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Secretary Pompeo meets with Canadian Foreign Minister Freeland.

Secretary Pompeo meets with Canadian Foreign Minister Freeland.

FOREIGN MINISTER FREELAND: (In French.) Secretary Pompeo, it is a real pleasure to
welcome you here to Canada. Thank you very much for your visit. We had a great meeting with the prime minister
and I’m looking forward to continuing our discussions. SECRETARY POMPEO: It’s great to be here. I’ve known Canada – when I was a small
businessman, I did business all throughout Canada, both with the former Learjet, now
Bombardier, as well as with National (inaudible). I know the country well. I know the importance of the trade between
our two countries personally, and I am looking forward to seeing the trade arrangements between
the two countries finalized in the fall and good things continuing to happen. And we appreciate Canada as an important partner
and close friend of the United States, so thank you for having me here today. Inaudible

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  3. Get rid of Freeland as foreign minister, she always caters to the rogue American state who is waging economic war against cuba, Venezuela, and iran, China, israel and the USA are THERRORIST states and should be nuked for world peace.

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  7. Canadian minister will soon be unemployed because we will fire her in October election! She will be good as a fortune teller😁

  8. Texas – there is Mexico. California – there is Mexico. It is necessary to support the residents of these states who want the return of
    the historic lands belonging to Mexico back! The annexation of Texas and California must be stopped.

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