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Sen. Kennedy: The US was founded by geniuses, it’s being run by idiots

Sen. Kennedy: The US was founded by geniuses, it’s being run by idiots

100 comments on “Sen. Kennedy: The US was founded by geniuses, it’s being run by idiots

  1. America was founded by rich men who wsnt to oxford. Now it is being ran by rich folk that went to various ivy league colleges that have inherited the Zionist greed and deception tactics.

  2. Trumps a genius! His anti virus drug, IVGOTAHUNCH, is amazing!

    …..does not treat bone spurs or narcissism…….

  3. Yeah,Kennedy you approve of giant bailouts for corporations,businesses that are kept secret for 6 months written by McConnell, Republicans.Those businesses, corporations are related to ttraitor Ttrump,McConnell and if it were passed would've drained money needed to help people instead to benefit the corrupt now running Washington..It failed Kennedy. Go back home and quarantine yourself.I think your Republican brain is infected and needs removal!

  4. Kennedy just called himself an Idiot !
    I Applawd him for thaking the First step in Getting Better, and acknowledge that he has a problem !

  5. Oh, and by the way…. This is one Kennedy I like. It's a far cry from my old bumper sticker: Ted Kennedy's car has killed more people than my gun

  6. It’s called helping your brother you miserable group of people. This guys surname is Kennedy he forgets his heritage and that famine they brought him to your country

  7. Republican's are a unique breed….. With the Moddow "We will Stand Stupid Together" !
    The only String that holds their Simple Minded Ideals together, is their Solidarity !
    Good Luck, And Enjoy You're Easter Sunday Mass !
    I'll be sure to include in Trump's epitaph "ZERO"

  8. "How did these morons make it through the birth canal?" says the guy that looks & sounds like he walked right out of the movie "Deliverance."

  9. Another moron like his boss.if the whole United States is infected by the Covid 19 then what's gonna happen?the US WILL be wipe out,all of them hopefully .

  10. Yes senator Kennedy claimed that America was founded by intelligent people and run by idiots. Yes how did these morons get past the birth canal

  11. Senator Kennedy then why are the democrates blocking the bill. Thank you for your answer that the democrates are holding the Republicans hostage. Senator Kennedy Nancy Pelosi must be removed from her office now.

  12. A true representative. Mr. Kennedy would 100% have my support if I were a Louisiana resident. Thank you sir

  13. Senator Kennedy please help American people and remove Nancy Pelosi from her office now.
    She is a disgrace.

  14. Donny sewed the seeds of this partisanship. Set American against American and now you are all seeing the fruits of his labour.
    Your “businessman” has mishandled this from day-1… we don’t want the WHO test kits, we’ll make our own. Reuse your PPE. Let’s save money on the Pandemic Disaster team that Obama setup.
    If you think Easter is going to be the day it comes right… If you think the economy is more important than people to generate the economy… you need to question your belief systems and your subservience to the early-onset liar-in-chief.
    America is on a slippery slope… and I suspect the next next 2-3 months will define its future for decades to come.
    Good luck to the decent Americans who are taking this virus seriously.
    A view from afar

  15. In our every deliberation, we must consider the impact of our decisions on the next seven generations. (From the Iroquois Confederation) People We need to realize that who we vote for and trust with our livelihoods are making decisions not just for us but for our children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and so on, and so on, they will be affected, infected, neglected, and kicked to the curb by todays irreparable decisions. We must collectively protect our villages, cities, states, and livelihoods, and most importantly our nation. Peace.

  16. Democrats will never accept Republican truth right or wrong they are all assholes. PRESIDENT TRUMP is the best PRESIDENT EVER and Democrats are so funny crying all the time. Stupid is stupid Democrats does.

  17. Senator Lindsey Graham Basically Said That If The Right Bill Is Not Passed In 48 Hours, That "WE TAX PAYING & VOTING U.S.A. CITIZENS" SHOULC CUT OFF The Congress's PAY!!! SO HOW DO WE DO THAT ANYWAY???

  18. When your loved one dies or you get down to your last decent meal in your prep and your kids are hungry, send a black rose to Pelosi's office, so the witch can get a clue, behind her multi-million-dollar precious personal walled in compound. You know, she's a friend of ElChapo.

  19. What about losing their lives??? What the heck if the economy crashes, isn't life more important??? The idiots that run the country are the ones you need to talk to and let them make choices about dying over money!!

  20. The Republicans had 9 years to come up with a health care plan and with the Trump administration and the Republicans are doing nothing to help the American people.

  21. It's not any virus! Is just a plan to broke the American economy and make more money if that is posible.. the whole work is rule for a hundred billionaires which are sociopaths (italians black nobility at the top)

  22. Their just like the Labour party over here in the UK . Using a social and health disaster as an opportunity to score political points . Sickening .

  23. Yet these career welfare recipients are re-elected time after time after time.( on both sides)
    People are so stupid.

  24. Dems are not worried about Americans they are worried about getting rid of Trump he threatens their corrupt way of being. Pay attention most of the Dems who hate Trump are very wealthy ever wonder with their jobs paying 90-160k the live in 3.5m homes. soooo where do they really make their money

  25. ''How did these morons make it through the birth canal''… that is hilariously spot-on and sadly, so very true. Democrats are indeed idiots.

  26. Rose here. Thank you mr. Kennedy now if all the Republicans just stands up against the Democrats and show him that we're not afraid of them you can always get recruits just call on the American people. Stand up with the president show Nancy Pelosi in those jerks that they don't rule the world.

  27. Ya think we'll see Trump at church on Easter Sunday?????
    I think he should go to one that is full, and sit right in the middle.
    Would be a great photo op, don't ya think?

  28. Great segment and well said! Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely! The left have been mutating rapidly and destroying this country. I keep saying it, shave their heads you might find 3 numbers that match and add up to 18.

  29. Yeah, it's to bad we have to share the Home Of The Brave with these nit-wit democrats.!
    Thousand Thumbs Up Senator Kennedy!

  30. Are whole leadership in general really take things for granted. Think nothing can go wrong here in this country which is part of are downfall

  31. The democracts are really communists run by Soros. We need face Masks as first line of defense. We know that works which is why the elite doctors and nurses have them. we need MASKS

  32. My “wokeness” is knowing neither the Republican or Democratic Party cares about any of us. All they care about is lining their own pockets. All you have to do is watch what they do…not what they say. Are the people of this great country so ignorant to believe this system works? It doesn’t!

  33. The Democrats all need to be placed into the electric chair and have the switch left on for 7 dsys.

  34. Not fooled by this bs both sides put in items that had nothing to do with corona and simply mentioned 1200 bucks to distract the dumb sheep who are not thinking about what we are giving up for this.

  35. trump can’t read, doesn’t listen, and thinks he’s ‘special”…
    Well, he is ‘special’ 🤪 if you want to go that direction.
    Personally, I think that kind of special (moldy and rusty) went out of vogue sixty years ago.

  36. Republicans and independents must stand strong and not vote for this added garbage and continue to call out the Democrats on every social platform available.

  37. It is needless to be redundant of Pelosi & party's IDIOCY!! Because they were literally born with it and it is far worse than being afflicted with the covid19. KAG2020!

  38. The republicans can only think of their 401ks and not the people. Backing them will cost you lives and your future. What are the special interests? Healthcare for you. You can’t save the economy without saving the people first. We are the economy.

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