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The Best Muslim Countries For Women’s Rights

The Best Muslim Countries For Women’s Rights

This past International Women’s Day, Afghani
men made headlines when they donned burqas to promote awareness of women’s rights.
And a month prior, men throughout Turkey and neighboring country Azerbaijan, wore skirts
in solidarity with a female who allegedly had been raped and murdered. With women’s
rights in Muslim countries taking a mainstage lately, we wanted to know, which Muslim countries
are the most supportive of Women’s Rights? Well, to start with, there are several factors
that can influence a country’s overall support of women’s rights. If a country is still
developing, or if it’s in the middle of a war, gender equality tends to be lacking.
Reports show that women’s rights go hand in hand with increased economic stability.
Additionally, if the government is more democratic, women’s rights are reportedly more protected. According to the Pew Research Institute, 49
out of almost 200 countries have a muslim majority. In 2013, Pew researchers surveyed
Muslims living in those countries to find out where they stood when it came to women’s
rights. In response to questions like “should women decide if they wear a veil?” or “must
a wife always obey her husband?”, eastern european countries and some central asian
countries tended to be more progressive. These places have been more economically stable
and less violent compared to areas like the middle east, central asia and africa – in
which the most deadly wars are ongoing. 4. Tunisia also stood out as a supporter of
women’s rights. The country has, until very recently, escaped much of the violence in
North Africa. Its booming tourist industry has allowed democracy to flourish since the
Arab Spring. And though many other muslim countries have
a long way to go for women’s rights, some are making strides towards equality. In Morocco,
thousands filled the streets to promote women’s rights on International Women’s day. In
Afghanistan, a record 4 million girls are now in school. And in Saudi Arabia, women
are expected to vote for the first time in the upcoming elections. So, which muslim countries are leading the
way? Countries in eastern europe – like Albania, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina [hurt-suh-goe-VEE-nuh]
rank the highest on the Pew Survey. And according to some reports, Tunisia, Turkey and Indonesia
are not far behind them. Around the world, women are slowly gaining
more rights. A report by the United Nations last year confirmed that internationally,
women are enjoying more political presence as well as access to higher-ranking jobs. To hear the story of one girl who is challenging
the norms in her home country of Morocco, check out this awesome story from AJ+. Thanks
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100 comments on “The Best Muslim Countries For Women’s Rights

  1. I know Britain isn't a Muslim country, but I love Britain, I don't want Britain to have its own main religion and race, because than there will be war or anger.
    I say Britain is a worldwide religion country, and any race.

  2. I would argue that economic growth is the result of women having more rights. The combination of women being educated, being able to plan families, and being in the workplace in higher numbers results in economic growth.

  3. Only Islam gives rights by the will of Allah swt and men have rights too! Muslim countries are shamed of Allah swt but I'm not shamed of my Islam!!!

  4. Man visit Bangladesh here there priminister ,Parliament spiker, 50 minister among 300 are women and this is the 4th top Muslim population country
    And yet people say Muslim countrys doesn't give women right😂😂😂😂😂

  5. As a Turkish guy living in Canada, I don't like that my country's name is mentioned with other sexist countries together. I don't even know, why the people that made this survey even bothered to this in Turkey. Our country is not an Islamic country. Turkey is a secular country with laws that protect women's right. In our constitution there is no difference between women and men.

  6. You can take your list Bangladesh also.Our pm is a woman and gendar equality in our country is very impressive. In south Asia,it's ranging is 1.

  7. To those who say. Turkey isn't Muslim country so what is it then a Jewish Christian or Hindu? LOL it's 97% Muslim so hence MUSLIM country the only difference is that the MUSLIMS in Turkey don't force their religion upon non Muslims unlike many others

  8. Turkey may be secular for now. Not much longer. We see what Islam does to cultures and countries. Doesn’t belong in the West.

  9. Lol, you included all these Islamic shitholes as being the best for womens but surprisingly there’s no Malaysia? Like come on, you included Indonesia why not include Malaysia?

