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Secretary of State Pompeo remarks to Stanford University students at The Hoover Institution.

Secretary of State Pompeo remarks to Stanford University students at The Hoover Institution.

SECRETARY POMPEO: Thank you, all. Good to see you. Everybody having a good day? It’s hard to be unhappy when the weather
is this great. I vaguely remember from my time growing up
in Southern California that every day was like this. I’m also mindful – Tom, thanks for the
kind introduction. I’m also mindful when I get introduced as
the 70th secretary of state, that President Trump is the 45th president, so there’s
a lot more turnover in my gig. (Laughter.) And I want to recognize a few special people. Secretary Rice I know is with us. Tom, thank you for being here. My former colleague and dear friend General
McMaster is with us, too. It’s always great to get back here and be
with you in California. You have this incredible privilege to study
at this remarkable institution. One of your early graduates was a great American
for which this institution, the Hoover Institution, was named. He deserves our praise for revering America
in all of its exceptional splendor. He went from being an orphan in Iowa to the
president of the United States. He was a brilliant mining engineer. I graduated as an engineer myself. He traveled the world from Australia to China
and earned a fortune through his own hard work. When the First World War broke out, he used
his talent to coordinate the effort of tens of thousands of Americans stranded in Europe
and helped them get back to America. His success there led him to spearhead the
effort to save Europe from starvation both during and after World War I. He embodied everything in the American humanitarian
efforts that we kept at and keep at for decades. In 1948, at age of 74, he spoke at his birthplace
on what America had given to him as a poor orphan boy. He said, quote, “I have had every honor
to which any man could aspire. There is no place on the whole earth except
in America where all of the sons of man can have this chance in life.” I feel that way often myself. America is a truly special place. I don’t want to talk about the actions of
just these past handful of days and weeks, but the things that our administration has
done to try and keep America safe and to protect each and every one of you. On the 3rd of this month, we took one of the
world’s deadliest terrorists off the battlefield for good. Many of you are probably aware of the millions
of displaced persons and those who have been killed in Syria, numbering in the hundreds
of thousands, the starvation and cholera epidemics in Yemen, Shiite militias destabilizing democracies
in both Lebanon and Iraq along the Shia Crescent. The Iranian regime and its proxies under the
direct supervision of Qasem Soleimani have nurtured all of that misery. It’s why thousands of Iraqis took to the
streets to celebrate when they heard Soleimani was dead. Many more would have undoubtedly joined them,
but for the fear that the remaining Iranian-backed thugs, many of which were at the gates of
the American embassy in the days before, would have beaten them or jailed them or killed
them. Right now – you can see it – the Iranian
people are in the streets. They are likewise there in astounding numbers
in spite of enormous personal risk to themselves. They are burning posters and billboards with
Soleimani’s face on them and chanting, “Soleimani is a murderer.” They know he was one of the key architects
of their oppression. And the United States is with them in their
calls for freedom and justice, in their justified anger at the ayatollah and his minions and
what they have destroyed inside of the Islamic Republic of Iran. I want to repeat President Trump’s insistence
that Iran not harm a single protestor. I hope everyone will do the same. We’ve called on our allies across the world
and the region to repeat this to them. There is no terrorist except Usama bin Ladin
who has more American blood on his hands than did Qasem Soleimani, that killed more than
600 of our American patriots. I knew some of these young men. He’s the mastermind of the most recent attacks
against U.S. forces in Iraq, including the mastermind of the attack that took place that
killed an American on December 27th of the year past. He ordered the December 31st assault on the
embassy, the people that work for the United States Department of State in Baghdad. And I can assure you that the world is safer
as a result of the fact that he no longer poses that very risk. But I want to lay this out in context of what
we’ve been trying to do. There is a bigger strategy to this. President Trump and those of us in his national
security team are re-establishing deterrence – real deterrence ‒ against the Islamic
Republic. In strategic terms, deterrence simply means
persuading the other party that the costs of a specific behavior exceed its benefits. It requires credibility; indeed, it depends
on it. Your adversary must understand not only do
you have the capacity to impose costs but that you are, in fact, willing to do so. I was a young soldier back during the Cold
War. You can have the greatest army in the world,
but it doesn’t matter if you are not prepared to use it to achieve your strategic objectives. As one of your scholars here, Victor Davis
Hanson, said, “Deterrence is hard to establish and easy to lose.” And let’s be honest. For decades, U.S. administrations of both
political parties never did enough against Iran to get the deterrence that is necessary
to keep us all safe. The JCPOA itself – the nuclear deal – made
things worse. It enabled that regime to create wealth, it
opened up revenue streams for the ayatollahs to build up the Shiite militia networks, the
very networks – the very networks – that killed an American and imposed enormous risk
at our – to our embassy in Baghdad. Rather than blocking those efforts, the deal
put Iran on a clear pathway to a nuclear weapon as well, something President Trump began his
remarks by saying would never happen on our watch. So what did we do? We put together a campaign of diplomatic isolation,
economic pressure, and military deterrence. The goal is two-fold. First, we wanted to deprive the regime of
resources, resources it needs to perpetrate its malign activity around the world. And second, we just want Iran to behave like
a normal nation. Just be like Norway, right? (Laughter.) Diplomatically, allies and partners have joined
us. They are today patrolling the Straits of Hormuz
alongside of us in the Persian Gulf to stop Iranian attacks on shipping. Let us not forget how many ships the Iranians
