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Stephen Miller Faces Criticism From His Uncle On Immigration Policies | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC

Stephen Miller Faces Criticism From His Uncle On Immigration Policies | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC

100 comments on “Stephen Miller Faces Criticism From His Uncle On Immigration Policies | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC

  1. Stephen Miller is unbelievable! He is not stupid so all of this immigration stupidity he is doing on purpose. For political reasons, he has pushed policy that he knows is harmful.

  2. Stephen Miller always, ends his motormouth rants on TV with this assault on the 1st Amendment, "This administration (president) will NOT be questioned!" That says it all.

  3. The law of refugee status has change A LOT sense 1904, if this man is so modivated he should not be talking to that dried desiccated hag and to his congressmen

  4. Holy fuckshit, Batman!
    This guy's voice is amazeballs! He should voice some badass villains, for real, dog!!

  5. Trump 3 generation and his son is 1 generation 2 of his wife are Immigration and in-law our russian immigration.

  6. If someone were to take Miller for a boat ride off the atlantic coast and dangle him halfway in the chum filled waters for two-three hours, I would not object..

  7. God bless you sir. Your nephew is a hateful and disturbed man. I also hope people will step up and do the right thing. The world is the Lord and everything in it. God want us to help as many people as possible. The greedy and wealthy have more money than they can ever spend, yet they want more, and don’t want to share with the less fortunate. Trump is the perfect president for them, they have more than enough, yet he gives them more in the form of tax breaks, most of us got what amounts to peanuts, yet he put an expiration date on that😳 However, the people who justify his behavior could care less about that, they are so afraid that immigrants will “ take over” they have sole their souls to the devil. There is one thing money can’t buy: exception from death 💀 They will die and stand before God. If you don’t believe that, maybe you are right….. but what if you are wrong? 🤔Be kind the little time you are on this earth. Treat others the way we would like to be treated. In the end, this body will go back to the dirt, and it doesn’t matter what color dirt it is: white, black , brown, yellow, it’s still dirt. We’re all dirt. Remember that when you look at others as less than you. Death is the great equalizer. How superior you think you are won’t matter. God bless🙏🏼

  8. God tell trump and his admistration and demon stephen miller to feed people and give people free homes if he dont stop bulling and oppress your loving humans that they so stress they cant focus to go to work. go to the street protest and tell him to resign if he dont stop his wicked way. i dont know if people feel safe around him his thoughts are too evil

  9. after he show his dark demon heart. iam just worry about anyone who works with him or around him too. people there evil people out there

  10. Educated, responsible and compassionate people like David Glosser need to step up and run for office. Complaining and commenting isn't enough to conquer ambitious fascists.

  11. Trump's own grandfather had to change their name because they immigrated from Germany. When will people learn that Nativism isn't intelligent or well founded?

  12. David Glosser you come across as intelligent, thoughtful and compassionate, unfortunately everything your nephew seems to be in short measure of!

  13. My maternal grandmother came in 1905 from that same area. She left because of the pogroms – she'd had enough of the Russians.

  14. Trump keeps Stephen miller as an adviser because he epitomises the far right who are trumps base. He keeps him hidden because every time he goes public even trump is embarrassed.

  15. This is a bit off subject but still somewhat under the same umbrella. Cows who are separated from their calves short after birth is traumatic and also cause extreme duress to the calf and the mother. Something to think about when you drink the calves milk.

  16. #republicanism has devolved into alt-right fascist anti-christ-like's TERRORIZING AMERICA BY PENNING KID'S FOR THE TRUMP'S WANNA-BE CAROLINA SLAVER'S. #EVANGELICALISM

  17. Miller's uncle seems to be a well educated and empathetic man. How did Stephen Miller come from this family. Was he a cuckoo in the nest. Really the spawn of Satan and dropped on this unsuspecting family. He is a hate filled individual who would look good in a grey uniform with a cat on his lap, talking about world domination or nuclear annihilation.

  18. It's easy to see that both Trump and Miller should both resign immediately. Neither of them belong in the political arena and neither one should be in the White House in any capacity let alone administering a great democratic nation. It is unfortunate that more people like Mr. Glosser do not venture into politics themselves or be actively recruited to run for office by other rational, decent and empathetic people. The world would be a much better place with fewer tyrants and intolerant extremists in positions of power.

  19. Its truly amazing how two individuals from a family can evolve to believe so differently. God bless that wise and compassionate uncle.

  20. Hi Nicole.👋.
    Exceptional, excellent, brilliant(smart: reporting.👍👏👏.
    Keep on digging, Nicole.👍.
    👉👉Patience democrats, patience.👍.

