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Foreign Policy Analysis

S. Korea needs to up diplomacy with four neighboring powers for N. Korea’s denuclearization: experts

thanks to president Wendy’s hard work
who have been seeing some big developments and inter-korean relations
over the past 18 months or so but now experts point to bigger tasks that the
president needs to overcome to keep the positive momentum going now with that in
mind our Park agent takes a look back at president moons past two years in office the moon jae-in government has opened a
new chapter on the Korean Peninsula but greater challenges still loom ahead for
South Korea to remain a linchpin of the peace drive that was the view shared by
experts at a policy conference on Tuesday aimed at assessing the
administration’s first two years in office and discussing where it should go
from here the government has made many concrete achievements most notably
easing military tension on the Korean Peninsula and laying the groundwork for
inter-korean railways but progress in inter-korean and North Korea US
relations came to a pause since the Hanoi summit last month nevertheless the
government remains determined to cement the newly found peace on the Korean
Peninsula under close coordination with the u.s. Seoul plans to fully
implementing inter-korean agreement reached so far in order to advance
relations and hold a fourth inter-korean summit but achieving this vision
requires close partnership with the relevant parties something South Korea
has not been doing well so far pointing to criticism that South Korea
has been neglecting diplomacy with its four neighboring powers the US China
Japan and Russia experts emphasize that damaging relations with any of these
countries must be prevented president MUNs
new northern policy and new southern policy cannot replace South Korea’s
relations with the neighboring powers the government must also work on
resolving the most pressing issue of worsening seoul-tokyo relations experts
say that Seoul is to find ways to smooth ties with Tokyo especially through the
upcoming g20 summit in Osaka next month they also advised the moon’
administration to establish a task force for a comprehensive analysis of the
ongoing trade dispute between the US and China a key factor that affects North
Korea’s denuclearization the best situation is for a deal on North Korea’s
denuclearization to be achieved within president Trump’s term
experts say that it’s most likely that it will become a long-term goal all the
more reason for South Korea to maintain good relations with the relevant parties
so that the new causation talks can continue even after a change of
administration package on Iran news

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