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Student Voices: What is an acceptable late policy?

Student Voices: What is an acceptable late policy?

As we see here, we have parents who have
to juggle between taking, you know, taking a quiz and giving Cheerios but you know
the idea of managing time, Henry, you also mentioned that time management is
obviously a big component in taking online courses. So I asked the students to
think about late policies. And many of us on this call, I mean this
webinar, you know, we might have, we all have differently late policies so I would like
to ask the students what do you think is a fair late policy or for students that
you know are coming from different places in life?I feel that when the
instructor assigns or gives us a due date I feel that we need to be cognizant
to that respectful of that and do our very best to get it done. However there’s
the juxtaposition there is that we are taking online classes because we have
life outside of the classroom so the very reason that we are taking this
communicates what we expect. Things happen. So being able to have that
connection with your instructor and and obviously be reasonable, for me, I
was traveling a lot to see my mother-in-law who wasn’t well and we
were getting stuck in airports and I was I mean I carry my desk everywhere with
me my little laptop and everything. And I also suffered – I had an accident right
separated TBI – and I got in line and — I’m gonna give her a big shout-out Cynthia Wilshusen from Cuesta College — I’m having trouble here. I’m in Florida I can’t get
to the pharmacy and so on, and she just pushed it out a few days. I was able to breathe.
I was able to get my work done — I’m gonna cry — and that self-confidence came back I did well. I was so appreciative of that function
very often I haven’t seen it in a face-to-face class. Here’s the due date.
You know you show up to class, you show up to lab, and you know you’re good to go
but this was one of the beauties of the online school is that it does happen. I
do need to really place importance on the fact that we need to be respectful
of what our instructors are asking of us as well.

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