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Slovenia’s Diplomats Wish Canada a Happy 150th!

Slovenia’s Diplomats Wish Canada a Happy 150th!

Some say the world needs more Canada. Do you agree? I believe that Canada is doing a great job with coming back to multilateral relations and dialogue, because especially for countries which are a bit smaller like Slovenia, multilateralism is the core of foreign relations, and what’s especially appreciated from Canada is spreading tolerance, is spreading also initiatives given by Canada, multiculturalism and gender equality. Describe your first visit to Canada? The 1st time I’ve been to Canada was like 34 years ago, cold, February, winter in Montreal. Maple syrup, poutine or double-doubles? They’re all good, so it’s a really difficult decision, and since I think multilateralism is good, I would say all of them. I do have mostly double doubles. Do you have a message for Canadians? [Slovenian]

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