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SportsUnited: Kazakhstan Boxing Diplomacy

SportsUnited: Kazakhstan Boxing Diplomacy

When we box , we don’t think about anything else. We forget our problems, [Sound of punching] we only concentrate on our opponent
and on training. [Sound of bell ringing and punching] My name is Yermakhan. I am from Kazakhstan.
I’m 17-years-old. This trip was very important to us. Because I’ve learned a lot here. Because some awesome professors have
worked with us here. They’ve taught you have to take action when you have a conflict with somebody. [Music] [Sound of punching] When I sleep, when I eat, when I wake up I’m always thinking about boxing. My name is Adelya Dyussembayeva. We are at the Ali Center. I learned more about Muhammad
Ali. What kind of man he was. Good, kind, strong. I really liked everything here. I’m
so excited, I have goosebumps. [Sound of punching] Boxing makes me happy. I’m becoming happy and strong. [Music]

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