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State Dept. May Investigate Diplomats’ Personal Cell Phone Use After Sondland | Morning Joe | MSNBC

State Dept. May Investigate Diplomats’ Personal Cell Phone Use After Sondland | Morning Joe | MSNBC

100 comments on “State Dept. May Investigate Diplomats’ Personal Cell Phone Use After Sondland | Morning Joe | MSNBC

  1. The White House Administration is corrupt every one of those people that will not come testify have something to hide they are corrupt follow the money follow the family because every one of them broke laws or they would have come to testify don't nobody love Trump that much these peoples are just corrupt and they don't want themselves to get in trouble they all to just plead the fifth and get out the picture

  2. Frump doesn’t care weather the Russian hear, Frump the Fascist and his girlfriend Putin have been arranging everything!! That’s why Frump has hidden all talks with Putin. ALL ROADS LEAD TO RUSSIA

  3. Sloppy security. Trump is right. DRAIN THE SWAMP! The whole #Shampeachment is just a TV show with baad ratings. No one cares. Why should we listen to liars? And Adam Schiff has his own sins. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  4. MSNBC videos have ads for Bernie and Fox has ads for Trump. Gee, I can't help but wonder how each will cover the impeachment.

  5. What you mean,? What happened now?
    LOCK'EM UP ! LOCK'EM UP!!…. oh thas right! That only applies to Hillary ! Right REPUBLICANS?

  6. What do you expect from these people, when Giuliani has been in charge of US cybersecurity … a guy who needed the help of Apple's genius to unlock his iPhone … And they wonder how the Russians hacked the elections? …. Trump and "his best people" … this is just a madhouse full of stupid morons and dumb criminals

  7. The other way to attack the problem might be for the State Department to employ people who are not nitwits. Deargod do you have to explain this to an ambassador? Is there no Ambassador 101 course?

  8. Sounds like the Trump administration plays fast and loose with electronic communications on sensitive classified government matters. Well he gave Jared a security clearance, so he just doesn't care.

  9. I'm thinking this call in this location with others nearby was intentional so that others could verify it. He's no dummy and it was a way to get him off the hook.

  10. Personal cell phones…..didn't Drump call out Clinton on this exact thing? Dear dear dear…….how much does Drump need to 'black up' to make himself dark enough to match that Pot….I think the kettle is calling.

  11. WOW! Now they have another lie. The other ones didnt get the results they wanted. Laty de da. Poor things… I kinda feel sorry for them.

  12. Now.its poor phone use? After the witness just stated Trump asked no quid pro quo? Lol you can kiss this impeachment goodbye

  13. No Quid Pro Quo !!!!! Get over it you losers !!!!! How about China owning the losers holding this kangaroo court to start with …..and who do you think the fake news is working for ???? It sure ain't you or me ….bet on it ….

  14. ****BREAKING NEWS: Head of the Ukrainian Burisma gas Company Indicted, Hunter Biden named accepting millions more from slush fund.****

  15. I'm watching the hearings. Sondland has done a good job of throwing Rudy under the bus (several buses, actually!!!)

  16. Bottom line 3+years no proof of a crime…All these witnesses providing no proof of a crime… Is it sinking in morons…if you're still in denial seek help for your mental disorder!!!

  17. Sondland is coming over as an honest man who has been caught up in a situation he did not understand at the time. Unless others come to his rescue he will be the patsy in all this after being misused by Rudy and Trump,

  18. In the DoD, "operational security" is very serious and any failure, no matter how small, can have major impact on a person's job or even ability to stay out of jail. For example, the computer memory device called a "thumb drive" widely used in commercial and personal use with PCs is COMPLETELY FORBIDDEN by the DoD. Why? It turns out that there are a couple of bad things about them if they are sabotaged: (1) They directly connect to the PC's power supplies on the serial ports and, with only a minor wiring mod, can COMPLETELY DESTROY a PC by burning out the PC's circuitry by running the power lines directly into the data lines, which are not supposed to handle such a surge and can live just long enough to allow that surge to penetrate the motherboard and burn up important wiring and ICs. (2) More subtly, the thumb drives have internal processing code to run them which, by insertion during their manufacture at the factory or later by using burn-in code mods, can create malware in their ICs that is difficult to find and CANNOT BE REMOVED. Use of non-secure communications systems when discussing anything in the DoD even remotely classified is a great way to lose one's job and, if considered severe enough, go to prison. If that Sondland/Trump call was done on such a device, in a normal Administration, Soldland would be in serious trouble and, for what it's worth, so would the President. Their lack of even the slightest concern about security shows a stupidity and ignorance of "geologic" proportions…

  19. Finally …. a Trump acolyte smart enough to figure out that Trump's quite OK with him going to jail instead of Trump himself. Sondland is saying to himself: 'screw that." LOL
    Cohen, Flynn, Manafort, Stone and the others were all too stupid — enjoy . Sondland wasn't born yesterday.
    Likely too late for Stupid Guiliani; he's going to jail, no doubt. Enjoy Otisville, y'all !!

