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Sarah Sanders: The only thing that is going to deter Iran is strength

Sarah Sanders: The only thing that is going to deter Iran is strength

100 comments on “Sarah Sanders: The only thing that is going to deter Iran is strength

  1. Nice shaper shorts ad. Encouraging many to be liars. Deceptive in nature at best! Exactly what you're looking for in a partner.

  2. Know, Trump's team doesn't have one General on staff that has military experience in the Middle East. Shortsighted! Narrow Minded! Just think if the Nuclear deal with Iran would still be in force than the 176 lives on the Ukraine Flight 752 wouldn't have been lost! Wake up Trump supporters Trump's so-called strength is weakness.

  3. Trump has brought factories from everywhere but as soon Trump is not there and his team factories will move back to asian nations because they are protected by asian nations not trouble and climate protestors making it hard for them

  4. Sarah Sanders and Trump's three musketeers are disgusting war mongers. These "radicals" in Iran only exist because the US has overthrown their democratically elected leaders multiple times, destroyed their economy and killed their civilians. FYI I'm Australian-British and from the outside the US is viewed as the terrorists. Shame on you.

  5. USA under the illusion it owns the world and can decide who's going to be its subjects. It's not about security, such a lie. It's all about entrenching its hegemony and petro-dollar for the benefit of a few super-wealthy people and weapons corporations. Meanwhile USA lacks affordable healthcare, education, housing, etc. Look at your homeless population!

  6. What are these stupid bastards talking about. America is the aggressor, get the hell out of the middle east and stop stealing their oil and stop murdering their people. Trump is a Lair, a Thief and a Murderer and Isra-hells Lap Dog..

  7. He didn’t look away at anything. A drone wasn’t worth a life or a war. He has America first on his mind. He isn’t going to be bullied by anyone! Trump 2020

  8. Trump has balls. He took out an evil man and has almost certainly saved the lives of many American military personnel. Good job.

  9. Iran more than likely hopes that the weak Democrats cheat their way into the presidency, so that way they can continue with the crooked dealings that they had going when Barry Soetero was in office.

  10. Cool, calm, magnificent, smart, strong Sarah will surely serve us beautifully in office again one day. The question is WHO will emerge from the Democrat party bold and strong enough to say “Guys, let’s stop this nonsense. The American people are too smart for these cheap tricks to work, and these endless shenanigans are just making us look foolish across the nation. Let’s not do this stuff anymore and do something more constructive.

  11. Sarah Sanders is being un American. The constitution gives Congress the right and obligation to be the one to declare war not a single persons .Two different presidents made unilateral decisions to invade Afghanistan and Iraq based upon what was eventually proved to be incorrect information. To speak against the war measures act being debated is Un American

  12. It's a great thing that President Trump has been doing for this country but can this country keep moving forward with new newly elected presidents in the future or will this country fall back to it's old ways of internal corruption. Can the people speak out and get term limits in place or did we let the politicians have to much power ?

  13. You mean the only thing that is going to deter united states military industrial complex from starting WORLD war 3 is the American people to save themselves and the future children from global radiation for hundreds of years of drifting around the WORLD

  14. Republicans have unlimited supply of funds for wars, but no money for universal healthcare. It's all about priorities, people.

  15. Sanders is such a lying miscreant. Just a completely ugly human being who sold her soul to such a moronic madman as Donald Gump.

  16. Maga Maggot is weak and doughy. He is not strong, he is foolish. Yet the goobers continue to french kiss trump's butt.

  17. The president has zero power. People in government who belong in prison walk free so I am not interested in politics anymore, it’s all a joke.

  18. Oh how I miss the best press secretary at the White House Secretary Sarah Sanders.
    I wish she would run for office.

  19. Scara Huckabeast Slanders is an ignoramus. No power is being turned over to Congress concerning war, they already have it. It's written in the Constitution that Congress has the power to declare war….period. She ought to try reading Article 1, Section 8, Clause 11.

  20. What the Hell does Sarah Slanders know about anything? With her looks she should become a professional wrestler… or a guy.

  21. President Trump is a real American patriot! The best we've ever had! He's kind but can be a super badass without flinching. Sara's smile and personality are so beautiful. I love it when she's on TV! Love her.

  22. I am a long time republican, but Trump and the likes of Sanders are destroying the republican party, it is painful to watch.


  24. Sara you are part of the mafia gang i hope they will put you in prison in the future end roton there for the rest of our life for training to put american soldiers in danger for your political and money profit that you are making from the military complexes.

  25. I agree with Sarah Sanders !!! The Dems know deep down , but they
    are denying the truth that
    our President acted with lightening speed & he was brilliant & decisive – a great
    Commander In Chief !!! God bless President Trump & his administration & family & friends & supporters !!!

  26. Iran has a big problem with unforgiveness and are determined to make the world suffer on their account. I totally disagree with this woman.

  27. Clinton had to do the same thing, go to war to fight corporate terror media and demon-crats off his a$$. Yes his party and the Repo-blicans both breathe deep state air. Plus their need to spread homosexuality as a litmus test for democracy.

  28. Sanctions are embargoes are a essentially a declaration of war. As Bernie Sanders states, DT has no Idea of what he is doing and has no vestige of a future strategy. "This guy "was voted in, on a platform of reducing US involvement in wars and now has spun 180 degrees with his lack of the ability or desire for fair negotiation. Fox News represents the Military Industrial Complex that Ike warned us of.

  29. When the Democrats said : It’s a since of urgency ! They are trying to intimidate our president wee-kin him at the knees , Make him loose his train of thought with their corrupt tactics . But clearly one has estimated the other . Trump is fearless against his enemies .
    The Democrats are the enemy of the state and what’s sad – Is that they are Americans holding office for us ,They held office for to long and drove the nail through our sovereign nation .They want to regain their control and power….Its over once they send the paperwork to The Senate . Trump will not back down because he truly wants what’s best for our country. Trump 2020 🇺🇸

  30. Hey you news dudes pretty soon you will be able to say ,that I have said all along ,the swamp monster's are really showing their butts today

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