pulled from the straits over the past month. Germany, France, Italy have all put travel
bans on a company called Mahan Air. It’s an Iranian airline that ferries military
– Iranian military assets and weapons to the battle zones. Argentina and the United Kingdom have both
now declared Hizballah a terrorist organization. And you have seen finally, too, the economic
pressure that we have put in place to cut off roughly 80 percent of the Iranian oil
revenues. We are determined to get at that last 20 percent,
too. President Rouhani himself said that we have
denied the Iranian regime some $200 billion in lost foreign income and investment as a
result of our activities. This is money that would have in large measure
gone to support the very activities that would have put you and your fellow citizens at risk. And you can see it, too. The Iranian people are increasingly angry
at their own government for stealing their wealth and for the sake of violently spreading
the regime at enormous cost to them. On the military side, we’ve warned the Iranians
repeatedly – I’ve done so personally myself – that an attack that took American lives
would not be tolerated. And they tested us, as they had tested previous
administrations as well many times before. Past laxity had emboldened them. But on December 27th, at Soleimani’s direction,
we changed that. On the 31st, Iranian-backed militias attacked
our embassy in Baghdad and we changed that calculus for them. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
said it perhaps best. Had we not taken that strike against Qasem
Soleimani, our leadership – the recommendation that we made to President Trump – we would
have been “culpably negligent” had we not made that recommendation, imposed a significant
cost on the regime for their bad decision. Qasem Soleimani discovered our resolve to
defend American lives. And Iran hit back, and we’re grateful that
no lives were lost, and we will never downplay the seriousness of any attack on the United
States or its forces. But judging from the type and intensity of
the strike, the regime certainly must now understand what we will do if they ever again
pose risk to American lives. If Iran escalates, we will end it on our terms. President Trump reinforced that deterrence
when he gave a set of remarks this past week. And these days Iran is making noise about
leaving the nuclear deal. There’s a reason that the President had
as his first words in those remarks to the nation that said, quote, “As long as I am
President of the United States, [we will never] – Iran will never be allowed to have a nuclear
weapon.” That declaration is backed by the most effective
deterrence capability in the world. And our sanctions will continue until the
regime stops its terrorist activity and commits to never having nuclear weapons and permits
a verification regime which can give the world confidence that that will not take place. We now enjoy a great position of strength
regarding Iran. It’s as good as it has ever been, and Iran
has never been in the place that it is today. We have re-established deterrence, but we
know it’s not everlasting, that risk remains. We are determined not to lose that deterrence. In all cases, we have to do this. We have to do this to defend freedom and liberty
around the world. That’s the whole point of President Trump’s
work, to make our military the strongest it’s ever been. We saw, not just in Iran, but in other places,
too, where American deterrence was weak. We watched Russia’s 2014 occupation of the
Crimea and support for aggression against Ukraine because deterrence had been undermined. We have resumed lethal support to the Ukrainian
military. China’s island building, too, in the South
China Sea, and its brazen attempts to coerce American allies undermined deterrence. The Trump administration has ramped up naval
exercises in the South China Sea, alongside our allies and friends and partners throughout
the region. You saw, too, Russia ignored a treaty. We withdrew from the INF with the unanimous
support of our NATO allies because there was only one party complying with a two-party
agreement. We think this, again, restores credibility
and deterrence to protect America. It doesn’t happen alone. That’s why the President has insisted that
NATO members do their part, share their burden. Some $400 billion by the end of 2024 will
be added to the NATO arsenal to protect freedom around the world as a direct result of America’s
efforts to encourage our partners to reinforce what it is we are all trying to accomplish
together. For years, too, China has restricted access
for American products in its markets, while demanding access for their stuff here. I was a small business owner. I had a small office that was in Shanghai. We’ve made clear that we’re going to have
a fair and reciprocal trading arrangement with China. We’ll demand it. I hope, here in the next handful of hours,
we sign the first part of what will be a significant agreement which will improve the lives of
American citizens, raise wages for citizens here at home, and increase the economic relationship
between our two countries on a set of terms that work for both China and for the United
States. There is a second mission, too. China has stolen massive quantities of American
innovation, innovation created at campuses right like this one I’m standing on – everything
from genetically engineered crop seeds to self-driving car technology. They stole it. They didn’t have to invest or take risk. We’re making progress to make sure that
the next part of the deal will improve on the IP protections that are in Phase One of
the Chinese trade deal. I’ll end here because I want to take as
many questions from you as I can. Look, we don’t know how the Iranian regime
will react as we continue to rebuild deterrence. If we make the right choice and return to
a place where we have mutual respect between us, it will be a good thing for the world. We hope that the Islamic Republic of Iran’s
leadership shares our view, and we hope that we can achieve that for the betterment of
security here at home and for stability in the Middle East and throughout the world. Thank you all for having me here today. I look forward to taking questions from you. (Applause.)

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  4. Pompeo is a criminal and should be brought before the court the Hague for crimes against humanity by murdering innocent Afghanistan whilst he was head of the CIA when Afghanistan citizens were being tortured by Americans

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