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Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov: U.S. Helped Orchestrate Olympic Ban

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov: U.S. Helped Orchestrate Olympic Ban

Let us talk about Russian-US relations. You are No. 65 in the so-called Kremlin Report. You are the first foreign minister to be blacklisted. What did they do this for? To tell you the truth, I don’t care about the developments concerning the Kremlin Report or any other goings-on in Washington that are associated with the so-called Russia File. The report and the lists you have mentioned are simply ridiculous. They could be compiled within a matter of 30 minutes. I agree with the former US Ambassador to Moscow, Michael McFaul, who has said that his research assistant could have done it in less than an hour, that is, copied the names from the Russian Government and the Presidential Executive Office phone books, as well as from the Forbes magazine. When it all began, I had a very bad feeling. I couldn’t believe my eyes and ears, considering that I am personally acquainted with very many officials from the Washington administration and the Congress. They are serious, smart and reasonable people. Therefore, I was shocked to see that this mass psychosis has swept their rationality clean. But as this trend continued, and it has been for over a year now, I gradually lost any interest in it. I only monitor it so I can get the facts in my line of duty, but I don’t know what to make of all this. I have read articles by your colleagues who write that we need to find a way out of this dead-end. [Putin’s press secretary] Dmitry Peskov has described our relations as “collapse,” and I can offer many other synonyms. I can tell those who urge us to look for a way out “creatively” that we have been doing this and will continue to do this. We have offered many practical solutions to our American partners. During my regular contacts with Rex Tillerson, we proposed ways to move back from the dangerous and rather silly line. There was no reaction in most cases. The only positive exception is our professional work on amendments to the Treaty on Measures for the Further Reduction and Limitation of Strategic Offensive Arms, or New START. We were to verify the implementation of this treaty by both sides on February 5, 2018, and we verified it. At the same time, the sides expressed mutual readiness to continue professional and technical consultations to clarify a number of matters regarding signatories to this treaty. I can cite other examples. We are working quite well in Syria at the military level to prevent unforeseen and unintended accidents. More than that, there are signs indicating that the United States is aware of the real situation in Syria and is willing to listen to us and to take into account our methods of working with the legitimate Syrian government. As for normalising our relations in general, our American partners say they are willing to do this after we take the first step and repent. This has become a philosophy. The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), which is ruled by US, British and other Anglo-Saxon representatives, wants us to repent as well. We must repent of all other sins. And then our Western partners will generously agree to gradually normalise relations. However, they refuse to accept objective reality. They refuse to see the impossibility of the situation where one side is always to blame and the other side is always innocent. Not that we are sinless, but we always offer practical solutions to situations that could develop into a crisis. A case in point is the implementation of the Minsk Agreements. By the way, I am glad that a communications channel has developed between the Russian and US envoys on Ukraine, Vladislav Surkov and Kurt Volker. They have recently held a regular meeting. I would say that the situation is not hopeless. They have agreed to continue their consultations. So, we are open to any form of interaction our American colleagues are willing to use, but only on the basis of equality and without any preconditions, such as “you must repent for interfering in our internal affairs and our elections before we start.” Is it possible that they are provoking us into responding? I believe they would be glad to see a situation in which Russia will take some nervous or dramatic measures. But we have a balanced policy, which has been formulated by the President and is not based on such improvisation or impromptu actions. We have a consistent line. We pursue it regardless of the external situation but based on the need to create as favourable conditions for our development as possible in terms of security, economic operation and economic conditions for our security, as well as non-discriminating attitude to our citizens abroad. Some people would certainly like to provoke us into taking actions that would allow them to increase the sanctions pressure on us and to take other coercive measures, although they continue to increase pressure on us even without any dramatic reciprocal steps on our part. It is an additional reason for wondering at the abilities of those who continue to mindlessly increase the sanctions. I believe that those who know at least something about international affairs, or life, for that matter, should have long seen that no sanctions will force us to change our policy. We are always ready to discuss our partners’ questions regarding their legitimate interests. But as Americans say, it takes two to tango, which is also applicable to negotiations. It takes two to negotiate. It was said last year that Russian-US relations hit rock bottom. What next? I am not going to talk about rock or any other bottom, which is a popular phrase. I am against making any wild guesses. I am for acting openly and honestly so as not to punish anyone but to bring together all countries that can really and effectively deal with global problems, primarily terrorism as well as other global threats such as drug trafficking, organised crime and illegal migration. There are many problems that have no borders and cannot be driven into a cage around which the other countries will stand rejoicing that this particular problem does not affect them. This is impossible. There are no borders, and so we can only fight this or that evil together. This is what our policy is aimed at. We can protect any aspect of our international activities. We have no secret plans. All our actions are transparent and are based on international law and the UN Charter. There is a time difference between Moscow and Washington. Do you wake up calmly in the morning or wondering what happened in the US during the night? Why should I? I read and watch news in the morning. In most cases, you can expect something will have taken place. For example, there have been hints. There are some surprises, but only very rarely. I was pleasantly surprised when the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) upheld our athletes’ appeals. But it did not come as a surprise when the WADA and USADA leadership said that this outrageous CAS decision had cast a shadow over all “clean” athletes and undermined the Olympic principles. You see, when people fail to contain their negative or evil emotions, they give themselves away. When the leader of an anti-doping organisation has a nervous breakdown over a court decision, considering that the court is sacrosanct in the US, it is proof that this campaign, even despite the negative facts regarding some of our athletes, is politically charged and designed to demonise Russia through the Olympic movement.

