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Sarah Sanders uses Bible to defend border policy

Sarah Sanders uses Bible to defend border policy

Where does it say in the bible that it’s moral to take children away from their mothers? I’m not aware of the attorney general’s comments or what he would be referencing. I can say that it is very biblical
to enforce the law. That is actually repeated a number of times throughout the bible, however … [Question from reporter unclear] Hold on, Jim. If you’ll let me finish. Again, I’m not going to comment on the attorney’s specific comments that I haven’t seen. You just said it’s in the bible
to follow the law. That’s not what I said and I know it’s hard for you to understand even short sentences, I guess, but please don’t take my words out of context. [Laughter] Come on!
That’s a cheap shot, Sarah. But the separation of illegal alien families is a product of the same legal loopholes that democrats refused to close and these laws are the same that have been on the books for over a decade and the president is simply enforcing them. How can it be it a moral policy to take children away from their parents? Can you imagine the horror that these children must be going through… – It’s a moral policy to follow and enforce
the law. when they come across
the border, they’re with their parents – Jim and then suddenly they’re pulled away from
their parents. Why is the government doing this? Because it’s the law
and that’s what the law states. It doesn’t have to be the law. You guys don’t have to do that. It’s your
policy. You’re right, it doesn’t have to be the law and our president has actually called on Democrats in Congress to fix those loopholes. The democrats have failed to come to the table, failed to help this president close these
loopholes and fix this problem. We don’t want this to be a problem. The president has tried to address it on a number of occasions we’ve laid out a proposal and Democrats simply refuse to do their job and fix the problem.

100 comments on “Sarah Sanders uses Bible to defend border policy

  1. The Republicans have a majority in both houses and the Presidency. They don't need Democrats to fix the law. I don't believe you the law requires breaking up families. At the very least you don't have to enforce that provision. You can continue the policy of the last decade.

  2. Jesus Christ, she blames the Bible, she blames the Democrats. This administration is entirely in capable of taking responsibility for anything they don't think is purely positive. And even then, not in front of everybody. Disgusting.

  3. The Republicans are separating parents and children, but it's all the Democrats' fault⁉️ I don't recall the Democrats ever separating parents and children when they were in power.

  4. Guys, we have too many people in America right now. We certainly don't need more people coming in, especially illegally. These "Dreamers" are dreaming about an easy life that they know will be handed to them with stamps and welfare. I for one am tired of people abusing the system for decades now. I understand Mexico is a difficult place to live but is that really new to any of us?

  5. 众绅士,,,为何无约日帝询問南京弑婦幼众,似诺帝幼见己族枯骨活埋和气入室,,,?,是日帝有退出否,还是同一国心,,,?。

  6. its sad when you involve the Bible in politics,man live off of lies and is in total violation of Gods purpose.

  7. if you people knew something about god, you wouldn't involve him in your dirty plot. politics are like water and oil they don't mix.

  8. time is ticking a way, you don't have much time on this planet focusing on drama. this confusion only clouds your judgement from gods purpose.

  9. If your an illegal immigrant that means you are here illegally which means you are breaking the law. Period. End of discussion. The Liberals don't have moral high ground here. They are just looking for votes at the expense of the stability of society.

  10. As far as I recall the republicans have had the majority in the Senate and house for at least 6yrs. They had their chance to change this law (as well as many others), but they choose instead to block any bipartisan regulation and are now blaming the democrats for their own failures/stupidity. They might as well blame the immigrants for being too poor, scared or badly educated; as long as they don't have to blame themselves for failed policies and decisions.

  11. the children are in cages because democrats wont vote to change it. The bible wasnt used to justify this. The wholething was misconstrued to whip up more liberal hate for christians – ho hum…

  12. I can only imagine what you would say in similar circumstances. At long last, have you finally given up your moral sense? Of all things the Devil is a lier!

  13. So they're lying about God now. Ha ha ha trumpies you've even sold out God. Ha haha. Now you are at the world's mercy. Do expect any grace. Pharisees. Ha ha

  14. Also, in case this moron of a press secretary forgot, REPUBLICANS control BOTH houses of Congress!!!!!

  15. So let me get this straight, if the Democrats make a law, only Democrats can change that law…That is what she is saying..Wtf? America?

  16. the republicans have the majority in congress, and of course hold the office of the presidency. they can make new laws, and choose to not enforce laws passed by the democrats. they can reverse executive orders made by previous administrations, and make new executive orders. if they want to separate families, that's their decision, don't blame the democrats for it when the republicans are in control. there is no need to bring the democrats to the table when the republicans have the majority. she is just passing the blame.

