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Tensions Escalate With Iran | The Last Word | MSNBC

Tensions Escalate With Iran | The Last Word | MSNBC

100 comments on “Tensions Escalate With Iran | The Last Word | MSNBC

  1. President Trump, you created a massive problem by placating with Kim Jong-un of North Korea.
    All you did is to show the world get a nuke and the President of the United States will respect you big time.
    Your secretary of state Rex Tillerson warned you not to meet with Kim Jong.
    Within a very short amount of time, Iran will possess many nuclear weapons.
    If not already.
    What country is next with this big nuke.
    This sad day has come to us all.

  2. The James Bond Award goes to Putin for giving us the Puppet Nuke in the White. He selected an egomoniacal ignorant Schmuck who was raised as a Tax Scam who is making money off of Tariffs Sanctions and Weapons sales to Saudi Arabia and Israel. He is making money off of Tariffs Sanctions and Weapons sales to Saudi Arabia and Israel. His father was German who came to the US after WW2. How he came to the US with Millions of Dollars? He sent him UofP Wharton School with $93KUSD without SAT scores. Trump is destroying America which is what Russia wants without external attack. The Congress should check the account of the Senator from Tennessee who got $200MUSD from a Russian Investor. They need to get Mitch McConnell and BARR's bank accounts. This is stealing wheel barrels in broad daylight. We have a man in office who is leading the country into a Civil War.

  3. I don’t know who’s watching this lying lunatic, but his attempt at spin and propaganda is truly pathetic.

  4. Trump said that he would solve the middle east problems in his first 100 days in office…anyone remember that

  5. TRUMP is the STUPIDEST PERSON ON THE PLANET I will use former secretary of states words former exxon executive…..MORON….MORON…..MORON

    LISTEN IRAN… please hold tight we will get rid of this moron soon and as a sole citizen, I personally apologize for our moronic actions toward your peoples.

  6. this person is right, nobody trust him anymore, ………..and is all because trump has created all this around him…….that is so OBVIOUS……….just take a look of what has happened during his presidency ! people open your eyes……….he is dangerous, he is UNFIT ……….get him out !!!

  7. Is Nancy Pelosi hearing this? Does she realize impeachment is more than whether or not the Democrats will lose? It would be a signal to the world that Trump is not the USA's spokesperson anymore. That there is an American sanity in the value of having a democracy!!!!

  8. I predicted an attack on Iran would happen before the start of Mueller's testimony. Nothing yet, but there's still time …

  9. Perhaps ELECT mr BIDEN & give IRAN another 150 BILLION.

    The world is looking for this POTUS to fix problems left over by weaker leaders.

    2020 is open boarders vs KAG..the choice is clear if you live here already.

  10. Sorry but why is America trying to go to war with Iran ? What has Iran done other than to defend itself ? America seems to be completely in the wrong here and should leave Iran alone.

  11. Isn't MsnBC following CNN down the tubes?
    Obama negotiated a deal which gave the Iranian mullahs most of what they wanted.
    Thank god, Trump got out,

  12. Trump said that he would fix the Iran Problem by pulling out of the agreement. How has that worked out?

  13. Trump does not want to be known as the first president that fires the first shot over tit for tat with these days with Social media, this president has a big mouth

  14. Just lime Bush was looking for war in Irak and was lying to the world with all sorts of lies …the same is TRUMP trying by ALL MEANS war with IRAN…

  15. Do you think this president is NORMAL…really Americans wake up and stop listening to this barking dog…

  16. Of course he won't care their Iranian. He prolly set them up. And he don't care cuz he hates them and he wants their oil. Terri

  17. Nobody wants war except for the neocon elements and the Israelis. Apparently they are driving the world to the brink!

  18. I dont understand
    what kind of president on the face of earth make statements like this? I can wipe afghanistan in ten days!!!!!? Why would you say such thing man?

  19. Why are we surprised. He will Hide behind our great Military who He Pretends to Love so much . BONE SPURS rember that. SO He is ok with putting our Precious Men and Women on the front line for his BIG GUN Mentality. I grew up in a Military Family and He is Dangerously putting g them in danger now, as they are in these Countries that he is now Threating. . Please!!!! Someone Stop this Madman with no Sense of Policy Making or Critical Thinking Skill other than Bullying other Countries with Lip Service.

  20. These talking head clowns don't help the situation …Why didn't all these genius run for office and fix all our world problems ???

  21. Sorry Mr. Trump I cannot believe ANYTHING you say. You have been fact checked and and been found to either have completely lied or given over 15,000 misleading comments. You are not creditable. Anyone notice how many times Trump uses the words" I don't want to do this or 'This is not what I do.?" Instead of saying this is the USA's position. It's all I, I, I, I, I, instead of this is the USA position. Sounds more like a dictator!


  23. Has this guy gone five seconds in any broadcast without condemning Trump for something? Propaganda much? MSNBC are like a Soviet block era propaganda machine.

  24. Is it true that vandals 'f up' stuff? and if so… why do they do it- meanness, anger, personal pain or agony, seeking attention, dark forces…what ,why?

  25. nOW it the perfect stime to load all B52 with brand new SHINEY off the production line VAPROIZERA AMD SENT THEM ocd TO Irtans and LETH TTHEM FIGURE OUT HOW THEY AORKD, mUSHROOM CLOUDS AND All, THEY ROIYLALLY DERVCvers ti for holdign the worlds HOSTAGE FOR OVER 40 yeears! GET THEM REALLY REALLY GOOD, VAPORIZERS FOB US AIOR FORCE BASE WHATEVER…..!!1 thanks yous!

