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S. Korea’s foreign affairs ministry lodges formal complaint to Tokyo over carrying…

S. Korea’s foreign affairs ministry lodges formal complaint to Tokyo over carrying…

South Korea’s foreign ministry echoed the
presidential office… expressing grave concerns and regret over Japan’s trade measure. The first vice minister urged Tokyo to resolve
the issue diplomatically. Lee Ji-won shares with us his remarks. South Korea’s foreign affairs ministry has
lodged an official complaint against Japan for its decision to go ahead with taking Seoul
off its whitelist of countries with preferential trade measures. The ministry on Wednesday said first vice
minister Cho Sei-young summoned the Japanese ambassador to South Korea, Yasumasa Nagamine
earlier in the morning to protest against Tokyo’s decision. Cho emphasized his grave concerns on how the
decision came despite Seoul’s efforts to solve the issue diplomatically. He also made it clear how Japan’s trade restrictions
on South Korea come not due to what Japan calls “security issues” but because of the
forced labor ruling, where Seoul’s Supreme Court ordered Japanese firms to compensate
Koreans forced to work for them during Japan’s colonial rule. Cho said it is a clear economic retaliation
that threatens the basis of Seoul-Tokyo ties. While urging Tokyo to withdraw its unfair
trade curbs, the vice minister strongly urged Japan to sincerely come out for talks to seek
an appropriate solution to the issue. To this, Nagamine simply reiterated Japan’s
stance and said that he will deliver Seoul’s concerns back to Tokyo. Seoul’s foreign ministry spokesperson also
reiterated such concerns and regret through a statement. In strong words, he said he cannot but deplore
that Japan carried out the trade curbs that would negatively affect their economic cooperation
as well as the world’s free trade order and regional co-prosperity. He then pointed out how Japan’s unreasonable
excuses and decision to ignore South Korea’s requests for talks does not help solve the
situation. “The spokesperson then said the foreign ministry
urges Japanese government officials to be careful with their words so as not to hamper
efforts to discuss and solve this issue. Lee Ji-won, Arirang News.”

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