  17. That now-infamous video of the appallingly shameful Sessions, literally grinning as he cites 'scriptural approval' for what the TrumpCo. cadre is doing to already-frightened children, will be referenced in the future…
    Hopefully, at "The International Court of Hague".
    So utterly embarrassing for America…

  18. Also, a bill went to his desk to fix this and he won't sign it. Also also, blaming the Democrats is dumb. If he really wanted to do it and the Democrats weren't participating, he could get it done because Republicans have majorities in both houses.

  19. It is the demarcates fault for taking the children. The American children have been taken for 21 years, millions of them, Hilary Bill did this to america family's it doesn't matter if your rich or poor. The cps offices have immunity. The Clintons did this to the Americans when they signed the adoption family act. They gave the police officers the same immunity. Look it up, look Nancy Schaefer up, look up why she was really killed. The Clintons did this, and they need to clear it up. It is the action of the clintons, and they are demarcates . Cps will take any child they want, they have immunity. A child is a child, no matter if they are not from america, and they have become the biggest money making business there is in our government. There are millions of children in the system, and it is all for money. CPS always choose's family court, because they are the ones in control of the money and what happens to these kids. In the year 1997 the children were taken on lies, in 2002 the family courts, go 40,billion dollars, to share house to house, and the more children that were collected, the bigger the bounces. It is now 2018 can you imagine how much the system is getting. The system took the migrant children for cash, our government will give them. It is time for all this to stop. I have been and advocate for 16 years, and it has been 21 years that our children have suffered the immunity the demarcates have caused. It is time to end it all.

  20. how the policy idea is invent anyway?? wasnt it your president'ideas?? if you see those childreen in cage, sleep with blanket of paper, and you still gonna say we still have to enforce the law and its biblical to do that, you really have no heart and humanity. even animal shouldnt be put in cage. Just imagine, they were separated from their parent.. and be put in cage. it sickening to hell! what kind of law is that??? how can the law being enforce for the first place. that an evil law! and obviously its against of human right!

  21. Notice that that the person asking the question started right off with their political agenda. "where in the Bible does it say it's moral to take children away from their parents….," he says. That's not what she was implying I'm sure.

  22. The AG cited the same text once used to justify slavery.
    Trump can easily end this. Instead, he uses it to play politics at the expense of innocent children. His people continue to claim this is a decade old law and can't even cite this law. Because there is no such law! Meanwhile, the unintended consequence will be to raise a new generation of Latin Americans who hate the U.S.

  23. There are consequences for our actions. For years, the consequences for entering this country illegally have been positive ones. We are now restoring justice. I would rather live in a just country than a "do whatever you want" country. That undermines the definition of what a nation is.

  24. It is most distressing to see the cruel trauma being callously inflicted on innocent Mexican children. The one picture that captures it all is the plight of a crying child pictured in this NYT article whose mother was being was being searched and detained in McAllen, Tex. this past week. Only two years old standing vulnerably alone amongst big burly men with her face turned upward, little arms in questioning limpness, and her open mouth sending forth to heaven a cry of deepest anguish. It broke my heart. This kind of trauma for a child of two with limited communication skills is severe enough to cause psychological emotional scars for life,
    Where is Ivanka?

  25. You are correct…….these are from the Hebrew Scriptures………..You know, the ones Christ himself constantly quotes and interprets (in the Gospels). Christ clearly taught on several occasions that 'Love' [acts of mercy, compassion, and kindness] always trumps (sorry) 'The Law'.

  26. The Bible, the "Christian Bible, says "Do unto others as you would like others to do unto you." Sanders does one thing with her Bible that unfortunately, most right-wing Christians do…dust it.

  27. Sarah Sanders, chief biblical expert and theologen for the Trump administration… FYI.. it's also biblical to own and buy slaves, to massacre men and boys but save the virgins for yourself, stone unruly children and kill witches. etc etc. So I guess the best is yet to come.

  28. She is a demon-lying.  Only God's laws apply not satans man-made laws. These satanic cult members are pure evil.

  29. Just got a news notification that after a ton of public outcry, Trump was forced to end this policy of separation. Stick around Trump supporters, we will make decent people of you yet. Well, probably not Sanders, she seems really dead inside.

  30. Any lawbreaker gets separated from his/her family. This isn't as controversial as liberals make it out to be. If you rob a bank, they don't let you go because you have kids. If you come into the country ILLEGALLY, you are stealing from LEGAL immigrants and citizens alike. Illegal immigration is like that kid that shoves past everyone waiting in line at the birthday party in order to get a slice of cake. Get your rear end back in line where you belong. Others have waited patiently, why should you be allowed to go before them? Teach your kids to respect laws, follow them, and then you won't have to worry about separation.
    Pretty simple.