  10. In Bangladesh woman can do everything what they want and according to report Bangladesh is most gender equal country in south asia

  11. 😂 thank u but I'm a Muslim girl in a Muslim country and we are treated like queens in here , men respect us so much and they respect us so much in many other Muslim countries I have been to.

  12. All the turks here down below 👇 saying :
    Turkey is EUROPEAN
    Turkey is SECULAR
    Turkey is NOT a MUSLIM COUNTRY
    Turkey is Free
    Turkey is good
    Turkey is the best in the whole world.

    My very short answer to all of them : 😂

  13. No.1 Bangladesh!!
    Women has got equal or more rights than men
    Two of the most powerful person in Bangladesh are women

  14. Two things:
    1. Don't listen to all these idiots down here; Turkey is a Muslim country. A country's religion isn't defined by its government, it's defined by its population. America has a secular government, but it is a Christian country because the overwhelming majority of its citizens are Christian. Turkey is a Muslim country, without a doubt, and the unfortunate fact that the government is secular doesn't mean that the country isn't still a Muslim country.
    2. Which Muslim countries have the best women's rights? The ones that follow Islam.

  15. Turkey Is The Best Muslim Country Because It's The Only Country To Ban Sharia Law. Constitution Is Secular. Turkey Is A More Liberal, Progressive, Democratic, Rich And Developed.
    Love Turkey From Canada

  16. How can you guys miss out India. After all we have world's second largest muslim population. But still Hindu and Muslim girls are treated equally. That's why our constitution is one of the greatest in the world….


  18. Indonesia have been a muslim majority with free for woman's place for a very long time. For example the first islamic kindom in aceh indonesia that was ruled by a sultan had some female sultan or sultanah in there. The first was sultanah ratu nahrasyiyah then sultanah sri ratu safiatuddin tajul alam, then sultanah sri ratu naqiatudin nurul alam, them sultanah sri ratu zaqiatuddin inayat syah, and lastly sultanah sri ratu zaniatuddin kamalat syah. One of them (sultanah sri ratu Safiatuddin tajul alam) ruled for 34 years from 1641-1675.

  19. The Ottoman empire gave women waaay more rights than Christian Europeans. In fact, Turks lead the way to women's rights in Europe in the first place.

  20. Bangladesh should definitely be on this list, one of the safe muslim countries as of now. Bangladesh's prime minister is an women and they have a lot of women in their parlament. It has one of the fastest growing economies and is a powerful country as well 🙂 From India.

  21. Why they don't mention malaysia? Here women are free to do anything as long they obey to the religious rule.


  23. I tell you something that no on is forced and this hijab is for the protection you all will understand one day and that day will be to late to understand so better think about it

  24. Morocco !! Women can drive , can vote can work …… can do everything even wear bikini in the beachs so ….

  25. Man turkey would normally rank first but thanks to Erdoğan we literally r going backwards!
    Turkey is just so beautiful despite the fact that 45% r still supporting the self proclaimed sultan Erdoğan !
    God Bless Atatürk who established our beautiful republic of turkey 😍

  26. anyways pakistan is best muslim country in the world……….proud to be pakistani and also pray for kashmir and stand with kashmir

  27. What do you mean by putting niqab at subtitle? Shame ! It's rare in muslim world except for saudi and yemen and Afghanistan

  28. What do you mean by putting niqab at subtitle? Shame ! It's rare in muslim world except for saudi and yemen and Afghanistan

  29. According to world avergae of women right index. Hindus have lesser women rights than overall muslim and Israel and also many Buddhist countries are surpassed by Albania, macedonia and kosovo. So please change your stereotype and come out of middle east (which harldy represent 10% of all muslims )

  30. The better country for live a woman is the Turkey.They can live there free without problems.Every day we see to our televisions turkish movies snd women there are policemen,are to the army,are to the offices,are bosses and they have best life there than the other muslims countries.Why i tell this?

    Ben yunan.

  31. MECCA _saud Saudi Arabia
    The land of the prophet muAhmad the prophet of love 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅

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