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  1. Olympics is illegitimate without Russia, some US politicians are wriggling with joy. Russia again is being used as a political tool by disgusting high ranking people in US.

  2. Fortunately, there’s at least one adult in the room, Lavrov.

    Unfortunately, the Western Capitalists are driven by the same desire they have been for two invasions of Russia, to kill you and take your land, in their quest to own and economically enslave the entire planet through military means.

    It is simply tribalism in the 21st century, ancient tribalism, but, tribalism nonetheless.

  3. Am getting the impression that the making of this ridiculous "blacklist" is a ploy to hopefully force Russia's hand in international affairs. It's evident that Russia will have none of it. Good on them!

  4. Mr Lavrov is sensible and grounded. Thank God for Donald Trump, The POTUS. God bless President Trump and President Putin 💕💖💕.

  5. The man is very intelligent and patient! Something the US is very lacking in. Hats off to Russia, a voice of reason in turbulent times 🇨🇦 class act under propaganda tensions!

  6. Thank you to all of the drunk, wife beating, unemployed Russian men. Because of you, I am smothered by your sisters and can barely walk.

  7. If Lavrov was blacklisted as the reporter alleged it would only because Lavrov is honest and doesn't feed anyone B.S. he tells it like it is.

  8. Take a look at TOP shareholders at bottom of page. 
    The IOC is, essentially, a private organization incorporated in Switzerland as a non-profit. It proudly says about itself
    The only large expense borne by the IOC is the organization of television broadcasting of the events.
    Barely. The IOC retains and controls almost all the marketing rights associated with the Games. Profits from on-site Olympic paraphernalia and venue tickets sales are shared – but those are minor compared to the main sources of income. The main profits from those marketing rights always go straight to the IOC.
    In order to be associated with the IOC and have the right to display patented Olympic Rings on your wares, one has to buy into the Olympic Partner (TOP) Programme. Currently there are 13 large corporations, mostly US-headquartered that “pay the IOC for the rings.” They pay hundreds of millions of dollars per year for the privilege.
    Yet the TOP Programme, while important, is a secondary source of money for the IOC. 
    Did we mention that all the money from the TOP go straight into the IOC coffers, the Games organizers have nothing to do with that?
    …So, if ticket sales are minor source of income and even the money from those mighty Coca-Cola, P&G and Visa are small fry in comparison – who's the IOC’s main financial sponsor?
    The answer is simple: NBC Universal. An American media conglomerate that provides the IOC with a whopping 40+ percent of all its revenue from any given Olympic Games.
    That follows from simple math: the New York City-headquartered corporation paid the IOC $4.38 billion for the TV rights for the US market for the four Olympics from 2014-2020, inclusive of PyeongChang 2018, or $1.1 billion on average (the contract does not distinguish between the Summer and Winter Olympics). 
    For those stunned by the amount of money the Americans are willing to send to Lausanne, here's an even more impressive figure: as early as 2014, NBC and the IOC extended their deal to cover the next six Olympics till 2032 – for $7.75 billion, or 1.3 billion each.
    How and if NBC makes return on such a huge investment (the biggest sum paid in television history) is a separate story – but the fact is, the Americans are the Olympic movement’s biggest ‘shareholders’. One might even call it having a ‘controlling stake’.
    73 percent broadcasting rights
    • 18 percent the Olympic Partner (TOP) Programme marketing rights
    • 5 percent other revenue
    • 4 percent other rights

  9. Russia has to stop playing nice with America you cant polish that turd America is broken beyond repair. And like a wounded dying Rat it will do anything to survive. Cut them off ingore them if possible, if not where it is legal kill them all. They understand violence if they wont leave Syria in peace send them back in pieces.

