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Single Payer Healthcare Passes New York State Assembly

Single Payer Healthcare Passes New York State Assembly

Common Dreams has a great story here about New York which of course is my state. “Single Payer Success in New York as Medicare-for-All Bill Passes State Assembly.” The New York State Assembly is leading the way with the only kind of health care bill that will put people before profits. So… uh… Here’s what they say The New York Health Act would afford all state residents access to comprehensive in patient and outpatient care, primary and preventative care, prescription drugs, behavioral health services, laboratory testing, and rehabilitative care, as well as dental, vision, and hearing coverage. Wow! There would be no premiums, deductibles, or co pays; the plan would be funded through progressively raised taxes, including a surcharge that would be split 80/20 between employers and employees. As Salon’s Amanda Marcotte wrote earlier this month, the legislation’s lead sponsor, Assemblyman Richard Gottfried, says “almost all New Yorkers would pay less than they currently do because they would be able to replace their current plans with this more affordable state based plan.” Furthermore, Marcotte reported: Gerald Friendman, an economics professor at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, agreed. In 2015 he wrote an analysis of the proposed bill and concluded that a single-payer system would save money across the board by reducing health care spending. “One advantage is that a single payer plan will allow providers to economize on the costs of handling the billing and insurance related expenses,” Friedman argued. Previous incarnations of the bill have passed the lower chamber multiple times, only to not be picked up for consideration by the state Senate. This time it could be different. Now they say that because they’re only two votes short of it passing and apparently there’s a few elections or special elections that are gonna happen where the person who’s the overwhelming favorite is in favor of the bill. So… it might happen soon dog. I mean New York passed, albeit, a flawed bill but it’s a free college bill. 4 year free college bill. And it might lead the way on single payer here as well I know California is very close as well. National Nurses United doing a fantastic job there. Um… I think it’s great. I think it’s great. And by the way I would immediately you know stop buying this shitty private insurance I have. I’ve explained to you guys my problem One time they didn’t… I had the bill on autopay they didn’t fucking deduct it at the right time and I like lost insurance there was a lapse in the insur… what the fu… If I… what happened if I had a heart attack or some shit in this gap? What then? Up, up you go bankrupt. What are you gonna do? What the fuck is that? And through no fault of my own it’s on fucking autopay it’s supposed to deduct every time on that date and it didn’t… uh whoops insurance gone. What is this bullshit? And then I love the oh pay me every month and then when something happens it’s cool but you gotta cover the first like five grand. Then why the fuck am I paying you? What is this? So it’s just oh I’m so tired of the rapacious for profit private health insurance middlemen, they’re sharks. I don’t need them. Why do I need you? I pay you to maybe cover me when something happens when… No we should have a single payer healthcare system. It comes directly out of your taxes. It’s such a no brainer man. And they said “Oh, no deductibles, no copays, no premiums, no nothing.” Taxes raised a little bit on the wealthiest and boom everybody gets their coverage. You can’t beat it. Now here’s the only potential downside We saw this happen in I think it was Vermont. Vermont passed a single payer system and there was so much pressure from big pharma and the private health insurance companies, and the medical companies that… they buckled. The governor…and they were like oh, never mind we’re not doing this. What the… what do you mean? We can’t… we can’t do it. Because my guess is the big companies that have a stranglehold all across the country and on the federal government they said look if you do that, then we’ll just jack up your prices. We’ll just make you pay double… triple what other people pay for medicine, we’ll make you pay more for you know whatever, everything So we’re just not gonna let you do it, we’re just gonna prevent you from doing it. So you could run into that roadblock as well but if California goes and New York goes I mean some… Those are powerhouse states economically. I mean if they go and it’s successful it’s a matter of time until all the blue states get it done. I’m in favor of two different ways of doing it: You could, at a federal level, either say we’re gonna do a… you know a national health insurance system medicare for all system Or what you could do is you could mandate by law that each individual state sets up their own… um… single payer healthcare system So you have 50 smaller single payer systems as well as one large single payer system I’m fine with either one of those You want… so they often talk about bipartisanship and negotiation. There’s a compromise that progressives can be fine with because you’re still getting a single payer system. So… you know they say “Well, no we needed to compromise down to a public option then from the public option to Mitt Romney’s plan, an individual mandate plan which keeps the for profit private healthcare companies in control.” No that’s a compromise I am not in favor of. What I am in favor of is: Okay you don’t want to do a giant national singe payer system, fine. Let’s have a law that says each individual state has to set up their own single payer system That would be fine by me that’s a compromise I can get behind I’m in favor of either one But New York is having some initiative here along with California and hopefully it really passes in one state or the other or both and then it’s a domino effect.

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  1. Dude people are dying which is why regardless of political background they like to hear that they get to live after visiting a hospital.Mike I have been a proud patron /viewer since the last 2 years and I want to ask for your help. The NY Health Act is literally just one senator away from a majority,Cuomo facing a challenger and axing the IDC is literally miracles in play .We need progressive and Humanist media like you to give our human rights campaign to guarentee Healthcare to every man woman and child a platform . Feel free to visit and let your viewers know about this and help us get to the finish line!

  2. I'd say we should see for a while how it works in one state before we decide to force everyone onto an untested program. You can't just say "oh it's just Medicare, we know how Medicare works already" because you've not seen it applied to an entire state and what hiccups can occur. I sure don't want people to get trigger happy and install something that can't be undone if it is not liked.

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