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S. Korea announces revised college admission policy for 2023, civic groups voice opposition

S. Korea announces revised college admission policy for 2023, civic groups voice opposition

some in Korea criticized a current
college admissions system as one that fever students from rich and powerful
families in response to education ministry unveiled a set of revised
policies to raise fairness Kim again outlines what they are beginning 2023
some 16 seoul-based universities with high admission standards will select 40%
of their freshmen through the swimming the annual state administered college
entrance exam sauce Education Ministry announced on Thursday that 16
prestigious universities in the capital including Seoul National University Yun
say and Korean universities which currently select around twenty to thirty
percent of their students through the test who use the test to choose an
additional 5,600 freshmen by the target year South Korean universities have been
generally selecting their students through two admission procedures one
based on the results of the tuning and another based on a portfolio students
build up from their academic grades and extracurricular activities the latter
has been the source of much controversy in the past few months in the aftermath
of several allegations claiming that the children of lawmakers and government
officials received help from their parents to build a desirable portfolio
for their college admissions addressing such concerns
Education Minister Yoon have vowed to improve government policies to ensure
fair admissions process for everyone education policies should be fair for
everyone in a situation in which a child’s school or workplace varies
depending on their parents socioeconomic status will never be acceptable we will
create a system where every student can be evaluated fairly the revised measures
also aim to minimize the impact of private education and the influence of
powerful parents by excluding extracurricular activities from student
portfolios during the application process it will also require
universities to make their standards for picking students open to the public to
help every student prepare for their preferred school in advance
however there’s strong opposition from civic education groups the Korean
teachers and educational workers union claims the latest measures or
retrogressive policies that incapacitate efforts to expand education methods
outside of the classroom and a civic group world without worry about shadow
education said that the measures will only increase the
pressure on students to receive private education in preparation for these
tuning exams kim mok-yeon arirang news

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