  10. Играете чужда "игра" и този който е създал тази "игра" определя правилата както му изнася. Най големия страх на този който създаде тази "игра" е вие да откажете да я играете и да започнете да я разобличавате. Докато гоните слънчеви зайчета и преследване фалшиви цели ще бъдете техни роби и те ще правят нови и нови списъци и санкции и каквото и да направите винаги ще ви кажат че е грешно. Създайте нова "игра" – вашата игра

  11. I have the utmost respect for Lavrov & the more the theater of the absurd playing out in Washington goes on, the more respect(& trust!!!) I have for Russia's govt. They are the adults in the room once again. ✌

  12. You´ll never "normalise" relations with the US as long as their middle eastern puppet masters are dissatisfied with Russian policies.

  13. As if the USA-EU care…They don't recognize the UN so they wont recognize Russia, but in the meantime the US-EU will continue getting worse. I think people are starting to ask themselves, when will Russia cease being a party to the western madness because its obvious participating is diplomatic dialogue isn't working. Not the fault of Russia. The West simply isn't listening and wont listen until Russia defeats them in battle…a month is a long time and judging from the rhetoric tempo from WDC, they are building up to strike pre-election or early post-election. And the best and fastest way to do that, is to assassinate Trump. It would be a bomb that will take out his cabinet as well or else Pence will become President. The deep state need a complete take over by the Democrats, which can happen if they hold a terrified GOP to ransom after a successful hit, in order to fast install Obama or Clinton probably Obama. He or she will immediately blame Russia and Russia will be attacked within one day or one week or as fast as to cover the take-over of the GOP by the DNC. Its going to happen fast because its already set up; an extension of getting rid of Trump and no-one from the EU will resist. And in the chaos, Israel will strike Syria to remove Assad…the stunning reporter I could stay up all night for but Lavrov? he makes me doze off to sleep. He knows the West is doomed because they squandered everything when they had solid gold in their hands, now with only sand running through their fingers and it pains him. He has the same look of anguish as his western counterparts when he should be trumpeting the virtues, beauty and vast success of Russia. Like me, I can recognize that Sergey is infected with the western sickness but the difference being- that my infection is from the external climate created by these madmen, whereas Lavrov vs infected from inside the same rooms as these western leaders. Not his fault. Russia just didn't understand the spiritual sickness that comes with western culture and money, and still don't. Russia needs a new Minister to change the current dynamic perhaps after the election. Time for the warhorse to retire I feel. Sergey's too emotionally involved even if it is sub-conscious, because he's been working hard for too long with the West. He's been in the foreign swamp for too long; corrosive to armor. Retirement is good for him and good for Russia.

  14. Too right the western Media try to demonize Russia every turn ,ie, Simon Reeves on SBS tv, saying "Moscow is beautiful" , and then quickly went to the country side to look at an unused flour mill, a mill about 150 years old saying ,"this is the fault of the Russian govt"
    ever looked at American factories lately?. a shame because I did want to see more of Beautiful Moscow.

  15. The US govt telling Russia to "repent" for telling the truth, while the US govt continues to lie to everyone, including their own citizens. The hypocrisy is so thick that even the brain dead are starting to see it. Pathetic. Never trust a word, Russia. Keep speaking like an honest adult and the sane world will listen. We're fed up with the bs spewing from the schoolyard bully.

  16. Without doubt this was a politically motivated attack against Russia. Any fair minded person can see this.
    The opportunities responsible have betrayed the spirit of sport by involving politics. I have lost all faith in them as fair even handed institutions.

  17. The ban of Russian flag by IOC is illegal:
    Article 2 of "Universal Declaration of Human Rights" in UN: "no distinction shall be made on the basis of the political, jurisdictional or international status of the country or territory to which a person belongs". Sportsmen have profound right to represent their country. IOC should be charged in the UN international court.

