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Sweden, the land of feminist foreign policy

Sweden, the land of feminist foreign policy

“Hello, I’m Annette Young. Sweden is the first country in the world to pursue a feminist foreign policy. On the 51% this
week we’re going to be talking to the Swedish ambassador to France, Veronika Wand-Danielsson about the realities of implementing such an approach.” “So, Ambassador I have to ask you just how easy or is it difficult to do such a thing.” “It’s both, I would say it’s easy because I am a woman and I can understand the
issue as a woman and the discrimination that many women including myself, at some point, have been subject to and it’s difficult because, yes, it takes time
to convince, to convince your surrounding, to convince your
counterparts at every level.” “and you can catch our chat at this Friday on France
24 at 15:40 GMT or 4:40 p.m. Paris time or watch it online at”

24 comments on “Sweden, the land of feminist foreign policy

  1. Any individual that claims to be a feminist in todays time loses all credibility and validity. The points in which they argue are incorrect, which is why that is the case. Feminism is just like the union in the workplace, it was needed a long time ago, but by still being around after the mission was accomplished it has become cancer.

  2. Ok feminist you had your chance to show men how to run a government with your feminism now time for you women can not solve these problems you created with your all female government then get back to the kitchen If you don't like it then maybe it's time for men to get in the kitchen instead as well as everything else and do it better. You can shi t babies out for men.

  3. These ugly feminists are emasculating Sweden. So the Islamists are taking over. Send these crazy Feminazis back to the kitchen or western civilization is doomed!!

  4. How is a feminist foreign policy Equal and diplomatic. Feminist foreign policy sounds pretty sexist towards men.

  5. Giving 95% of all Foreign aid is the most sexist thing I have ever heard. Lets have a look at the facts 94% of all work place deaths are men, 80% of all homeless people are men, 81% of all suicide victims are men, 99.7% of all wartime combat deaths are men, more men lose custody of children after divorce, more men are jail, more men are murdered. Women in the Western World are not oppressed victims like Feminists claim.

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