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Foreign Policy Analysis
S. Korean president calls diplomacy with U.S., China, Japan, Russia crucial in face of growing …

S. Korean president calls diplomacy with U.S., China, Japan, Russia crucial in face of growing …

Our top story at this hour, the official appointment
of President Moon Jae-in’s chief of missions to Washington, Beijing, Tokyo and Moscow. The liberal leader placed great emphasis on
the importance of these countries to South Korea as it faces Pyongyang’s defiant pursuit
of nuclear weapons capabilities. Moon Connyoung starts us off from the presidential
office. South Korea’s diplomatic relations with four
global powers surrounding the Korean peninsula is more important now than ever… in the
face of North Korea’s increasingly defiant nuclear arms program. That’s President Moon Jae-in… as he stressed
the role of his new ambassadors to the U.S., China, Japan and Russia… calling for their
absolute best to further enhance South Korea’s relations with the countries of their post. (Korean)
“While we seek to diversify our foreign relations policy by also boosting ties with the EU,
ASEAN, and India, it remains unchanged that our relations with the U.S., Japan, China,
and Russia are the foundation of our foreign policy. EU, , 4 .
That’s especially true now considering the grave nature of North Korea’s nuclear and
missile program. Our diplomacy with these four countries is
especially important for a peaceful resolution of North Korea’s nuclear issue, establishment
of a peaceful regime on the Korean peninsula and the entire Northeast Asia.” , , 4 . Pointing out that never before have South
Korea’s ambassadors to all four of these countries been filled with political appointees… President Moon said the decision reflects
the gravity of these nations to his foreign policy agenda. (Korean)
“As for our ties with the U.S., not only do we have the task of further consolidating
the bilateral alliance to better cope with North Korea’s nuclear issue,
, – but also other sticking points such as the
Korea, U.S. FTA and the issue on how to share the cost of U.S. troops stationed in Korea.” – FTA The president also underscored Seoul’s relations
with Tokyo and Moscow saying improved ties with the two are just as crucial in peacefully
resolving North Korea’s nuclear problem and ensuring regional cooperation even beyond
that. (Korean)
“As far as China is concerned, we face the task of significantly upgrading our diplomatic
relationship to be on par with the bilateral economic and trade volume, moving beyond the
THAAD issue.” South Korea’s diplomacy with these four global
powers will be put to the test very soon… with U.S. President Donald Trump set to make
his maiden trip to Seoul in less than two weeks and followed by South Korean President
Moon’s attendance of the APEC and ASEAN-related summits. Moon Connyoung, Arirang News, the Blue House.

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