  21. … Wow the Hypocrisy of Stephen Miller, and this administration is
    astonishing. He is in denial of Jewish persecution, WITHIN his own tribe. Remarkable.🙄

  22. The racist tiki torches carriers must be fuming about this revelation so now i wonder if they are not gonna say jews are running the government? Lol

  23. Finally, coverage which simply isn't repeating what Trump or Giuliani is saying. Let's see if this enlightenment get's the coverage it deserves versus the tiring, never-ending, lame analysis of Trump BS

  24. Thanks for coming up. Miller comes from a Jewish refugee family immigrated in 1924. All racists should know that. Now that SOB is coming after legal immigrants who got gov assistance allowed by the law, as deep as Child Tax credits which automatically applies when you file taxes. What's next, abolishing 14th amendment?

  25. This man is a true American hero and defines what all Americans should strive to be. He is trying to help others after he retired. Says alot about the person.

  26. I Satule you Mr glossier thanks sir , please talk to your nephew asap,thanks for speaking the truth, the world need people like you he's a dangerous man..CASHMERE

  27. My guess is that Miller got rejected by a foreign girl and that got him totally frustrated. Since then his left hand has been his girlfriend and he blames the immigrants for it. A clear case of a frustrated incel.

  28. "NOTICE" How you just can not win the war on Weeds? Well some people are like weeds, they are not from good seed.

  29. Glad Mr David Glosser spoke about this issue regarding his non-caring nephew and his disregard for human rights. The problem with the U.S. is that hate in America allows to climb to the highest levels– as we can see with Stephen Miller.

  30. Thank you David Glosser. Stephen Miller has obviously fostered a disconnect between his family history and the similarities that most refugees and migrants face when seeking a better life. Immigrants made America, never mind great, I say this because of the impact on the indigenous people, now Miller and Trump say that reducing immigration is what will make America great again. The real hypocrisy is that as descendants of immigrants, both Miller and Trump, would try to gloss over the Native American struggle to defend THEIR land, yet try to justify policies that would have stopped their own ancestors from entering the U.S.

  31. Steven Miller is the of Cain.
    Under Stevens rules and laws his family of Jews would never have entered this country which is my country. We are indigenous people of America.

  32. Glosser said his family was welcomed into the US at Ellis island. That is to say they came into the country the legal way. Not by storming the border.

  33. As a person with an Ashkanazi Jewish background Stephen Miller should not be thought of as Jewish person with his extreme right wing hypocritical views

  34. Thank you for speaking out. Thank you for the work you have done to help others, not just in the medical field, but volunteering your time. It’s hard to find people who truly care. Who have empathy and show compassion. Who don’t expect anything in return, but the way you feel while and afterwards of helping someone. Your a rare find and I hope your nephew will realize what he is & has been doing is wrong, on so many levels. From the outside it seems as tho he feels that he and Trump are kindred spirits, which is a shame because Trump’s personality is similar to Putin and Kim, it’s no wonder why he likes and trusts them over the American people. It seems as though he wants to keep rising and maybe he feels if he sticks near Trump and “Yes” him to death, then he’ll continue to rise. Unfortunately with most people, when they go down this road, it’s very difficult to pull away from. Since you are is apart of his family, can you share with your fellow Americans who your nephew REALLY is?! If you like to write, write a book! Share your story and about your family. I’m sure it will be a great success! Thank you again for being you!

  35. thank you, Mr. Glosser, for your contribution to humanity. It is truly difficult to comprehend that Stephen Miller is biologically related to you.

  36. We need more responsible Americans to step up to speak concerning the fate of those migrants who are seeking refuge and asylum in our democratic country. Stephen Miller must take heed on his uncle's family history in a most challenging moment in our history where so many "outsiders" refueled deep bias and cruelty. This story must be one part of our understanding of America's history. Thank you.

  37. It's pretty bad when your family has to call you out on international broadcast network because your a selfish arsehole dang SMH

  38. Thank you Mr. David Glosser for speaking your truth about your family. Stephen is very lucky to not seem the horrors what happen in the pass. Maybe he was bullied in school i think. His truth will paid him a visit one day. It's called karma

  39. Stoopid Miller…You are embarrassed of being Jewish. Aren’t you? The reason I ask you this is because you are trying sooooooo hard to please the orange man’s family. What would your Grandmother say about your misunderstanding of what happens to family separation? You need help bro and orange man does not care about you.

  40. Stephen Miller is a sadist. The suffering of the refugees gives him a warm fuzzy feeling. He gets off on it.

  41. I strongly believe criminal Trump is a racist, white supremacist and nazi!! I hope everyone knows that Trump's speech writer and political adviser Stephen Miller who wrote this cruel immigration policy for criminal Trump is a well-known nationalist = racist = white supremacist = nazi!!!

    Did everyone hear that the traitor to the United States, criminal Trump said that "our Intelligence Agencies have gone a muck?" This demented and sick freak Trump, who coddles up to mass-murderers and dictators has lied to the American Public and World Citizens over 10,000 times!! Trump has been accused of sexually abusing over 24 women and I, as well as the majority of people believe he did it!!

    5X draft-dodger Trump who has mocked our Military Generals and he mocks people with disabilities also is a grave danger to all Americans and the entire world!! IMPEACH EVIL TRUMP NOW!!!!

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