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100 comments on “Tankless vs Tank Water Heater: Pros and Cons

  1. PowerFlex water heaters have 6 years warranty on their tanks. My 75-gallon PowerFlex water heater busted after 6 years 11 days. I got a basement flooded with water, I politely called the manufacturer- the American Water Heater Company in Johnson City TN to see if anything they could help, I talked to a customer service representative named Michael, he said "you are 11 days out of warranty, out-out-warrant is out-out-warranty, there is nothing we can do about it. " The attitude of this person was so careless and it made me a little bit upset. So… I went out searching for another water heater tank, talking to myself never buy another PowerFlex tank again, even with 50% Black Friday discount. Looking thru YouTube I saw everyone talking about the TANKLESS system and how good and how efficient they are. After two days doing research I decided to buy the newest RINNAI available, knowingly it would cost me between $5,000 to $6,000. I called Addario, an authorized RINNAI heater company in Woburn MA, and purchased the RUR-98i (this model has the RE-CIRCULATION option which circulates the water in the pipe so that you don't have to wait long for the hot water. My master bedroom is around 50-60ft away from the unit, I wasted around 3-4 gallons of cold water every time using the shower with the water heater tank I had before)
    The Addario Company sent out two installers, it took the two guys from 9AM to 6PM to install this machine. These guys worked non stop, did not even take any breaks, I felt bad so I got them lunch and a bucket full of cold drinks. They ran a whole new 25-foot ONE INCH gas pipe straight from the outside main line to the unit, installed the circulation unit near the master bedroom, replaced two long 4-in intake and exhaust, added a sum-pump, carbon/smoke detector near the unit, ran whole new condensation pipe to the waste line…. not to mention the electrician guy stopped by for an hour or so for the power outlets. Right after 6PM I got hot water again. Thank you so much for those two good installers from Addario, they are the real true good American workers. Behind a good company is always a big group of great workers like this. I greatly appreciate it, guys. I strongly recommend this company to anyone who lives around Boston area.
    This machine is a real deal, unlike made-in-China stuff, the Japanese never mess around with their products, this baby was made in Nagoya Japan and you can tell it is a good solid heater. I am in the electronic business for more than 20 years myself and I know whether it is a good machine or not. After the $800 rebate, this machine, the installation and tax… cost me just a little more than $4,700.
    Now I have more room in the basement, never again worrying about 75 gallons of water flooded my electronic equipments. I am Real HAPPY now, no more upset with Michael.
    Anyway thank you Michael from PowerFlex who might have had a bad day and did not treat me good, made me upset and I lead me to a better water heater system…
    For those who hasn't decided whether to go with TANK or TANKLESS, look at my experience and make a good decision for yourself. To me, just the thought of not worrying of a flooded basement from the 75-gallon-water tank is worth every penny. It is really PRICELESS.
    Good luck and God loves you all.

  2. the electric tankless water heaters are a lot cheaper than most electric tanks now. I recently switched and indeed noticed a drop in electric bill, not too much. but enough that it'll pay for itself in about a year or a bit more

  3. I have 2 hot water tanks. One is for heating my floors in the basement and the other supplies hot water to my home. They take up quite a bit of space and I was wondering…. can I buy 1 tankless hot water heater to replace both tanks or would I need to buy 2 of them?

  4. You cant go by this post, most tankless water heaters range from $100 for 3.2 GPM LPG, $150 for 3.2 GPM Natural Gas, $200 for the Electric versions, more gallons per minute "GPM" higher the cost, but as an example a single family home 2-3 people you will use 1.5 to 2.0 GPM at the shower so if someone may use hot water from another faucet in the house you may get cooler water, but you can bump up the size of the unit still much less than a water heater unit, water heaters can range from $400 to $1,600 depending on size tank, power exhaust, pilot or electronic ignition, so do not count out the tankless water heaters, there is less wasted gas for a tankless, a standard hot water heater will cycle when water get below a certain temperature so your using gas to heat water that is being stored, why throw your money away, plus most tankless water heaters carry the same warranties as the tank versions. I rather pay $150 than $400 any day.

  5. You guys have come a long way since your security guard jobs… How did you manage to separate yourselves?

  6. I think its time to replace my conventional hot water tank as it is 20 years old. Will look at doing this before the winter starts for sure. It still works but it is likely not going to last much longer.

