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Skeptic in Islamic Country & Science in the Koran | Amed – Pakistan | Atheist Experience 22.23

Skeptic in Islamic Country & Science in the Koran | Amed – Pakistan | Atheist Experience 22.23

100 comments on “Skeptic in Islamic Country & Science in the Koran | Amed – Pakistan | Atheist Experience 22.23

  1. Really worried for this guy. He sounds awesome, and it'd be awful if he were murdered for apostasy or heresy.

  2. If I was an eternal being, omnipotent and all that.. I'd have created multiple realities multiplied by infinity. In at least one of these I'd probably sacrifice myself to myself in order to prove absolutely nothing, then put Bob and Bill on writing my book.

  3. And the heaven We constructed with strength, and indeed, We are [its] expander.

    Sahih International: And the heaven We constructed with strength, and indeed, We are [its] expander.

    Pickthall: We have built the heaven with might, and We, it is Who make the vast extent (thereof).

    Yusuf Ali: With power and skill did We construct the Firmament: for it is We Who create the vastness of pace.

    Shakir: And the heaven, We raised it high with power, and most surely We are the makers of things ample.

    Muhammad Sarwar: We have made the heavens with Our own hands and We expanded it.

    Mohsin Khan: With power did We construct the heaven. Verily, We are Able to extend the vastness of space thereof.

    Arberry: And heaven — We built it with might, and We extend it wide.

    Ok, so anyone with just a little common sense should know what this verse means or be able to figure things out. The way things appeared to look like 4000-1000 years ago would be different than the way things look like today thanks to the evolution of, continual growth in knowledge of "science". 

    Anyone back 3000 years ago could look up at the sky and acknowledge there was a definite sky somewhere "up there". how far up, the distance between them and the heavens (sky) they did not know or even have the knowledge of how to measure that. For goodness sake, their mode of transportation were camels. For many, camels still are.    

    Draco to Perseus: There is a God in you, make sure to bring it.
    Queen Cassiopeia: The gods need us. They need our worship. What do we need of them?
    Queen Cassiopeia: We are the gods now! 

    At this moment, lol, this is one of the best examples I can provide. Men have always created their gods, not the gods creating men. look at the verses and you can surely understand that it is the strength of man that creates and yes, indeed, man is the expander as it is man who builds our universe and everything around us and about us. The Quran is not talking about the "heavens" were the invisible gods "live" but the world around them, however, in ancient days-the time these scriptural books were written that is exactly what they wanted the people to understand and know. That the Universe, the unexplained was their power to control the people and have the people do exactly as they were told to do so and follow the rules that were given them by dictators. This is what every single religion has done. 
    Man did not construct the Universe but indeed we have constructed everything in it materially. The Universe simply constructs itself.      

    And the heaven We constructed with strength, and indeed, We are [its] expander. look at the verse closely… 

    Again, look at the verse: We have built the heaven with might, and We, it is Who make the vast extent (thereof).

    With power and skill did We construct the Firmament: for it is We Who create the vastness of pace.

    And the heaven, We raised it high with power, and most surely We are the makers of things ample. Ample: enough or more than enough; plentiful; large and accommodating.

  4. One of my friends just told me Atheism is a religion. Here were go. Atheism is the rejection of belief that any deities exist. In an even narrower sense, atheism is specifically the position that there are no deities. Atheism is contrasted with theism, which, in its most general form, is the belief that at least one deity exists.

  5. i would challenge that coward matt to a fight, all he ever does is use the lord's name in vain, tell people to shut up, swear, put people on hold and hang up on people if they disagree with his delusions and petty squabbles

  6. The Lord God, is a sun and a shield. Psalm 84.11.
    Hallelujah, Hallelujah, he is risen in all his glory. Got up early and saw Jesus rise from the underworld (Hell) and he is so bright and overpowering. This is the same sun (blinding light) that Paul (Pollux – Apollo) saw on the road to Damsmascus Syria. Syria, in the bible, is the spring season. Hallelujah, Hallelujah, our load god, the sun, has risen.