  26. No-one is more unqualified for the job they were elected to do than Trump, and he proves it every day.
    Trump in this position demonstrates the failure of our political system to find appropriate people.
    The system and ideas behind it have been perverted out of shape. For proof of this look no further than America.

  27. Wow are these opinions or news? How about just give facts? You are giving one sided stories. This is absolute crap.

  28. I get it, however bad anyone is, Trump is worse. You don't have to be a Trump supporter to know that this approach to news is beneath contempt. It is what Foxy newsy is about and now it has become the mantra of the liberal news establishment.

  29. It's a hard call. All white men are liars, that live a lie everyday. We all know the side who loves war.

  30. I love how they cut the audio 🤣 . The conversation between vessels was Iran”Correct your course”. British warship to oil tanker “Don’t correct your course” Iran “ Obey our request and you will be safe”

    MSNBC IS A JOKE – faker news

  31. MSNBC, your reporting is not even objective..shame on you…equal time? Give us the facts, just the facts, all the facts please.

  32. 4:50 well thats and the rest of us have memory's longer than a natts fart and remember the imaginary WMD's that Iraq supposedly had …

  33. 5:50 im pretty sure you cant classify retaliation as provocation… those words mean different things lol

  34. Americans don't want war. The Iranians don't want war. The world doesn't want war. But the enriched uranium nuclear assets of Iran will be BOMBED; and the Euro will collapse. WATCH THE FIREWORKS. Revelation 11: 18.

  35. Does not believe trump? Strange considering he accepted position from trump. Pompeo is a hard read, sometimes I believe him otherwise no…he is smirking all the time.. crazy trump….going to get us into another war! The Iran Agreement Obama made was good…it was working! Now….what happens if there are 17 CIA
    Agents captured wit death threats for some? Trump doesn’t give a dam if ther I’d ir isn’t. Well maybe the Canadians can save them!

  36. Everything trump has done can be undone, fairly easily even. If he starts a war with north korea or iran or china, we cannot undo the dead. We cannot take it back. We Will not be able to mend fences when trump is gone (and hopefully in jail, awaiting trial) in january of 2021. BUT…. Republicans are obviously hawkish, and neoliberal dems are no better. They greenlit more military spending, no questions or favors asked. Both sides intend to take us to war to feed the military industrial complex. Put them all in check by electing Bernie, the ONLY non bought candidate who won't support war ventures, and who wont let americans die for profit, who doesnt accept corporate bribes…. erm…" contributions".

  37. I say this about trump it's one thing for people/world to think your stupid but whan show your stupid … trump all day

  38. If it were down to Hillary Clinton we would already be at war and you would be backing all the lies up to the hilt. Weapons of mass destruction, 9/11 etc. You should all be in prison, all of you.

  39. Oh!! I see I hit the wrong thread as this is lying msnbc reporting here. Hey msnbc; no one trusts what you post or say.

  40. "If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor"

    "I did not have sexual relations with that woman."

    Kerry negotiated that deal not Obama. MSNPC lies too

  41. Dump is working with Russia! you don't think that he have American spies in Iran Come on!! This is what America does.. SPY

  42. MSNBC is not able anymore to inform us in an objective way. It is not journalism but the broadcasting organisation of the Democratic Party.

  43. CIA = traitors to the United States. Anyone caught working for them or with them should be publicly executed.

  44. All this chaos because Trump didn't like the black president Obama and sought to undo everything Obama did because Obama was the 1st BLACK president…simple….as….that…sad and sick.

  45. Big muscle Kids; Trump, Bolton, Pompeo, Netenyaho, and I believe Boris Johnson will be joining them. They can bully the immature, but they can’t bully the mature.

  46. Why aren't they talking about the Mueller hearing, and how he can't talk about anything as if he is cia. But they criticize pompeo

  47. Bolton created all this crisis. He and his friend Netanjahu back in Israel and finally the American and Iranian people have to pay for these evils. I hope American people do a better job in the next elections.

  48. It's all coming to a head. Everybody knows. Everybody's clamoring for an end to the (((money cartel))) that is clearly responsible for so many of our problems: We now realize the recipients of our American Tax Dollars have funded everything leftist/communist.

    (((They))) have "no choice" but to bludgeon the truth about them from the face of the earth by instigating World War III.

    – All their puppet heads of state will play their roles in coordinating "the terrorist attacks" and other events that trigger this final war. Just as they did in Sarajevo when a Bosnian Serb patsy murdered Archduke Ferdinand to bring about the first world war:

    – America. Russia. Iran. The EU. Red China. (((All bought and paid for))).

    – Dictatorship will be declared in America and Europe. Ultimately culminating in global dictatorship.

    – The final consolidation of the world under their control will take place.

    – Many of their detractors will be silenced. Millenials who have woke will be drafted to die in the war or outright exterminated.

    – Christians and Muslims – the most ardent opponents of GODLESS communism – will be the most heavily genocided. Yes, "christian" zionists will find themselves in the same line to be beheaded as followers of Islam. (((They))) have no loyalty to you just because you stupidly helped them take power. Check out what the (((communists))) did to their liberal and intelligencia supporters in Russia in the early 1920s:

    – Revelation here we come.

  49. The President of the United States is looking out for Americans best interests and keeping troops off the ground at the same time. Msm are literally taking the side of iran in hopes of his impeachment. Welcome to 2019 folks. #HonkHonk

  50. Is Iran making up or exaggerating about spy, it's possible, but
    is CIA has spies in Iran, absolutely yes.

  51. I hate North America, if the west attacks Iran, I'm going to see it as an attack on Islam. I'm not going to tolerate it and I would rather die.

  52. Wow, who'd have guessed that Iran would do something and MSNBC would turn it into propaganda against their own country. Shocked, I am.

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