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SPAIN or PORTUGAL – Which Country Is Better?

SPAIN or PORTUGAL – Which Country Is Better?

In this episode we’re gonna be comparing the two amazing European nations of Spain and Portugal You’ll get a side-by-side comparison of these nations, and then you get to decide which country. Do you think is better? How’s it going? Everybody my name is Leroy Kenton, and thank you guys so much for joining me on another episode of FTD facts before you continue Don’t forget give this video a big Thumbs up and for all you new faces watching FTD facts if you want to keep learning about the different countries and cultures and more Going on all around the world you gotta hit that subscribe button and that Bell notification cuz we post videos every single day Yeah ok so let’s get into this episode now starting off with the country of Spain Spain this is officially known as the kingdom of Spain and it’s located in southwestern Europe the 1214 kilometer border that Spain shares with Portugal is actually the longest uninterrupted border within the European Union and Spain is a democracy under a Constitutional monarchy and Spain is also the 14th largest Economy in the entire world by nominal GDP Looking at the population of Spain that number is at forty six point four zero million now Spain has experienced a lot of Increase in its population growth rate since the start of the 20th century And this was due to the boom in the industrial sector of Spain and even more so in the 1960s and 70s When you look at the population density? It’s at 90 people per square kilometers in Spain and its land area is at five hundred and five thousand nine hundred and ninety two square kilometers The capital of Spain is the city of Madrid now when we look at the life expectancy of Spain It’s actually the highest in all of Europe life Expectancy is seventy nine point six years for males and eighty five point six years for females Which averages to a total life expectancy of eighty two point six years now Spain ranks fifth in the world for life Expectancy according to the w-h-o report that was published in the year 2013 now I want to introduce the country of Portugal so Portugal is one of the oldest independent On earth and Portugal is known as a very popular destination for people all around the world With great weather pretty much all year Portugal is a very developed country with a high income economy a developed market And high living standards, and it has one of the best road networks in the entire world It’s ranked as the most peaceful country in the European Union and third in the world The official name for Portugal is the Portuguese Republic and the population sits at? 10.32 million the population density of Portugal is a hundred and eleven point seven five people per square Kilometers and Portugal ranks ninety six in the world as far as population Density is concerned the land area of Portugal is at ninety two thousand ninety square kilometres making it the 111 largest countries in terms of landmass alone and for the life expectancy in Portugal that number is eighty one point five two when we average out the male and the female life expectancy Now I want to move into dollars economy And the money the currency used in Spain is a euro and that’s exactly the same for Portugal Spain is a 17th largest export economy in the entire world During the last five years the exports of Spain have increased at an annual rate of one point seven two percent now According to Spain’s GDP in the year 2016 that number was at one point to three trillion US dollars And that was thirty six point three Thousand per capita when we examined the highest exports in Spain that subset cars at thirty five point five billion dollars vehicle parts at ten billion dollars refined petroleum at seven point eight nine billion dollars and for the largest imports in Spain Crude petroleum is at eighteen point seven Billion dollars cars are at eighteen point three billion dollars and vehicle parts is at sixteen point six billion dollars Portugal is a 40th largest export economy in the entire world and in 2016 Portugal exported 54 point seven billion dollars and imported 67 point 1 billion dollars and the expert partners of Portugal are Germany Spain France UK Italy and the US Portugal’s GDP is a total of 204 dollars and the GDP per capita is thirty point six thousand dollars stood out looking at Portugal’s exports their highest exports comes from vehicle parts at two point six seven billion dollars Then we have refined petroleum at two point two four billion dollars and cars are at one point nine six billion dollars That’s where the imports cars are at four point four nine billion dollars crude petroleum Is at four point two nine billion dollars and vehicle parts are at two point four billion dollars? So what are the living costs like when we compare Spain and Portugal well to do that? I’m gonna look at the capital cities of both countries and see which one costs more or less to live in Now looking at the capital cities the food in Madrid Spain is 13 percent higher than Portugal housing is 17% higher clothing is 9% cheaper transportation is 8 percent more expensive Personal care is 9 percent less and entertainment is 5 percent more So the cost of living in Madrid Spain is 9 percent higher than Lisbon Portugal and the final thing I want to look at is the debt of these countries so Spain’s national debt is one point three seven trillion Dollars and the debt per citizen is twenty nine thousand six hundred and twenty one dollars Portugal’s debt is a lot less at two hundred ninety five billion dollars and his debt per citizen is pretty close at a little over Twenty eight thousand dollars, so guys let me know down below in the comments section which country Do you think is better Spain or Portugal? I know this is gonna be a pretty tough one and guys be sure to look out for our military Comparison video where we compare just the military power of Spain and Portugal That episode is gonna be at the end of this video Or you can click it on one of the cards be sure to also check me out on social media those links are down below And I’m out of here guys to make more videos for you until next time see ya Hey guys, and if you really enjoyed this video you Definitely have to see this military comparison video that we did of Spain and Portugal to keep it tuned here on FTD facts Where we post videos daily? You