  7. i would make a mixture of vinegar, jalapenos, lemon juice and tabasco sauce, no dilution ok? no dilution, put it in a squirt gun and spray it into that cunt's eyes whenever she smirked, then smack her in the face with a soft purple dildo, so i can hit her repeatedly without knocking her out, matt will pleasure himself by supergluing an elmo plush toy to his dick and thrusting his pelvis up and down

  8. I hate the ads for Donald Trump that are preaching a "fund to support me " that keep showing up. The only thing that can create and spin more unbelievable fake news than the bible….Donald Trump.

  9. Matt and Tracie missed an opportunity here. A simple way to catch the guy up. For example why use the word, "heaven" in the statement? So space is heaven? So souls go to space and hang out with stars and galaxies? Or is heaven another dimension? If its another dimension and not actual space then you can't use the word, "heaven" to describe space. This clearly points out that ancient men believed that the sky was actual the heaven realm or why would you use that term if you were god? You wouldn't. It would be misleading. Therefore why in the same sentence does the word heaven get a pass to mean space and the expanding get assumed to be the scientific discovery? You can't just pick and chose which words are abstract colorful language and which ones are revealing the truth. It's dishonest. Either both words are abstract or neither are and both are literal. Well we know space is NOT heaven, that would be silly, so we can safely assume when they use the word expanding they were not referring to space expanding.

  10. Right at the 1:00–1:10. Perfect. Wants to be a reasonable person seeking *the truth*. In those 10 seconds this caller outclasses so many.

  11. Also in the Quran it says that the earth is flat, the sun moves to where it's going to rest, the mountains are what keep earth in place, the sun rests in a hot spring and many more.

  12. Amed, you're the reason The Atheist Experience exists – a sensible, level headed person who needs a rationale discussion to highlight the bias caused by religion. You're polite, calm and sceptical.

    I sincerely hope others in Pakistan come to see you as an ideal role model for grappling with religious views. Unfortunately I fear the society you find yourself in will not give you the intellectual and societal breathing room you deserve and need.

  13. With power did We construct the heaven. Verily, We are Able to extend the vastness of space thereof.

    Not that vague in my estimate…..and hardly a verse that should be interpreted to describe "an expanding universe" as conceived by contemporary cosmology. It appears to my eye to mean little more than "I had the power to make it….and thus have the ability to make it bigger".

    But whatever. 🙂

  14. What if the ‘God’ you are calling less intelligent is way more intelligent to couple lots of messages in a single book, paragraph, line and even less so that a lot can be delivered in less words?

  15. The poor guy is struggling under a massive burden of religious nonsense. The cultural burden is immense and cannot be approached from a Western scientific position. He must also carry the familial burden, which is far heavier than any Westerner can imagine. Be gentle.

  16. Amed is a hero. It just shows that thinking people see through religious indoctrination. Kia kaha from New Zealand.

  17. If Ahmed is for sure, it just strengthens Hitchens' "Religion Poisons Everything" premise. It infects us.

  18. "if they (unbelievers) were to see a fragment from the sky falling, they would say it is merely clouds heaped up." Quran: chapter 52, verse 44.

  19. Idk the context but the first thing I thought about when he quoted the scripture was that Muslims convert people, they die, go to heaven and then expand the heavens in terms of the amount of people there. More like they are expanding the faith than a literally expanding universe.

  20. I cannot like this video!!
    I've tried 7 times now but everytime I scroll down or go full screen it goes away.

  21. Whenever I think about how shitty it is to live in a country so dominated by christians, and the consequences I faced for coming out as an atheist, I need to think about people living in the Middle East or Africa. To me, the worst thing that could happen is that I would be judged unfairly, and maybe I lose some relationships that I care about. This dude has to worry about being executed for heresy, and that is a terrifying thing to think about.

    I hope Amed continued to question things, and has found some peace or understanding with this internal conflict he is feeling. I also hope he stays safe, and keeps that shit tightly under wraps, for his safety's sake.

  22. If the Koran is the final
    a unalterable word of God why does  Koran 33.50-promote first cousin marriages which
    doubles the chance of birth defects?

  23. Quran says the universe is expanding? Does it go on to clarify if it's open, closed, or flat? That's the important thing.

