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Secretary Kerry Video Message on Diplomacy and Design

Secretary Kerry Video Message on Diplomacy and Design

everyone, and welcome to “Diplomacy by Design.” Virginia Woolf had it
right when she observed that our clothing has quote
“more important offices than merely keep us warm.” Fashion changes our
view of the world and the world’s view of us. Well, fashion, design, and
other aspects of culture– the art we create, the food
we eat, the sports we play, and the traditions
that we honor– are all part of a nation’s
identity and, therefore, an integral part
of how countries relate to one another. The State Department has
long recognized this fact through the broad array of our
cultural diplomacy and student and professional
exchange programs. I see it visually
around the world through our Art in
the Embassies program, which places works
by American artists in our diplomatic outposts. We know that America’s
standing in the world isn’t determined solely by the
political and security policies we pursue. In a sense, every
American is an ambassador with a conducting business
or traveling or studying or presenting a new
collection or simply forging friendships
with people overseas. On many occasions, cultural
diplomacy can achieve what traditional diplomacy cannot
because it speaks a universal language, and it
promotes dialogue, and it shapes perceptions
at every level of society. I believe that
“Diplomacy by Design” can strengthen America’s
hand by creating new avenues for collaboration between the
United States’ fashion industry and international partners on
behalf of such worthwhile goals as the empowerment
of women, support for sustainable and
inclusive economic growth, the promotion of
trade and investment, the freedom of
expression and thought, and, yes, even the
rights of people to be able to earn
a decent living and live in a safe workplace. Make no mistake. With your energy, your
vision, and your commitment, “Diplomacy by Design”
has the potential to be an enormous success
to make a difference. So on behalf of the
State Department, I thank you for everything
that you are doing, and I urge you to keep
up your terrific work. Thank you.

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