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Senior N. Korean diplomat calls on U.S. to drop all ‘hostile policies’ before talks

Senior N. Korean diplomat calls on U.S. to drop all ‘hostile policies’ before talks

our top story this morning one of North
Korea’s top diplomats who held talks with her Russian counterpart on
Wednesday has reiterated that Pyongyang has no interest in holding a summit with
President Trump that is until Washington ends its quote hostile policy against
the regime Eason J starts us off North Korea’s Vice
foreign minister chess on he spoke to reporters Wednesday after meeting
Russian officials in Moscow she said it would be impossible to hold another
summit between the leaders of North Korea in the United States if present
Trump maintains his current stance towards the north according to
seoul-based Yonhap news agency Chae called on us to restore all of its
hostile policy against the regime if it wishes to continue negotiations and
discuss nuclear issues again while chair nor any other North Korean official has
specified what constitutes hostile policy Pyongyang’s foreign ministry has
labeled a recent UN resolution on its human rights abuses as a us-led
political provocation the regime has also called for an end to joint military
drills with Seoul as well as the lifting of economic sanctions meanwhile speaking
to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Wednesday US Special
Representative on North Korea Stephen vegan called on North Korea to seize the
moment saying the window is still open and adding the North should not miss
this opportunity however vegan says there’s a possibility
Pyongyang could be going back to more provocative steps that preceded the
start of the diplomacy between the two sides while the US envoy reiterated that
the US will try to resolve the North Korea issue for as long as it takes
began’ says such a decision by Pyongyang would be a huge mistake despite the
North’s reminder of the year-end deadline vegan says the US does not view
it as such calling it an artificial deadline set by
the regime and a deadline they’ve set upon themselves
in jail Arirang news

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    The boy is just stupid as fuck.

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