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Salton Sea Roundtable Discussion Led by Assemblymember Garcia

I will facilitate the discussion. I will take note, please raise your hand,
take note of the order in which they went up to try to engage in to a dialogue as it
relates to the subject that the Secretary will be raising. -You know there’s a lot of factors in addition
to the data that we consider like land access availability of water if it’s needed so on
and so forth. When we’re looking at feasibility. And then there’s just other locations as well. Up at the north, like I said, we want to do
some more investigation there and look in the context of dust suppression, what are
the types of things that we can do that would have the best impact. -And here we’re dealing with a public health
crisis and a problem decades in the making, why can’t we get the appropriate environmental
review done quicker. And we need to try. -I think we can. There’s certainly a willingness to the Governor
and the Secretary and I think there are enough Legislators that understand the sense of urgency
here. I don’t think we’ve put that foot forward,
though on paper to actually be presented and have the deliberation, but I think we can. Given the sense of urgency. I walk away here, hearing from the Secretary
and his team that we are going to look at that and follow through with the next steps
using impartial entities to look at the feasibility of a water importation project to put it south,
east, or west or whatever it may be, but in the meanwhile, we’ve spent three hours talking
about a lot of work that we’re behind on and that we need to a hundred and ten percent
focused on in order for us to catch up with the acreage that is drying up very quickly
and that will continue to effect peoples’ public health in this area. And so hopefully we can agree that that is
our number one priority. And I think we’ve heard loud and clear what
the sentiment is of the work that has been done, hasn’t, or for that matter that remains
to be done.

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