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S. Korea, U.S. to enhance bilateral cooperation in ASEAN countries

S. Korea, U.S. to enhance bilateral cooperation in ASEAN countries

we start things off with the 4th South
Korea us senior economic dialogue the Allies agreed on new details to broaden
strategic cooperation paying particular attention to their respective regional
policies jung-in has our top story Seoul and Washington will increase their
bilateral economic cooperation in ASEAN in other regions in line with South
Korea’s new southern policy and in the Pacific strategy of the u.s. at the
fourth Republic of Korea the United States senior economic dialogue on
Wednesday Seoul Second Vice foreign minister Yoho and Keith crock under
secretary for economic affairs from the US State Department signed a joint
statement on their plans he said the two countries aim to further their ties in
asean driven by their shared goal and the immense potential delights in it one
of their main aims is facilitating development business in Mekong region
Seoul and Washington which strengthen coordination to implement an advanced
data sharing system in the area so they can better manage water resources in the
case of floods and droughts the project is led by the two governments Korea
Water Resources Corporation and NASA this follows the previously signed MOU
which seeks to improve social development in ASEAN countries from
women’s empowerment to environmental protection and the digital economy while
building financial infrastructure through joint investment there were also
promoted projects for sustainable and smart growth in the region like South
Korea’s recent deal with Vietnam on making a smart city in Quang Nam
Province these co-prosperity plans are expected to be a win-win for all parties
involved and their progress will be discussed as early as next year in
Washington DC jung-in arirang news

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