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hey kids okay I was this this came up
and so I was just looking at this is a state of michigan 92nd legislature
regular session of 2003 enrolled House bill number four five one three and act
to amend 1931 PA 328 entitled an act to revise consolidate codify and add to the
statuses relating to crimes to define crimes and prescribe the penalties
therefore to provide the restitution under certain circumstances to provide
for competency of evidence at the trial of persons accused of crime to provide
immunity from prosecution for certain witnesses appearing at such trials and
to repeal certain acts and parts of acts inconsistent with or contravening any of
the provisions of this act by omitting section 200 as amended by 2001 pa 135
people in the state of Michigan and act section 208 as used in this chapter
chemical irritants means solid liquid or gas that through its chemical or
physical properties alone or in combination with one or more other
substances can be used to produce an irritant effect in humans animals or
plants so that could be a lot of things so right now we have the discussion of
vaping and things like you know and that would be kind of like the cigarettes you
know back in the day when they were putting nicotine in which was harmful
and now there’s other chemical irritants and even in our atmosphere to chemical
irritants would be something you spray on plants you know which would cause
harm to the plants and to people by leaking computer computer network or
computer system means those terms as defined in Section 1 4 5 D so that’s
kind of interesting too when you think about so say that there’s something put
in the computer computer network let’s say a flashing you know because we’ve
heard of this right we’ve heard of this whether it’s a flashing
sorts and and people my dad talked oh my gosh my dad talked about this in the 70s
and he said that there was flashing and in some of those early games and and it
hurt his head I didn’t see it but I don’t know maybe he played longer he
said it was hurting my sister too so he took the game back so my grandparents
had bought us the video game then he took it back to the store so this was in
the 70s and we were playing that game breakout so then when you think of
computer computer network computer system you know so which is something
that’s harmful to to people you know which that itself could become a crime
to which is like do they talk about slowing down someone’s oh this is like
kind of related to net neutrality to slowing down someone’s internet on
purpose you know slowing down someone’s internet on purpose or putting something
in it that’s harmful to someone or something that could hurt you know
they’re the the body you know we’ve heard people talk about radiation and
things like that and are there other types and ways to protect humans from from harm to a people’s eyes and things
like that cuz I was talking about that last night in a video where I said one
thing I’ve noticed like when I went on my little vacation so when I look at the
screen for a long period of time that’s that’s something that I noticed is I
don’t know if you guys can see this now I’m lowering the dimming the screen I
don’t know if you guys will see this or not but I’m dimming the screen because
it does get really bright so then it affects how I see things outside too I
see things brighter and so it’s like well is that is that something that was
baked in or somebody knew about um you know or if there’s you know just
something you know I mean we’ve often heard about the flashing and stuff like
that that goes on and then D is so we did a BC chemical irritant chemical
irritant computer D is deliver means that actual or constructive
transfer of a substance or device from one person to another
regardless of any agency relationship deliverer I’m not I’m not sure quite yet
how or what that would mean and E for any unlawful purposes includes but not
limited to having the intent to do anything of the following i frighten
terrorize intimidate threaten harass injure or kill any person Oh see I’ve
never heard about this before I mean the thing that I questioned with this is the
First Amendment freedom of speech and and it’s like well okay so a lot of the
people threaten people in real life all the time they do now there are certain
things that can happen frighten terrorize intimidate threaten harass
injure or kill any person okay so now now this part is I would say is related
to the First Amendment because of the fact it’s like well you can say
something and like I’ve said this when I was a kid people would all the time say
they were gonna kill someone and they never did they were so mad they could
kill someone you know so or like you know so if you look at a video game or
like even you know I mean things have been said to me at home in the home
that’s that’s common all the time and it’s just not things that and even in
public to you know hand gestures and things like that have been used and and
so so it’s like well wait a minute you’re talking out both sides of your
mouth is what’s happening and so I’m just gonna leave it at that and so III
as damage or destroy any real or personal property without the permission
of the property owner or if the property is public property without the
permission of the governmental agency having authority over the property be
harmful biological device means that of ice designer intended to release a
harmful biological substance oh my gosh that sounds really really bad gee
harmful biological substances means of that bacteria virus or other
microorganism or toxic substance derived from a produced by an organism that can
be used to cause death injury or disease in humans animals or plants each harmful
chemical device means a device that is designed or intended to release a
harmful chemical substance hi harmful chemical substance means a solid liquid
or gas that through its chemical or physical properties alone or a
combination with one or more other chemical substances can be used to cause
its death injury or disease in humans animals or plants well that would be the
spray chemicals I mean so I can get on board with that some of this up here is
I question I I question a lot because it’s like when you compare it to what
people say in real life then what they say on the computer actually in some
senses becomes people on the computer mirroring and mimicking what they say in
real life and so so you can say something and you know if you say
something in real life and and you say it to a law enforcement person they’re
gonna look at you like okay and that’s why it’s kind of like you know so you
write something online and you say something and it’s like so that has more
of a higher level of fear than what you say in person i I don’t think so both
are the First Amendment it the thing is if you did something then that that gets
to the point of you did commit a crime but by saying it it’s the First
Amendment you didn’t commit a crime that’s your First Amendment to say the
most stupidest dumbest things inappropriate and and it’s even in video
games too it says any person frightened terrorized intimidate threaten so so
this one should be struck out you know because with but if you do
commit a crime with if you do commit harm to a person then that does become a
crime you know but if you do it on the computer you know so if your computer
system is slowed down by a virus of some sort then that becomes a crime on the
computer but if you cause harm and death to a person where there’s something in a
computer that is released over time that that becomes harm you know so I mean in
that sense that kind of does make sense is the same as spraying and stuff like
that I’m reaching my limit but I’m going to include a harmful radioactivity
material so I’m reaching my time limit here radioactive which is the computer
radioactive which is the telecommunications tower oh my gosh I
tell my Dawei frequencies this is where we’re at right now so I’m gonna leave it
at that and in this video and so I’ll see you guys soon bye

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