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SA lawmakers ready for business at Texas Legislature

SA lawmakers ready for business at Texas Legislature

today marks the first day of the 86th state legislative session San Antonio legislators now ready to get to work with most of them having goals of reforming education and property taxes Sara Costa spoke with some of those lawmakers about what they hope to accomplish in the next 140 days Texas House representatives are now sworn in and have a new speaker in town whose goals include tackling the tall order reforming education finance and property taxes Diego Bernal of district 123 says yes he believes both are important but he urges caution on how we tackle the issues we have to make sure we don’t use school finance as a Trojan horse for property taxes if we’re going to do both it has to be done in a balanced way and has to be done in a way where at a minimum the students and the schools of the state are in significantly better shape representative enamine Hadas says with barre County Rep Justin Rodriguez leaving for Commissioner’s Court it’s crucial that a San Antonio legislature get on certain committees you know he was on the very important appropriations committee so we definitely need to get one of the San Antonio representatives on that committee now that he’s gone in order to deal with the budget issues with local legislators wanting to tackle several of their own goals from improving mental health school safety and even legalizing medical marijuana speaker Bannen is asking both parties to work together Sara Costa case at 12 News [Applause] [Music]

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