  31. Lawful society or un lawful society. I’ll go with the government that enforces laws the democrats and Republicans enacted. I know these reporters want a lawless society like in Chicago where 59 people get shot every 2 days. That’s the hope and change coming to you soon.

  32. dear miss sarah sanders
    i would like you to know
    that i admire you and your bravery in dealing and handling idiots and
    it is disgraceful very mean and very rude to have you and your family leave the restaurant that they cant set aside political differences. bad karma will come back to them.
    blessoings to you
    and your family.
    god bless you.
    i better be very careful
    about giving out compliments.
    god bless president trump.

  33. The Bible principal to obey Caesers law was given to Christians only. It does not apply to all other groups. It also indicates that Christians shouldn't get involved in politics. Jesus turned the offer down.

  34. Jesus condemned the Pharisees to gehenna because they heartlessly stuck to the law and placed an impossible burden on the common people

  35. She does NOT do any such thing as stated in the title of this video. BS. Liberal commenters are idiots who have no concept of the gravity of the situation; in the long run, (even short run), enforcing the law on this issue will save lives. The law is the law, borders and borders, and the limited scope of majority commenters is appalling and immoral.
    For every tear of grief you cry on account of children being separated from their families, you can cry another of relief for the lives that will be saved due to Trump’s enforcement of US law being a deterrent to Central American who will make the decision NOT TO send their innocent children on a path of illegal activity that puts them at grave risk to die by drowning, dehydration, and heat exhaustion.

  36. "Now in regards to the owner of slaves, this he must do to them: For an absolute release them from such terrorism. For known is it to your slaves, and to you, that the Lord who is over the heavenly realms is not so bigoted and racist, no never could he be." Ephesians 6:9 JEV

  37. The law that she is implying is a bylaw created by corporate corruption. The law that allows their bylaws to operate their corporation on American Soil Known then as maghrib Al Aqsa the "Extreme West" is the law of land. The law of the land that gave them permission to operate their bylaws on this soil which is Islamic Law. Look at the Capital building (Mosque). California means Land of the Caliph (leader). Caliph is an islamic leader belonging to Morocco which signed Peace and Friendship treaty of Morocco 1787. The Federal government has violated the law of the land which is Islam and Christianity. There is no separation of Family. In the muslim belief, the separation of Family is great sin.

  38. Democrats "refuse" because Trump/Republicans insist on pushing a ridiculously expensive Wall (TM) and refuse to back down on it. And also in this video she wasn't explicitly using the Bible to argue anything.

  39. Go Sarah!!!
    These reporters are demented.
    They act like it’s Trumps fault when they know it’s a problem caused by their Democratic Party and these separations of illegal alien children from their criminal illegal alien families was going on through Obama’s time and they said nothing! Democrats refused to work with the President on the matter as well. RESIST and OBSTRUCT. That’s what democrats do. Yet they want to blame the Republican Party. They need to be abolished forever from the United States.

  40. Children should be in prison cells with their serial killer parents… how about that, Democrats? Criminals do not belong with children.

  41. Sessions having those two Christian ministers thrown out of his meeting when they spoke out against border policy, just shows how disingenuous right wing evangelicals are. Having ordained men of God, actual Christians, unlike himself, man handled out of the room for speaking their Christian consciense, was disgraceful.

  42. This is the new corrupt GOP plan to save Trump by claiming he is suddenly religious when there are 100s of interviews where he says he doesn't believe in God and has never read the bible. Sarah Sanders sold her soul to Satan and I do not know how she can live with with herself. Her children will see her lies and ask about them, then she will lie to her children. Trump is one of the most immoral and unethical men in US history. He has a filthy sex laden life with adultery and phonographic sex. He admitted to sexually assaulting women even if they didn't like it. He committed 1000s of crimes harming 10,000s of people. He has lied more than any other person in recent history, defends murders, betrayed his own country, used terror against his people, , sold the US to Russia, put he world on the edge of nuclear war and so many more horrible things. God would never choose Trump for anything; he would condemn him to hell. God does not endorse evil and Trump is evil and lives to do Satan's work. I am sickened by Sarah Sander's lies and to see her sell her soul as well. Those who lie about God are the scum of the earth. I do not know what is happening to our country, but it is frightening. Please God help us.

  43. Sarah Sanders is a proud member of the. Klu. Klux. Klan as her ordaned father is as well as Trump s parents were also. I n the white. House

  44. This woman always looks like she just swallowed a mouse. Total lack of personality, warmth or humor. Guess she is just mirroring her boss.

  45. Wow no wonder she had to quit , she can barely contain her disdain for having her rhetoric interrupted with logic

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