  24. There is no science revealed in the Quran. Muslims however will reinterpret the verse after a scientific discovery is made.
    No scientific discovery has EVER been made based on the Quran.

  25. He is influenced by a pseudo science guy Zakir Naik.. he preaches this kinda stuff all over South Asia .. and many iliterate Muslims are convinced..

  26. Amed is one of the most intelligent “religious” person that has probably called the show. Most callers are half drugged, half brainwashed racist American religious hillbillies with no intelligence whatsoever…! And Amed called under duress and real threat of being prosecuted or killed by tyrant religious regime in Pakistan. Kudos Amed.

  27. The most abundant and dense material makes up the center of most planets. So even though there are elements that are denser then iron, iron was more abundant during the early stages of our earth forming

  28. Invert the problem. Why is it dangerous to question religion, any religion, in so many countries? That is the real question. Religion does not permit to his followers to question their "faith". Religion ask only obedience not to think, thinking is dangerous for any religion. This is why science is dangerous for any religion. Science is thinking for itself not by obedience.

  29. I really wish Amed the best! He is almost there and sounds like a really intelligent man. Maybe he needs more secular or atheist friends. I really hope that he find what he is looking for.

  30. May Muhammad burn the nuts off of the nonbelievers, feed the infidels spiders, and peel off your fingernails. Allah blesses you.

  31. Amed seems like a very well spoken, polite, and intelligent man who is genuinely seeking the truth, but is just wanting to solidify the fact that his religion (which is all that he has ever known) isn't providing what is needed. I wish him all the best and I hope he actually comes on the show for a further discussion, but I hope that by doing so it doesn't put him in any danger within his own country. Either way, he has all my respect for giving a truly wholesome debate.

  32. This caller says he “read a lot of science in the Q’ran.” How much science is actually in the Q’ran?

  33. Judaísm, Christianity and Coran or Koran, are the three Monotheismus – patriarchal intollerant Religions!

  34. If you were God you would reveal yourself to people who you know wouldn’t believe in you even after those signs who question the existence of God you would show them the most beautiful being they could ever set eyes on no I wouldn’t think so only those who believe in God despite not seeing him truly deserve to see him because they are willing to use this life to get close despite hearing people say he doesn’t exist

  35. Science was alive, well, and productive in the Arab Middle East world, both original investigation and preserving/passing on others' work/discoveries.
    Until stopped cold by religion. 
    Much the very same as occurred in Europe.

  36. As much as I like Matt when he gets all pissed off and hangs up on people, it's inspiring how calm and understanding he can be when talking to a honest caller. With Tracie hosting, that was the perfect line-up to take this call.

  37. The guy calling in sounds genuinely sincere and seems to be going through a transition period within his religious beliefs. Hang on there mate!

  38. There was a whole lot of real science going on in early Islamic times until the fundamentalists got all worked up and stamped science out of existence, sort of like the U.S. now.

  39. this person Amed is no skeptic. He is hiding under that alias to ask AXP questions to get a respectable answer or find if they get stumped.

  40. Iron, nickel core, small amounts of gold silver etc, small in comparison, its more gold than all of the surface gold

  41. I find this quite sad. Amed is obviously intelligent and articulate but his mind has been deliberately clouded by his ignorant elders passing on their ridiculous magic pixie nonsense.

  42. Why not ask experts? Like dr. Zaikir naik. So that you will be enlighten… Not some seeker who's novice ask they experts guys…

  43. You are wrong! The earths core is a nuclear reactor with a heavy lead waste product. also uranium, plutonium, cesium, thorium, corium, etc xenon gas and more heavy elements on the periodic table we don't know about yet.

  44. plow your woman as you wish. n if all that sounds like mere-declaration to you, then– uh, water doesn't mix under some random conditions too. there you go. freakin-wise i am.

