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Foreign Policy Analysis
Study international relations and public policy in Washington, DC

Study international relations and public policy in Washington, DC

– [Man] Like this is one of
those little microcosms of very brilliant, awesome people. Everyone has a mission,
everybody has something that they’re passionate about that they do that brought them to D.C. (calm techno music) When you start digging
deeper you realize that Washington D.C. brings
together people from all around the world interested in a
very wide range of issues. – I think that D.C. is the
best place that you can get the exposure to what Maxwell teaches, public administration and
international relations. I mean D.C. is the epicenter of where both of those intersect. – I mean that’s why
people come to Maxwell, because it’s a professional
school with a global reach and coming to D.C. just
emphasizes that so much more and makes the students
so much better prepared. – The D.C. semester here not
only solidified, kind of, the D.C. environment and
government and all that work, but it put together all of the analytical skills that
we had been working on. – The Washington D.C. semester
is perfect in helping you transform soft skills into hard skills. What that means is that
you go from thinking about, for instance, what would
make a good campaign or a good strategic policy into actually doing that in real life. – The professors, they
kept us really engaged and I think that’s the
part that I like the most. It wasn’t boring, it wasn’t, I’m just gonna sit here
and listen to you lecture. It was very hands on, it was
very practical information they were giving us and
pretty much everything that we learned is something
that we used afterwards. – You can learn about it,
you can listen to professors who have done it, but until
you actually get on the ground and do it for yourself,
that’s the best way to learn. I think that the program is
structured in such a way that you can work during the
day, make those contacts, demonstrate value, and then
at night you go to class and you reinforce what you
learned during that day and refine your skills
to make you even better and more effective. – I think being at Maxwell,
what was really great about being at Maxwell and then
entering the professional world was that I knew what I wanted to do and I was able to study it. I was able to become more
and more of an issue expert and so when I was finally
ready to graduate and be done I had all of this energy to go
and get that job that I want. – One key advantage for this
person who comes to Washington is that we have such an extensive
network of Maxwell alumni working and living in Washington D.C. – When I moved to D.C. not
having a job or not knowing where exactly I wanted to end up. But what I had were my networks. – It’s really interesting
to see people at all levels of organizations and the
federal government and just know that you have that
ability to reach out. – That’s one of the reasons that they call it the Maxwell Mafia. If I have any questions
about that particular job I can always call that
member of the Maxwell Mafia and ask them about it or potentially get a connection through them. – I would tell somebody that
if you’re interested in being in a really exciting, vibrant,
cultural city with access to many many different
opportunities that you don’t know exist yet D.C. is the right
place because it is full of a lot of really hard driving,
fascinating people that are doing some really cool stuff. (calm techno music)

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