  7. I have been working with water heaters for quite some time now and I have never seen so much trouble with tank less water heaters ,the water tank water heater never gave any trouble, unless it was time to be replaced, the only time it would give you trouble it would be if the thermocouple was broken, other than that I never heard any trouble from those water heaters, that was the only issue ,with this new so Call technology of water heaters ,a lot of the technicians don't install a proper device to remove the minerals from the water and the so call technology from the year 3000 will fail within the next two years due to minerals in the tubes clogging the system ,we never had that problem with the old water heaters and they never required such as expensive installation 3000 dollars because it's a new system and it requires a lot more gas and, and ,and we have to increase the pipe size and the thermo British units and the vent pipe has to be double wall and and and .
    anyways the person in this video made a mistake by saying that new water heaters will last more than the old ones ,ha ! I was like ,what!!!!!!
    anyways ,I have seen the tanklesss water heaters replaced way before the old water heaters and yes I must say that I also have seen the 6 year old water heaters break exactly at that time 6 years ,anyways to tell you an example I went to check a water heater that was getting a code 11 I called the manufacturer and told them what the display number is showing code 11 and the technician told me it can be three things 1 the vent pipe it's blocked
    #2 it could be the igniter
    #3 the water heater it's not getting enough gas and the told me to check the pressure of the gas coming in to the water heater and that have to use a gas pressure meter to read the pressure, anyways my point is that not even the manufacturer could tell me immediately what the problem could be, and even to this day I know that the only issue the old waters had was the thermocouple, I have a customer that his mother installed a water heater in the 70's and he called me and said ,do you think I should change it, it's so old I'm worried it can go at any time, so the heater it's in an area where if it goes it won't damage anything and it's got a drain pan, do I said to the guy you can buy a replacement and just have it ready and if you see it leaking turn off the water to the old unit ,call me or call someone else and replace it but don't do it yet and the old water heater it's still going, I assume because that guy hasn't called me yet,that tells you how long the old water heaters last versus the newones and that customer I was trying to help bought a new one and I noticed that the plumber again failed to install a mineral remover device and just used the same old pipes, I bet I will be seen the water heater fail to minerals collection in the heat exchange tubes,the end

  8. You two remind me of David Patrick Kelly! Interesting video, too, especially given that tankless heaters aren't that popular in the US compared to Europe.

  9. Can the water input of this heater come from a water boiler that heats up from solar panels? When the day is sunny and the solar panels heat up the water tank then the gas heater will receive hot water as an input, means is not necessary to start boiling water if the incoming temperature is high….if the solar panels didn't heat up the water tank then the Gas Tankless Water Heater takes over….In theory it sounds like it works but my worries are if the Gas Heater will overheat the water if the inlet is already partially hot.Anyone?

  10. cost figures were not very accurate – the tankless costs a couple hundred a year to maintain, performance is not as good with a tankless, with the water flow restrictions etc. For a plumber tankless offers more revenue opportunities . thanks

  11. I know this is an old video but if possible, I had a question regarding tankless. I've heard there can be a "sweet spot" when it comes to water pressure. Water running too fast can't heat up, and water running too slow won't turn it on. I shower on a low pressure setting so would something like that make a difference to performance?

  12. You guys provided some helpful information, but the presentation needs work. Also for people who do not specialize in water heaters, when you brought up maintenance on them, further detail in that would have been great, like how to proceed with maintenance, steps, process, requirements, etc. But this has prompted some questions and details to look for when mine gets installed to get the optimal performance.

  13. Thx, I did not think about the upsizing of the gas line I would have needed. Guess I'll just stick to conventional

  14. I am still undecided errr Tankless would look nice in my garage. But its so super easy to replace my original with a new one. ahhhhhhh gotta check my gas lines now

  15. Why am I seeing expansion tanks all of a sudden in all the hot water tank videos? Our house never came with one installed, nor did our new install come with one! Is this the latest requirement?

  16. Hey.. you got your expansion tank upside down. Air valve goes on top. The takes are made in two sec. and can be seen by the weld ring going around the center. That's where the rubber expansion seal is. Having it upside down and the water always sitting on it will cause the expansion tank to go bad faster.