  45. Let's be honest folks. There is no science in the Koran. To put it mildly…..Islam has been organised in such a way that does not encourage critical thought,debate or criticism. The book is viewed as perfect…….there we go……if you openly dispute this it's very risky

  46. i am an arabian person and the verse does not related to the expanding because it mains that the the God him self can do and

  47. Tracie says "I dont think I could hang my hat on one word". The muslim guy is thinking what the fcckk is hang your hat..LOL

  48. Simple answer: to a roving bedouin… look at the horizon…and you see that it appears that the sky and the earth seem to touch. And you estimate that distance…let us say two days travel. YOu now speak to people whom you KNOW are from farther than two days travel from where you are. Or you go on travel yourself. You find that the sky never touches the earth….hence the idea of expansion. And as Matt asked..why did the early Muslims not say this? And btw, some Muslim thinkers themselves oppose these "scientific" factoids based upon logic. If the Qur'an were couched in terms that even Muhammad and his contemporaries could not understand, then the Qur'an would be meaningless…b/c M is supposed to explain the Qur'an. Musa'in does mean "expand" but not in the modern sense of an expanding universe. No more than "dhara" in the Qur'an (whoever does an atom's weight of good…) means atom. The asker is honest…extremely so…but does NOT know the language or the rhetorical devices employed by apologists. This is not in respect to the Qur'an only, but to all scripture. "joined together" seems to evolve out of Sumerian creation has little to do with science.

  49. I hope Ahmed thinks this thru. A key point is that people who use science to describe the universe don't believe in science – they just take it as the best explanation of the universe that is available at this time. If they believed it to be some deep truth, then science would never move forwards, and we would stop learning about the universe. If we ignore thousands of years of interpretation and manipulation to look at the pure text of the bible or koran, and then compare it to the very clear, complex and detailed information that science continues to provide us with – then these books become very confused, inaccurate and almost outrageous in their claims. Then it's just up to your own rationality to judge if they are useful or not.

  50. Muslims talk about the miracles of Quran but most simply talk "about" it, never really bothering to read it. It is quite peculiar actually that most non-Arab Muslims (Majority of Muslim population) almost stubbornly refuse to read the Quran with translation.

  51. Quran does say this about space but the word also means "BIG"…. Here is how the most famous interpreter of Quran (ibn kathir) understood it : (Verily, We are able to extend the vastness of space thereof.) means, `We made it vast and We brought its roof higher without pillars to support it, and thus it is hanging independently.' He's not inventing the concept of the roof here…Quran does explicitly say that heaven is a dome shape that's hanging there without pillars!! "

  52. This fool never read the koran so he has no right to speak on it take him within inches of his life and watch him cry out for the lord without any proof of there being one

  53. God put something together with science laws and states it, then a person discovers it later, that proves / backs up what was written. This guy is good at backwards processing into a mind manipulation as if a recent discovery discounts scripture. It doesn’t when it matches. I see how easily he convinces with specific words and sentence structure into “his” belief. Plus I watched a video on how he explains he manipulates people (epistemology) with simple psychology into his way of thinking, and laughed. It’s all a game. Keep calm, appear to give respect, and hand over what textbooks say. When in truth he’s irked on the inside, has no respect for anyone of a faith, enjoys the mental game, and will hand over textbooks lies not taken out that were disproven or still just a theory as if absolute. Then I watched him train people to do the same trickery. Being an accredited behavioral health graduate, his and their tactics are extremely clear and sadly effective on the unsuspecting.

  54. Oh so close….. Your intellectualism is calling you Amed. It’s obvious to me you are to smart to be superstitious and believe in the supernatural.

    I hope you continue with your critical thinking and continue to learn to use the correct thought processes to come to a truth. I think if you watch Lawrence Krauss ‘Why Religion is Out Dated in The 21st Century’ on Utube it may help realise just how irreconcilable science and religion are. Try to apply some Epistemology to your beliefs and check out ‘Street Epistemology’ and Christopher Hitchens on Utube. These three things should get your mind where it wants, needs to be. Free.

    All the best.
    From Australia.

  55. There are several interpretations to this verse. "Nine translators link the term “lamūsi‘ūn” to “expansion,” “space,” “vastness,” and such concepts. Obviously, those who linked “lamusi’un” to “expansion” did not have the concept of expanding universe in mind. Nevertheless, linking this term to “expansion” is the result of wrong interpretation."

