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Sen. Amy Klobuchar Lists Her Progressive Policy Goals

Sen. Amy Klobuchar Lists Her Progressive Policy Goals

100 comments on “Sen. Amy Klobuchar Lists Her Progressive Policy Goals

  1. Please vote for her America, 5 min into this interview and I want here in Canada, will give you Trudeau for her

  2. Why is Amy still running? She f*ckin sucks and is completely unrelatable. Drop out already Amy Klobuchar. You and Kamala.

  3. Sorry lady, you treat your staff like trash. How you treat your subordinates is a reflection of how you treat all people. Hard pass.

  4. Nope. She's so smarmy, making promises about environmental legislation she can't possibly keep, while at the same time dismissing viable solutions of the type that lots of grassroots progressives have made headway on.

  5. She is the best candidate the Dems have. Maybe not charismatic but certainly the only one with sane ideas. Extreme positions don't win elections.

  6. Yeah…. no thanks….. "Fix the climate, fix… fix… some.. some thing… Leave everything else the same, keep school and the status quo of social norms.. the same.." No thanks. #YangGang2020

  7. Wow CloudBootJar is appearing in all LateNight shows.. Wondering if establishment Dems have ditched Kamala n backing Amy Klobuchar 😤

  8. So she believes there’s more rich kids than non-rich that go to school and don’t deserve help? I wish Stephen would have pressed some more but there’s only so much time each segment. Anyway, next.

  9. Another corporatist telling us what we can't have. And she can't figure out why she's polling in the basement. BTW: Pell Grants are NEVER enough to help. Even if they're doubled. Great example of her disconnect.

  10. Super-rich kids getting their college paid for is fine because their parents will be paying for 20 other kids as well

  11. How old is the expression, "Nothing is for free".

    If you don't pay attention to history (see above expression) history will repeat itself. Get honest. Nothing is for free. ….

  12. I just don’t feel moderate stances in presidential candidates do it for the American people anymore. A presidential term is generally spent mostly unnoticed by the general population. You could argue that means the president is doing his/her job. But I think that status quo practice has stagnated for many people. Personally, I want to see tangible and sweeping changes

  13. Being anti-medicare for all just shows how much of a typical capitalist shill she would be as president. It's not surprising considering how she gets political donations from insurance carriers and pharm cos. She would all but guarantee a trump reelection.

  14. She should absolutely drop out. Centrism is a disease. Support the left like Bernie Sanders or just admit you're a goddamn Republican lite.

  15. Amy has no clue what progressive values are. There's good reason she can't get past 1-2%. Time to move on with your right wing talking points.

  16. I sure am happy she's not going to win since she is just a centrist. 70% of Americans want universal healthcare. You know, that thing everyone else in the world already has. Know your voters. Stop taking bribes to decide what you believe in. And drop out so someone else can take your supporters.

  17. I commend the distinguished Senator on both her policies, and for not being ashamed to show off those lovely pantyhose legs of hers! She clearly knows what she's doing on both counts 🙂

  18. I’m afraid that Trump will have the second term… America electing Trump would mean that every politician will have to be way more outrageous than him to win…
    Americans appreciate the show more than ideas lol
    So… yeah… nope. Pretty sure she won’t be elected lol

  19. I am appalled what kind of people USA got from Slovenia, country that has free schooling and healthcare. Melania and this fake progressive.

  20. She's far too moderate for my taste. Everything she says she wants to do is a bullet point on everyone's list. If we have healthy, educated people in our country that aren't struggling to pay for their health and their education, we succeed. It is education that will lead to progress. To ignore it and to treat it as if only 'rich kids' will get the benefit… which is ridiculous because college being paid for through general taxation helps those who can't afford it far more than those who can… is to keep things as they are. So many people would go to college if they didn't have the doom of student debt looming. As it is, it's ONLY the rich kids that get that pass. We need to offer full education to everyone and ensure they are healthy enough to do heir best work.

    If our country is a machine and it's people the cogs, then healthcare is the oil and the grease and the fuel that drives it and education is the precise calibration that allows it to function to the best of its ability. We can't keep operating on duct tape splints and decades-old programming.

  21. Sigh, why does she think she's the best new thing. She's is easily the worst candidate running. She's a fraud.
    She a sellout. Afraid of actually doing something like Medicare or True gun control and minimum wage issues. YOU CANNOT take on the Medical industry by not doing anything.

  22. Immigration reform is a losing talking point. Dems need to get off that asap. Instead they need to talk more about boarder security. Boarder security is what the majority of Americans want. After we win we can talk about a path to citizenship but Trump is going to scare folks with convincing us Dems want open boarders. Dems better put a squash on that any way they can!

  23. I don't respect or agree with her. However I am appalled at the trumpian hate-filled comments. Please stop following the giant orange ego. Bring civility and respect back into the conversation. Being angry and hateful ain't woke. Bernie 2020.

  24. When candidates are touting policies like free college and Medicare for All, I don’t see how Klobuchar can call herself a progressive. Her policies are MILQUETOAST.

  25. The comments bring me great relief. I am clearly not the only voter who can't stand this candidate. I'm tired of these hacks with no vision. They've somehow decided that the same country that put a man on the moon in 1969, will never able to overhaul education and health care in 2020.

    Shame on you Amy. If you've given up, why are you running for office?

  26. Nuclear is gonna be needed to lower emissions. Renewables can’t meet out energy demands just yet. On that front we still have to invest heavily. Her bullet points are lacking.

  27. oh, cloudbootjar. why are you running still? you literally have no chance at winning the primary, and you wouldn't stand a chance against trump, disgusting fascist brat that he is.
    your "progressive" stance is what the rest of the enlightened world would call corporate centrism, and still to the right of centre.
    fuck off, the usa needs bernie. nobody else has a chance at getting rid of the petulant little bitch in the whitehouse.

  28. Doesn't support Medicare for all nor public funded education? Then what's the fuckin point? Next.
    The rich kids talking point is wrong on many levels and the blue wall comment is in bad taste. Yuck, drop out.

  29. Look at all you purity test butt hurt liberals who think she isn't progressive enough. This is why republicans have most of the power, even in their audacity they ban together. Hey democrats, she wants to combat climate change and give people affordable access to healthcare… she's on our team she won't win but she is on our team. Turning red states blue is what the lady does! Every Progreesive saying she's not left enough is part of the reason Trump got elected.

  30. "i wouldn't pay for rich kids to go to college" i actually know several rich kids who's parents thought the exact same way. what kind of black and white world is she living in

  31. This bitch needs to go. She is the worst. A vote for her is a vote for a republican. She is the same. And I’m pretty sure she’s always drunk.

  32. "You've called Medicare for All '…a pipe dream,' and said, 'I'm not for free, four-year college.'"
    I guess, between a military budget of almost $700,000,000,000 (no exaggeration), and no hope of raising taxes on the very wealthy who keep insisting it's absolutely necessary, despite the total lack of evidence to this effect, there just isn't enough money. 🤷 I guess we're just going to have to accept living the whole of our careers and into retirement under ever-growing mountains of debt, every last one of us so the wealthy can enjoy ever greater wealth.
    Here, we come to a reason this woman is not leading in the polls.

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