrat, no matter what…

  24. These people, Trump voters spend to much time in front of their TV! Reagan and their fake churches flipped them to the right. They have been going down hill ever since then! In a few years there will be fewer of them alive, and a more realistic generation will be left to vote and hopefully this will get better for all of you that are still here. That is, if We do something about getting rid of the Republicans and Corp. Democrats in our government! " For the people, by the People"!

  25. I would be okay with ignorant people (or people who're too lazy to seek accurate info, or people who don't care about politics) not voting. Voting is a responsibility. If you don't get a candidate or their issues and don't want to, by all means stay home. But some voters went out in 2016 and put a gun to my head on healthcare, to my godkids' heads on debt, environmental issues, wages, etc., and are doubling down that it's 'worth it' for my parents to lose 1/3 of their retirement over tariffs…yet can't give me a coherent, complete answer why.  There's also a type of ignorance that has nothing to do with education, the type on display in my extended family's Trump-voting side: when, out of fear of a thing they have never experienced and have no chance of experiencing, they vote away a real thing that I need. Ramble all you want about how awful it is that a brown person 3000 miles from where any of us live, working a job nobody in your family would  want, might get American food stamps, rich family member…but I earn fifteen grand a year with no benefits. My fiancée died last month of complications that developed due an illness that wasn't diagnosed for two years because we couldn't pay for tests. For us the outcome of the 2016 vote was not academic, or about an abstract principle, or a maybe, or so we could fit in or win or taste conservative tears. It was about life and death. And when Trump made his few, 'barely noticeable' changes in the ACA, death won. To expect me to see it another way is a lot of pressure at Thanksgiving.

  26. To anyone out there, maybe there is one who may consider my words, have you realized that the narrative the Left Media is telling you about Donald Trump and the Conservative Party is FALSE! Do you know about Blexit?! Huge black communities leaving the Democratic Party and supporting anyone else but a liberal simply because nothing has been done for them by a democrat! Do you not know that with illegal immigration your own children are at risk! Do you not know that the reason we have transgender movement in this nation is because Obama called sexuality a "choice" and a "right?" Do you not know why deep down you are incredibly confused and unhappy, and lack any church life? Do you not know why the Western Churches have lost nearly all influence in America and are continuing so? Do you not know that Trump is fighting to end abortions in this nation and to reaffirm our nation's belief that life begins at conception! Are you still ignorant and have not come to know the Lord?! Do you want to break out of all the real lies! This show, stephen colbert, kimmel cnn, msnbc, they all have an "agenda" to promote secularism. Do you know that a secularist society will lead to war!? Have you read about the Russian Revolution of 1917! No you haven't! Seth is a liar! You might be too! Republicans are not evil! We are sort of nice! A democracy without morality is chaos! You may hate trump, but if you love God you can't possibly vote for a democrat! Christians don't support the gay movement and we believe in saving babies in the womb! Don't you know how you are being misled! If you are not completely fucking mad right now, consider one more plea! The mhuller report lasted how long? Over 2 years! And did the report find a single proven fact that there was Russian espionage?! NOOO! There was not even one thing. If they had one thing that they could PROVE it would show that yes Trump lied but there was nothing. Do you still not know?!!

  27. I'm a 44 year old man in Iowa. I didn't vote for this ass. Can't wait till he's done fucking up this world. Hopefully the damaged he's done can be repaired. We as a country where moving forward, this jerk just keeps pushing us back. If anyone else talked and acted like this, they would be in a mental hospital.

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