  20. No Republicans have questioned Sondland's loyalty (German refugee family). Shame on them for their behaviour towards Lt Col Vindman.

  21. Sondland didn't want any piece of what Roger Stone got 😂😂😂. The GOPs new tactic – Guilani was a Never Trumper 😂😂😂

  22. Trump has screwed up the USA for so long that some of the country's citizens are finally starting to suspect that something might eventually have to be done about it. Failing that, they may simply accept that the country would be better offer with Putin (officially) in charge instead of Republicans, in view of all the lies and deceit.

  23. Republicans were up in arms about Hillary’s emails “Lock her Up” yet Trump and his cohorts are using cell phones? ANYBODY can be listening in!
    Lord help us, 🙄Stupid really is, as Stupid does!

  24. We the People, Call on Republican members to put a stop to this sham Impeachement Circus.
    They deny the Defending Side Witnesses, they only allow selective Testimony. And will not allow witnesses requested by the Republicans to appear at the Hearings.
    I would remind the Republican members they have sworn an oath to carry out their duties under the Rules and Laws of the Constitution. The time has come to show that the American Patriots are in no further mood to put up with destruction of democracy. We were given rights in writing to remove any destructive government.
    The Declaration of Independence states…and contains
     –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.
    To wait till 2020 for further destruction, by Propaganda and Lies by Schiff and Pelosi and the Democrats, is allowing the further damage and Reputation to the USA.
    You were given the Legal Laws to remove this Destructive Government.
    We were also given the Second Amendment in case force was required to remove them. Before the Limits of our Tolerance is reached, we urge you to Act now, or be part of this destructive Government. History shows that those that standby and do nothing, are implicit in the the destruction of the Constitution, as those who choose to destroy it.

  25. The Russians likely did listen in on Trump operatives phone calls in Ukraine. But it wasn't to learn anything new. It was to confirm that Trump and his cronies were following Putin's orders.

  26. Sondland knew he was in it deep so he threw trump, pence, giuliani, pompeo, barr and others under the bus to be ran over by two axles. LMAO typical republicans.

  27. Yeah, maybe the Democrats might find something on those cell phones that they can twist into looking remotely bad. If Trump had done anything illigal then there shouldn't be any problem showing the evidence. Those Democrats have been after Trump since day one. How about Clinton when it comes to doing things out of policy? Smashing cell phones? Nothing to see here! Lol!

  28. Hillary's emails was the end of the world to Republicans, but now though it's ok to use personal phones and emails to conduct business?

  29. 💥Bombshell boneheads at fake news MSNBC. What a total joke the so called news people are. I don’t know who lies 🤥 more Adam Schiff or the fake news people at MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC.

  30. We still don’t know what trump and putin discussed behind closed doors In Helsinki either???? How is it that the USA is supporting Ukraine with military aid but yet at the same time have meetings after meetings with Russia?? Something is fishy.

  31. Given the current actions and posture of the State Dept I am definitely holding my breath for any concrete action here.

  32. I can't wait to see Rudy's "insurance policy"… I bet he saved all his encrypted conversations from his "Signal" app.

  33. So not a new issue I’m afraid. Who remembers when DT chatted loudly on patio at Mara Lago while Chinese representatives nearby?

  34. Why would I want to go to jail for any man or woman in the name of Politics? Tell the truth idots and save your behind. Bobo is waiting in prison for your "behind".😉

  35. What did these people all think we should do to Hillary, for using an unsecure email? Which btw was secure enough that no one has ever been able to find the emails, including wikileaks. Oh yeah….we were supposed to think she should be locked up. Now Trump is screaming so loud on a phone on a RUSSIAN network that bystanders can hear?

  36. A lot of us think about unsecured cell phone conversations as leaking classified or national security information. We see this issue as being about people over-hearing sensitive information. But the equal concern is that a foreign power will get "dirt" on the cell phone user that is enough to form the basis for threatening the "leaking" of the conversation on a public network – youtube, etc. So once a foreign power gets that dirt on a public figure, then they can black mail that party and manipulate their behavior – even if it starts very small, the more the person does, the more ammunition the blackmailer has. This type of blackmail potentially stays underground and is unnoticed except in the erratic and unexplainable behavior of the person being blackmailed.

  37. Sondland thinks he's so smart!
    He doesn't remember a thing without his "notes" … the ones he claims the Whitehouse won't let him have. 
    How convenient! The man has said, he doesn't even take notes!
    He's a damned liar, and should be prosecuted after his lying, Russian sympathizing boss, Comrade Trump, is
    impeached in the house!
    Comrade's partners in crime, the scoundrels in the U.S. Senate, cannot be depended upon to enforce the U.S. Constitution and its bylaws. The same constitution each and every one of them swore to uphold!
    The CROOKED Republican Party will be paying a severe price for their BETRAYAL OF AMERICA! 
    They have no idea!!

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