  17. Wow so many want to poo poo on tankless. Ha. Very happy with mine. Even if I never saved a dime, but I already have so I have that too. I did spend a lot on hookup parts to make it a top of the line installation, but there wasn't any labor costs and yes, it is installed properly. Well above minimum code requirements. The cost was comparable to a replacement tank unit, and I needed it anyway so any discussion of cost is only going to be around the differential, since I would have had to buy a new water heater anyway. But the best for me is more space in my garage for my motorcycles! That 2×2 built in pedestal complete with steel pole to prevent a car bumping into it was using valuable floor space. Now it's all just hanging on the wall. With no tank these things are so light and easy to deal with.

  18. Well, I guess we have great water here in my hometown. My water heater is a 50-gallon tank heater. According to the label annual cost is around $167 annually that is about $14 a month. At present, my tank heater is a 26 years old gas heater. I am not complaining, I have beaten the odds. I will replace it when it fails with another tank heater. I just don't see the benefit of a tankless heater. That is, return on investment.

  19. If you're interested in the differences between other water heaters I've got a video on that. It covers Hybrid, Solar, and Condensing water heaters as well as regular Storage and tankless.

  20. I just put in a tankless water heater and the cost was HALF as much as a tank, I got the eccotemp fvi 12 gas, from homedepo for $235 us dollars…tates up about 15 th the space of a tank ,and easy install with basic plumbing skills….Make Shure NO Leaks..

  21. Power tip of the day….>>>>>. Attach all sale receipts to your heater. They will not warranty a free heater without the receipt.
    Possibly 9 years later you could find yourself unable to locate your receipt so attach it today!

  22. A tank water heater doesn't heat water 24/7. It heats initially then will fire only enough to maintain that temperature. 60 k btu versus 200k plus for a small one. I'm a plumber and try to talk people out of them. I would rather they spend that extra money (provided it's a house being built) on a hot water circulating loop. Instant hot water at every fixture without waiting or wasting water.

  23. I still have the heater that came with my home I bought 17 yrs ago, it's still working. I'd like to switch to tankless, but installation is not available in my area yet.

  24. Everything I have reseached so far shows that the Hybrid electric tanks are more cost effective then the tankless. I just bought a Rheem Prestige Platinum a few weeks ago, it uses a very small amount of electricity. The energy sticker claims annual cost of $110! (@ $.12/KWH) It will literally pay for itself and be saving me money in roughly 14 months. Also there are huge rebates right now for them in almost every state. Really a no-brainer.

  25. I enjoyed your presentation, however I have an all electric home & would like to replace my broken hot water heater with the tankless model. Is it more efficient..? All of the water lines & electricity is right there, it's an easy install. I live in a 2 story house

  26. Oh, you guys made me laugh! Needs a little polishing, I think. Water leaking could damage your "indoor home"? As opposed to your outdoor home, maybe? Thanks for the laugh.

  27. I tried a tankless water heater. I replaced it within 6 months due to the following issues not discussed by my installer or this video. 1, I had to run water for 3 minutes in my sink, before that tank would heat up and get upstairs. (I was told to run my other sinks when I was washing my hands in the used one to get the hot water there faster. 2. They had to bypass the preset maximum temp. Thus defeating savings due to higher gas demands to heat the water hotter, as even when it got to the source it was lukewarm. 3: my gas and electrical costs were about $100 a mo th higher. Bottom line, I couldn’t afford.this energy saving device.

  28. i installed one at my cabin the well water is really cold so i decided to install 100 feet of 1"1/4 pipe in my attic with bypass valves for the winter months so for 3 seasons the 100 feet of pipe is preheated by the heat in the attic and fed to the intake of the water heater so the water heater costs much less to run in those months since the water is already at 90 deg F before entering the heater i get by with a 30 gallon propane tank for the whole year weekends and vacation time

  29. Where are you located that code allows galvanized pipe to used as gas line??? Those heaters have what looks like galvanized pipe feeding the gas.

  30. You fail to mention that with a tankless, it takes anywhere between 1 minute and 3 minutes for there to be hot water coming out of the faucet….

  31. Okay well I have a question related to maintenance and life expectancies with the heaters. If I was to switch to tankless. How would I maintain and take care of it so that it won't calcify and last up to 20 years? Instead of 1-2 years?

