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S. Korea urges Japan to present clear, detailed plan for Fukushima water

S. Korea urges Japan to present clear, detailed plan for Fukushima water

In 2011, a tsunami caused the meltdown of
reactors in the Fukushima nuclear power plant. Still today, more water is being contaminated
every second in Japan. Amid reports the country might discharge the
vast amount of toxic radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean, South Korea has officially
voiced concerns, demanding a clarification on the matter. Lee Ji-won has the latest. South Korea has urged Japan to give a clear
and detailed plan of how it will clean up the contaminated water from Fukushima. Seoul’s foreign affairs ministry summoned
Tomofumi Nishinaga, Japan’s economic minister at the Japanese embassy in Seoul on Monday
to relay the government’s grave concerns about the water, and reports that Japan is planning
to release it into the Pacific Ocean. It urged Japan to clarify its position on
a report from Greenpeace saying Japan has decided to discharge more than 1 million tons
of radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean, which would cause serious damage to the whole
ocean and to neighboring countries. It then called on Japan to lay out its plans
to deal with the issue and share them with the international community. According to a senior official at Seoul’s
foreign ministry, the Japanese official said he will deliver Seoul’s concerns to Tokyo,
but he also said that Greenpeace does not represent the Japanese government’s official
stance. The South Korean official told reporters that
discharging the water into the ocean is one of the 6 ways Japan has mentioned before,…
though it seems like it’s not yet been confirmed. Treating and then releasing water is a common
way used by many countries to get rid of contaminated water cheaply and quickly. But the South Korean official added that Japan’s
proposed use of that method is causing protests around the world, because so much contaminated
water has never been released before. Other things it proposed as a possible solution,
the official said, were to evaporate it or store it for longer. The official said Japan told Korea in July
that first, it’s still coming up with a solution and a schedule for dealing with the issue,…
and that it will keep the international community up to date. In the meantime, it said it’s working on a
range of measures such as creating more storage space. But the concern is that storage space will
reach its limit of 1-point-3-7 million tons in 2022. Seoul’s foreign ministry said Monday that
it offered to work with Tokyo to find a solution, and the two sides have also been reportedly
discussing the formation of a bilateral consultative body on the matter since last year. This comes a week after Seoul’s foreign ministry
unveiled what it’s doing to solve this issue, and urged Japan to clean up its toxic water. Lee Ji-won, Arirang News.

12 comments on “S. Korea urges Japan to present clear, detailed plan for Fukushima water

  1. They can have a previous solution, like using nanotech, in a previous tritment to get a lower level of contamination. All the engineer in the industry must help, not only for Fukushima and Japan, for the future of all the plants in the world. For all of us. Thank you for the reports.

  2. Omg are they crazy???? Oceans already are in dire condition. Dumping radioactive water will have impact worldwide.

  3. Japan Japan Japan. Lie Cheat & Steal.

    There is no solution unless you can make a lead web that could soak up the radioactive waste,.


  5. Tritium is the only radio active material that cannot be flltered easily. Pouring contaminated water into the Pacific Ocean had already taken place in the days immediately after 3/11/11. Fishermen have done regularly test harvesting or fishing. A report came out about 6 months ago citing a catching of a flatfish (bottom fish does not move around like a Bluefin Tuna which travels as far out as to the US West Coast) of a size of twice the ones caught before 3/11/11 which means the fish is healthy and so are its preys. Tritium is radio active but not yet completely proven its toxicity is my understanding from report pasted below.This is a anti-Japan Tribalism channel, a typical organization sole purpose of which is to discredit Japan. And that's why I am here.

  6. The Nuclear Reactor sites and waterways connected to them are more Tritium polluted than planned release of processed water. The US EPA is revising its health standard for those sites and waterways. Will paste one report came out in  2014. : 

  7. It shows here that quite a few people here do not have nor try to rearch on the internet to find means to keep themselves from being exploited by fear mongers.

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