100 comments on “SPAIN or PORTUGAL – Which Country Is Better?

  1. Em Espanha ninguém quer ser Espanhol….

    A Espanha é tão boa que os bascos , os Catalães e outros se querem ver livres de Espanha……Nem os franceses suportam ouvir os Espanhóis a falar de tão mal que falam e são mal educados.

  2. It's not a very hard comparison. Just look at the two countries' colonies. Portugal—->Brazil. Spain—->Rest of South America. Brazil is a way more prosperous than other Spanish speaking countries… Portugal for sure!

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  4. I’m from Portugal and for me Spain and Portugal are equal e mate be neighbours and speak different language but we are one

  5. You should consider the frequency of usage of those facilities when you calculate the cost of living. Frequency of usage for each facility might be different for those countries, therefore it might be more complex than a 9% result.

  6. Spain was one of the greastest countries in world.How did SPAIN became so powerless in the world?Its behind even Portugal now.

  7. i never loved in Spain well I passed through Spain just to get to portugal
    my family is from portugal but I was born in USA but is still prefer portugal no matter what
    portugal , o melhor

  8. I'm Portuguese. And one of the few who'll say that Spain is one of THE best countries on Europe and definitely on my top 3 to live in. They have amazing weather, scenery, food and drink and they really know how to party! In sum, they are different but similar when it comes to these things.

  9. Better for what? It depends on what you want to do. Giving us tons of statistics on imports, exports, and debt doesn't tell us anythng about which country might be better. What is important for anyone choosing to immigrate to these countries or to retire to them is cost of living, crime rates, quality and affordability of health care, education, pollution and climate.

  10. my mother is from a Portuguese island and I've went to the island and the actual country Portugal and Spain and I prefer Portugal over Spain, not because my mother is from a Portuguese Island but because that my personal opinion on what I prefer

  11. Isn't it funny how in every video about Spain/Portugal, the Spanish people are most likely saying good things about the Portuguese people and Portugal, while Portuguese people are always saying bad things about Spain?

    Inferiority complex or just envy?

  12. I am spanish and i love Portugal but for fuck sake have been reading coments and i dont really know what to say, you cant fucking judge spain if you have only been to magaluf or places like that, you come in at the cheapest prices, we give you the cheapest food and you give us your worst behaviour. If you want to experience Spain come here in a proper trip, the problem is you dont go to Portugal for the same reasons you come here. And again i have been to Portugal several times and its great but come one dont be disrespecting Spain

  13. Spain is bigger in everything than Portugal, In 2018 Spain was the second most visited country in the world, recording 82 million tourists, spain also have the largest fast train network in Europe, it would be more fair to compare Spain with Italy, Portugal is beautiful but is very tiny.

  14. I think both countries are amazing, and I do think that they share many things, such as origins, climate and culture. btw, I'm from Portugal, but I don't think that I'm too biassed because of it. 🇵🇹🇪🇸!

  15. I want people to be truly honest, because I have heard from many sources and seen myself that Spanish people are very satisfied with each other and not with foreigners. Everybody says the Portuguese are friendlier, warmer, most reliable, less rude people. I've even heard people say they are far less thieving than the Spanish, who are also called gossips. Please be honest if you think any of this is true.

    I also hear a lot more about foreign tech companies being more comfortable moving into Portugal than Spain. Spain seems to be far more corrupt.

  16. Portugal: Yo, faggot
    Spain: Que quieres hijo de puta?
    Portugal: This dude thought we we're enemies, when in fact we're rivals. Wanna crucify him on a hill?
    Spain: Let's do this!