  32. How is the maintenance on a on demand tankless with well water? My house has hard water but I’m looking mostly for the rental house we have across the road to replace the propane tank style venting into the same flue as the oil furnace. And would love to have it vented out the side of the house instead Thanks Ben

  33. i just replaced a failed Noritz that was 9 years old with a standard tank water heater. The heat transfer inside was CAKED with black soot blocking approximately 1/3 of the surface area. (I took pics) The owner told me the repair guy driving a fancy "wrapped" truck wanted $2,500.00 to replace it….he also said it would cost $1,300.00 to repair it cuz the parts are hard to get on older tankless water hearers. I been plumbing over 40 years…no thanks…I'll keep my reliable tank. They can last up to 30 years…..go buy a new one for $600.00.

  34. Loving this dynamic haha.. just replaced my heater after it shit itself & flooded the basement. About 12 years old. There I was, enjoying a coffee Saturday morning on my laptop… why are my toes wet… oh f**k. Several power supplies on the floor destroyed. I am lucky I was in the room. Heater was sending city water from the bottom full force. Tankless is good but I question if I made the right decision. Price was $3500 installed for a navien 240 unit with recirculating. Unit definitely freed up huge amount of space, which was nice. Will have to see how it holds up in the long run, but overall I am happy!

  35. the problem with tankless — expense.
    natural gas tankless at HomeDepot – $900 and up to $1600
    traditional natural gas tank tyoe — less than a third of the tankless price.
    the difference will generally never be regained.

  36. Awesome video guys! You both have been beneficial in my decision making for for my rental property especially since it'll be put on the market next year.

  37. Funny, my Propane Tank Heater is more than 18 years OLD, still running strong ! Best OPTION, keep the 50 Gas Tank Water Heater ! I Manually TURN it ON, when I need HOT WATER for Showers, Laundry, etc., I don't need to HEAT and HEAT Water all DAY lLONG, just to wash my HANDS ! DON'T LEAVE THE DAM THING ON, ALL THE TIME ! If your that DAM LAZY, Buy the latest no so great gadget, so you can buy another one in 3 years!!!! Up size the Gas Line, Purify your INCOMING CITY WATER, and by the time your done with all of that you could of PAID for 5 years worth of GAS !!!! People are so dam LAZY anymore…… GOD forbid if they had to Chop Wood for the WINTER ! But, they find time for FACEBOOK, YOURPLACE, and SOICAL B.S., but can even turn a dam Valve ….. ON or OFF !

  38. 20 years from a tank less. I've got two of those piece of shit boilers, one 5 and the other 8 years and they're nothing but trouble.

  39. The two little brothers forgot to mention when you installed those tankless water heater after a year or two the repair guy will be living in your home. They are garbage stay will the regular water heater drain it once a year period

  40. Great video, thanks guys. I'm guessing (based on another video) that the gas line needs to be 3/4" (for most tankless….) where as the standard old style is 1/2". Gas lines are usually pretty easy…. but it's a factor. Just swapping out the old water heater-boom- you're done. That is a terrific argument. (And what I'm going to go with — this time.)

    Calcification! (smack my forehead) saved us $1000 right there. The water is mostly minerals.

  41. I did some research and just on cost alone decided for a tank water heater. 3 and 1/2 baths plus a sink and dishwasher I opted for the 50 gallon tank. I found a brand new peizio start unit for $445 (Retail $845) in the scratch and dent of my local Lowes. My kind of deal but thats how I buy all of my appliances etc.
    A comparable high output Tankless unit would run $1200 to $1500 just for the unit. Add $100 for the hardware. Then the hassle of venting…they can only have one 45 degree bend in 10 feet of pipe. If longer you may have to install an assist fan into the ducting. Just add another $300 for that. Now the costs is $1600 to $1900 just for the unit and hardware, ducting etc. For that kind of money I can burn up 3 regular tank water heaters for the 10 to 12 years the tankless is estimated to last. My neighbor has a tankless but its just him and his wife at home but he loves it. My tank unit is natural gas, no change in connections, water connectors are simple to install, they keep making that stuff more DIY friendly. I'm pretty handy but if someone chooses a tankless then they would can you for the install . Well that just adds on to the price.
    Thanks for the video. Gives us pause for thought and good information

  42. We have been using our water heater for 29 years with no problems! Installed in utility room in its on cabinet. All electric!

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