  18. That’s my hero Sergei Lavrov doesn’t give a crap about what the USA thinks because he already knows who is right and history will tell the truth! Sergei Lavrov is brilliant and very professional and I like that every Russian politician make sense when they talk. Not like our USA politicians that their arrogance make them think that we are so stupid to believe all their lies!

  19. Vsak normalen človek na svetu ve,da je olimpijski komite samo podaljšana roka fašistov – zato jaz ne spremljam takih olimpijskih iger! Naj jih imajo kar Američani sami!

  20. Bravo Mr. Lavrov ! I also find the reaction from US regarding the olympics very childish . But not childish is their interaction in Syria , because it costs thousands of human live . And here we see , that the UN again is silent , what equals them to an level like the olympic commite . The same is with the courts for human rights , intern. rights . The world is tired from their "policy" in their wildwest style. John Wayne is dead long time . Greetings from Vienna !

  21. Mr. Lavrov is an exceptional speaker and level headed political mind that knows dialouge is the only way for the path too peace !

  22. ZOG, and hence Western society, is running on fumes. The populace is getting maxed out on rent and debt obligations. The various bubbles (incl. property bubble) will burst, and this will bring down ZOG's financial system. Then, it will be Time Up for Israel and Jewry.

  23. The overwhelming majority of kulaks executed and imprisoned were male,[3] but precise numbers have been difficult to obtain. Stalin ordered that kulaks were "to be liquidated as a class"[21] and this liquidation was considered by many historians to have resulted in the Soviet famine of 1932–33. This famine has complicated attempts to identify the number of deaths arising from the executions of kulaks. A wide range of death tolls has been suggested, from as many as 6 million suggested by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn,[22]whereas the much lower number of 700,000 deaths are estimated by Soviet sources.

    According to data from Soviet archives, which were published only in 1990, 1,803,392 people were sent to labor colonies and camps in 1930 and 1931. Books based on these sources have said that 1,317,022 reached the destinations. The fate of the remaining 486,370 cannot be verified. Deportations on a smaller scale continued after 1931. The reported number of kulaks and their relatives who died in labor colonies from 1932–1940 was 389,521. Former "kulaks" and their families made up the majority of victims of the Great Purge of the late 1930s, with 669,929 arrested and 376,202 executed.[23]


  25. A cool character cordial Diplomat who player role in warming up the relationship between NATO and Russia.

  26. The long running rusophobic baseless media campaign is a clear indication of the US is heading for a war against Russia I'm really concerned.

  27. Because, what oil is to Venezuela, military and security junk is to the USA. Russia and China promoting and now enforcing peace, puts the US main export, they have invested trillions in, in low demand. The US blew up their own WTC towers for all of this. Now Russia has stopped them in Syria. Look at the US in the UN going crazy to start a war, like vampires who need blood to live…

  28. drug trafficking is not a crime! u bullying these people and stealing their money and drugs is a crime! u politicians r committing crimes against humanity cuz ur greedy bastards! u know damn well u have no right to put someone in jail for doing drugs. u also dont have the right to make any plant from God illegal! abolish drug laws! u r criminals for ruining peoples lives and livlihood! u dumbfucks

  29. What a role model for all those dickheads at the united nations. Your a true gentlemen Lavrov! Let me come live in Russia Please! God Bless you your country & people 👍👍

  30. IOC is a corrupt american puppet office! Impostors! Thomas Bach is a far liberalnazi illegitime corrupt puppet officer of USA , who is ordered the ban by USA.

  31. Mr Lavrov is top notch diplomat and a human and kind person…certainly very professional and a patriot!
    It is well known the state of amerikansky politics…
    Yes, rather tea and kasha then fried-wings and coca-cola…

  32. Gospodin Ławrow, W ambasadzie Federacji w Warszawie ma pan wrogą Rosji agenturę. Oni tylko się czają by wbić w plecy Rosji jakiś prowokatorski nóż.

  33. isreal are the puppet masters!USA just carry out what there told,all msm in USA is jew controled,and we know how anti russia they are!

  34. US policies are on Autopilot, nobody is behind the wheel. The military is been given free range to go on a killing spree. And yes, as long as Israel and Saudi’s cry wolf, Trump will go along with whatever lie he’s been fed.Russia and Iran need to save the world from the madness that has taken over the Middle East and the world. Hoping Turkey looks at the bigger picture and sees that the US and its allies are looking to topple and destabilize Turkey as well.

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