  56. let me put this clear, for everyone debating muslims
    muslims are l**r*, and manipulate the translations of their book
    the true meaning of expanding is : we created the skyes and we have the power to do so (and not we are expanding it)
    they are stretching the words, and sometimes it is so blatant
    like they translated "dara" into atom, while it means small ant
    and "amchaj" into gamete while it means mixed liquid

  57. Can an atheist disprove the existence of God???? NO. Can the
    atheist disprove the existence of a Heaven and a Hell??? NO. Can I prove the
    existence of fairies??? NO. But that doesn't mean that somewhere in this
    endless universe there isn't a planet named Planet Fairy with millions of
    little fairies flying around. If God wanted to create fairies he could very
    easily do so. So should one seriously consider the consequences of not
    believing in a Biblical God and his Son Jesus Christ that may in fact
    exist…especially with the evidence of Biblical events that are actually being
    uncovered in these recent times proving the KJV Bible as truth??? YES!! Go
    search on the name "Ron Wyatt" in YouTube and seriously examine the Biblical
    "EVIDENCE" that he has found…

  58. Atheists have no morals because they don't have a conscience.
    All they can do is follow man-made laws…or not…because they don't have a
    sense of right or wrong. An atheist for whatever reason can walk up to anyone,
    put a gun to a persons head and pull the trigger and feel nothing wrong about
    doing so other than the fact they might be breaking a man-made law that they
    may or may not even agree with, but this isn't even an issue if they don't get

  59. If one day the atheist ends up in Eternal Hell Fire, will that be enough "PROOF" for the atheist to believe that God exists????

  60. The atheist has no proof as to the age of the universe because God could have created a universe that appears to be billions of years old…

  61. I'd like to hear atheists explain how the very first living thing came into existence from non-life, and then watch them demonstrate it in a petri dish…

  62. Maybe the house that caught on fire was inhabited by allot of atheists and God struck the house with much lightening electrocuting all atheists within and burned the house down. This would make allot of sense since no one was there to witness the event…

  63. You guys are bullshitting here. In regard to the verse saying universe is being expanded (by us, or whatever) instead of saying, "Yeah, that is a good coincidence" (which really is) you immediatelly went into a rant how even if they get something right, it would mean they didn´t had the tools back then to know it (which in callers case would just make him more convincing Koran was right and you are just disaprooving it in force)… The caller repeated several times he was a skeptic, so you don´t need to bite and fight each and every sentence. Sometimes admitting it is an interesting coincidence may be more credible and better for our cause of being objective and honest.

  64. The caller brought up a critical factor built into most, but not all, religions, which is the social pressure brought on an individual to believe and practice the religion or suffer grave consequences. It is certainly ubiquitous in American denominations and none more than Scientology. Individuals either believe or lose family, friends and face living in isolation. Who want's that. In some countries, the threat is real and an individual can face death for not believing. It's like mankind built the mousetrap and we're the mice. An example I like to use is Issac Newton who had to privately reject the Doctrine of the Trinity in order to hold the position of Lucasin Professor at the University of Cambridge. Of course the Catholic church controlled much of what society had to believe during this time or suffer the consequences, just like they do today, but not nearly as drastic; sound familiar? I have no data on this, but my guess is this factor alone accounts for a significant amount of "skeptical" compliance.

  65. Not many muslims call in (unfortunately), but when they do, they seem to be so much more reasonable and easier for the hosts to talk to than many of the stubborn irrational Christians that tend to call in so frequently

  66. The Quran also speaks about life exists on another planet.
    The Quran speaks about prophesies: Like Quran will be protected from corruption. Its proven. And protected from corruption. The only book on the face of earth can claim that.
    Quran speaks about the body of Pharaoh king on Moses time will be preserved. And it is still preserved.
    It’s talked about more than 500 natural phenomena. Like earth, space, water cycle, embryology.
    The Quran speaks about history, supper seeding scientific fact.
    Challenge: You cannot prove only one is proven wrong. Call the scientist or expert other than God. If you cannot, and you will never not, then ………

  67. The Quran is the inspired word of God. It is therefore inerrant. It takes just one false statement in the Quran and the whole religion collapses. And herein lies the need for Muslims to adhere to and defend scientific falsehoods as stated in the Quran against scientific evidence and logic.

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