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Speaker Robin Vos celebrates school choice week at St. John’s of Racine County

Speaker Robin Vos celebrates school choice week at St. John’s of Racine County

Ggood morning and welcome to Speaker Vos.
We’re here at st. John’s Lutheran School In Racine,
celebrating National Lutheran Schools Week which also coincides with National
Choice Schools week as well, so we’re grateful to have the Speaker. Thank you
very much I appreciate it, you know it’s really an exciting time all across
Wisconsin, we know earlier this week Vice President Pence was at the Capitol to
celebrate the huge explosion of school choice all around the country, but
especially because it started here in Wisconsin. Now the Racine program didn’t
get the same start as the one in Milwaukee we had a little bit of a delay.
It started about seven or eight years ago, but we’ve really seen an explosion
also in Racine of the number of parents who are choosing to go to a grade school
right here at the one at st. John’s but really all across Racine Unified.
One of the things that we’re celebrating at St. John’s is our student achievement
score. We are a school that has fully opted into the testing program and Wisconsin’s
forward exam and we’re grateful for the opportunity to have the highest student
achievement score among the data that DPI releases for K through 8 schools.
I describe it as a perfect storm of good right? Nice funding source through
obviously choice, for the generous congregation, so we’ve been able to do
things here. We’re paying for teachers to get advanced degrees, almost 85
percent of our teachers have advanced degrees, but we actually have not had a teacher leave in five years. Holy cow! Which in our world, is
you know, unbelievable. Getting the chance to interact with
families young kids and seeing the impact that school choice has I know not
only a school like the fantastic one here at St. John’s, but the families and
the ability for these kids to have a lifelong ability to have great
foundations for a hugely successful future. So, thank you for having me today
it was awesome I appreciate it so much. Thank you

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