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SPOTLIGHT || Tuvalu Fisheries

SPOTLIGHT || Tuvalu Fisheries

Tuvalu is regarded as, I guess the
most fish dependent nation in the world with only 10,000 people that
depend on this vast ocean. Prior to 2012 the average revenue that
Tuvalu received from a fishing license was around Australian ten million dollars,
and because of this program, the New Zealand program, and all the assistance we received, in 2018 last In 2018 last year we managed to receive 40 million dollars, Australian dollars. Fisheries in Tuvalu has really been
transformed over the last five to six years I would say. Fisheries revenue has
increased since New Zealand assistance was provided and that makes up more than half of the
government’s budget, and you can see they funded this whole building, prior to
that the department was scattered all over the place in five different
buildings, and it was the first time ever after like more than around 15 years
that we were able to stay under one roof. So work coordinated more freely and
we could facilitate our program better I have seen big improvements in terms of
compliance, fisheries compliance, we have a much larger observer program which
employs 80 Tuvaluans collecting data on board fishing vessels throughout the
Pacific. We have much better programs for coastal fisheries covering all eight
islands within place management plans for each
island collecting data from the fisheries there to guide future management. And
finally of course we built up the operational systems and the
infrastructure we made for the fisheries. Fisheries is very, very important
to Tuvalu. It’s all because of this New Zealand funding assistance to Tuvalu, so
we are very pleased.

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