  17. As an American that has visited almost all of Europe , including Spain and Portugal , I'll say Spain is by far a more beautiful and interesting country than Portugal. There are so many more interesting places to see in Spain , beautiful historic sites , great cities and Spain has some of the best food in Europe. I'll give my vote to Spain.

  18. Españoles: Viva España y Portugal!
    Portugueses: Muerte a España, viva Portugal!!!! 🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹

    Somos gilipollas 😔😔😔

  19. Portugal, Espanha não existe, mas CASTELA e outros ladrões e imbéceis que dizem ser espanhois, ilusão que mais tarde ou mais cedo acabará de existir como o reinos unido, portugal livre das carraças espanholas, existirá eternamente!

  20. Both Portugal and Spain are both oustanding countries really! 2 of the best in the world. Proud to be European and Iberian 🙂

  21. Spain is a BEAUTIFUL country, but Spaniards are the most fascist fucking people in the world So unfriendly, so fucking racist. Portugal is equally beautiful, but its people are warm and welcoming. Bless them. So Portugal all the way!

  22. a lot of unuseful informations. who gives a damn about economy while visiting a foreign country? too much talking about money it's a disease.

  23. Portugal foi o colonizador mais brutal do planeta! Muitos genocidios em Brazil, Asia e Africa. Lembrate sempre do Wiriyamu, Mozambique covardes?
    Muito Orgulho ser Portugues? Ninguem fala sobre isto??
    Nossa heranca Cigano-Arabe e o melhor heranca no portugal sempre!

  24. I'm portuguese and, of course i love my country more than "nuestros hermanos" country. But this comparison is so fucking stupid !!! Spain is also a wonderfull country with wonderfull people. I love Spain also, i could not tell which country is better, except for my patriotism !

  25. I am Portuguese so sorry for being partial towards my country. However, I consider Spain and the Spanish our brothers, both culturaly and socially; there would be no other place I´d like to live more than Spain if I was forced to leave my country.
    In the end I´d say that both countries are absolutely marvellous and that their population is the friendlier and the kindest you´ll ever find in Europe 😉


  26. i´m portuguese and of course i prefer portugal ,but not just bc im portuguese but bc i´ve been to spain and how can a country that clames being brothers whit portugal be so different from them. I was expecting generous people , good food , good life style like you see in portugal but i didnt get any of them .
    i´ve been to almost entire spain by car so i know what im talking about the only city a really liked and enjoyed was barcelona. People (by my experience) tend to be rude and they judge you a lot, the food omg i dindt eat good food until i eat a paella . The life style is so expencive i swear for god sake the apartments are expensive af and people there are nothing like portuguese people they are not welcoming, they are not friendly at all and most of spanish people just hate you for not being spanish .YES there are really nice people in spain but in general they are rude and not welcoming . so if u wanna have a good experience in iberia come to portugal is the 3th most safe country inthe world its not expensive at all and people are the most friendly people you will ever met oh and if you are looking for a place to study in europe choose portugal we have a really good education system such in lisbon or in porto. i know this bc but mom is a university teacher of marketing so they study the ranks and everthing . I PREFER PORTUGAL .

  27. Bom dia faço empréstimo para mais informações entrar em contato pelo mail! confiável e rápido!!

    WhatsApp :+351920106657

  28. Portugal people seem dirty as fuck when comes to football like rolling over and stuffs like Neymar does who is also portguese speaking. But in general in reality from reading others reviews, Portugal seems more down to earth, friendly and nicer while the spanish seems more arrogant and rude. But I’ve always had a blind love for Spain, don’t know why. It’s the imagination of their beach, sun, Barcelona which is my fav La liga side, plus got cousins in Barcelona. I used to support Spain 🇪🇸 in football passionately because under Rafa Liverpool had a lot of Spanish players most famous one Fernando Torress. And an a Liverpool Fc FAN. Hence why since 2008-2012 I was die hard spain fan but it died out since all the spanish players left Liverpool.

    But never did I imagine portgual would be as beautiful and wonderful with its beaches mountains landscapes. I mean I knew it would have some sort decent landscapes ans tourists areas but after recently seeing some youtubers videos and doing some research on Portugal properly it’s amazed me, it’s a hidden gem because even though this guy says Portugal is one popular visited place but tbh you never hear people at work or amongst friends talking about going on holiday to Portugal. It’s always Turkey, Ibiza, Spain, Egypt, Morocco, etc

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