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San Sebastian’s BEST cider house | A Real Basque Country feast!

San Sebastian’s BEST cider house | A Real Basque Country feast!

Hi guys it’s James Blick here. Now I’m in San Sebastian, a town in the Basque Country, a region in the north of Spain, right on the Bay of Biscay. A beautiful town. And the drink that the locals drink as well as wine and beer is cider. They’ve been making cider for centuries. And a true local tradition from January to April is to head to the towns around San Sebastian and go to cider houses. Now these are the places where the cider is made and what it means it means drinking freshly fermented cider from massive barrels, eating incredible food, big steaks and things like that, and having a whale of a time. So tonight with a couple of friends, couple of colleagues from Devour Tours, we’re going to have the true Basque cider house experience. You guys hungry? Before the first course we need a drink. And if you want a glass of cider at a Basque cider house you have to head for the barrel room. And drink directly from the barrel. This stuff is is almost a acerbic. It’s bitter, it’s refreshing, it it hasn’t got all those bubbles. It’s just aerated a little bit by when the cider hits the back of your glass. And one of the beautiful things about this cider is it just begs to go with food. First course chorizo and morcilla – blood sausage. We’re starting a little light because there’s a lot to come including the big slabs of T-bone steaks it’ll be grilled on that grill right behind me. It’s all you can drink cider and I’m told the tradition is to drink small amounts but regularly. This is getting dangerous. It’s perfect! Creamy on the inside but it’s got the sweetness of the slightly caramelized onions. There’s the slightly saltiness of the salt cod. Ok more cider. As the man said:a little bit and often. What I love about salt on is that it’s not like normal fresh fish. You know obviously it’s been it’s been salted and dried. It’s meaty, it’s delicious and and here in the Basque Country they love it. It’s so important to the cuisine. Once again, back for more cider. These cows are about 6 or 7 years old when they’re when they’re killed. And that means they have a lot of fat inside the meat. Because he said the fat around the meat does nothing. It’s the fat inside the meat that gives it all the flavor. I feel weak at the knees. You get the hit of salt, it’s charred on the outside, it’s raw but warm on the inside. It is really really good. And as is the tradition when you’re eating communally we’ve made friends with a group of guys alongside us. A huge basket of walnuts which we’re going to be cracking. Idiazábal cheese which is a smoked sheeps cheese that’s typical to the region. Nuts, cheese and a marmalade. You know what? That’s my kind of dessert. I sense what is coming from these boys behind me is a txotx. Now when somebody calls txotx that means you’ve gotta head to the barrels. Here we are with our new friends Ricardo, Manuel, Javier. ¿Y que vamos a decir a la gente chicos? ¡Txotx!

25 comments on “San Sebastian’s BEST cider house | A Real Basque Country feast!

  1. Perhaps someday in another life I'll be able to go, until then I'll drink cider quietly at home with a burrito.

  2. Not keen on the blood sausage, but, everything else I'm all about. The cider and that naughty lil steak! You had me at txotx!

  3. Majos sois la ostia, este es uno de los videos mas guays del Pais Vasco, enhorabuena , un excelente trabajo como siempre. Un abrazo muy fuerte desde los Estados Unidos. Que Viva España, Viva Nueva Zelandia y miña terra Galega.

  4. I love El Pais Vasco. My family is from Asturias and the sidra across the northern coast is the best. Not sweet. Just delicious.

  5. Esperaba que hablaras del euskera y sobre todo de San Sebastián, que es preciosa, pero aún así me ha encantado el videoo❤️❤️

  6. I'm from San Sebastian and I can say you showed well what "ir de sidrería" means. Just 1 thing: Real basque people breaks the nuts with their own hands xD.

    You should come to Basque Country (I would recommend San Sebastian or Bilbao) in December 21th. That day it's Santo Tomas day (you can check what we celebrate) and bassically it consists on drinking cider and eating "chistorra" every day (that day you can find many food "stalls" on the street, where "chistorra" and cider is sold until 08:00 p.m.

  7. The acoustics in that cellar are incredible! That was one of the most amazing things I have ever been lucky enough to hear! GB that I have ears to hear. Salute!

  8. Ninguna sidra en España (y puede que en el mundo) es mejor que la de Asturias..
    El país Vasco tiene una sidra bebible , pero nada excelente…. ¡¡puxa!!

  9. Como se llama ese lugar?
    Viajo a España la semana que viene y estare en esa area tambien.
    Todo parece de maravilla!!

  10. Hello James, so I will be in San Sebastián next month and I would love to visit that sidrería, can you tell me what is the easiest way to get there? And also some people are saying it’s expensive, can you tell me about the prices?
    Anything will help, gracias!!!

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