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Ruckus – October 24, 2019

Ruckus – October 24, 2019

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welcome to Ruckus our weekly food for thought fight over
the news of the day and the trends of the times I Mike
Shanin the Ruckettes jointly shortly our topics this week is
Jackson County government taxing taxpayers patients
patients is going to be required for parents wanting school test
results in Missouri and testing her new political affiliation
Barbara Bollier enters the U.
S. Senate race plus of course
roasts and toasts but we’re going to start with our
newsmaker segment and welcome a newly announced
candidate for the US house in the third district of Kansas
Sarah Hart Weir is a Republican and until recently served as
CEO of the national down syndrome society the candidate
grew up in Olathe now lives in mission and Sara heart
weir welcome to ruckus thank you very much for coming in and
joining us thank you so much for having me on Mike you had
an important job why leave it to think about running for the
US house where are those people are constantly criticized by
members of the public while my roots in this district Mike
run really deep I’m a proud product of the Olathe the public
school system and I often say that my k through twelve
education here in the district coupled with my Kansas values
really allowed me to become a CEO at the age of thirty two it
was really the summer after my freshman year of college I got
a call from a family friend in Olathe I was returning
home to wait tables and coach soccer camps I’m a college
soccer player and got to know a young woman with down syndrome
KC and I worked with her that summer I she’s the one who
really opened up my heart my mind and my eyes to a community
that was often forgotten by Washington as you said I
ultimately became the CEO of the national down syndrome
society and during my time there really proved that we
could put people with disabilities on the map and we
could cut through the gridlock of Washington and get things
done is that the major policy initiative you’re pursuing a
campaign absolutely not you know this for the third district
there are a number of different issues that a number
of different priorities and as we look at and I think we’ve
all dissected the twenty eighteen election you know
Sharice Davids ran on an agenda related to health care
specifically pre existing conditions and as somebody
who’s advocated for people born with pre existing conditions my
entire adult life I’m leaning right into that issue as I’ve
gone and travel throughout the district throughout the third
district over the last many many months healthcare is the
number one topic in as an individual that’s born from a
health care family and my dad runs the innovation center at
the university of Kansas my brother’s a professional
athletic trainer for the NFL and my youngest brother is a
radiation oncologist we really have some challenges ahead of
us as it relates to health care well you know somebody saying
I’m a Republican used to tell you what a person believes but
not necessarily anymore there are so many gradations and
factions in the Republican Party so where do you place
yourself are your conservative or moderate or something else
I’m Sara Weir and I’m running I you know as a
Republican in the and the third district you know for me
being a Republican is all about getting government out of the
way and allowing people
Americans to thrive in our society I
wanna push as as a relatively young woman Mike I’m an agenda
that provides an opportunity for people to come to the table
when I led the national down syndrome society I did it with
this notion if you’re not at the table you’re on the menu
could we say you’re a traditional Republican at
traditional I guess you could I you can I guess you could say
I’m a traditional Republican we hear so much talk from the
media about suburban women who used to be Republicans and used
to vote for Republicans but now won’t because they hate
trump so much has it been your experience do you find that in
the people you talk with you know I think Americans
specifically Kansas Kansas in this district you know really
want somebody that’s going to cut through the gridlock and the
noise of Washington you know I’ve done that Mike without a
member pin I’ve done that with two hands tied behind my back
one of my proudest accomplishments was the passage
of the able act that created tax free savings accounts for
people with disabilities we got I got eighty five percent of
the entire Congress to support that legislation Bernie Sanders
to Jim Jordan and everyone in between I think that’s a
suburban women want will
suburban women vote for you even though
you’re a
Republican I I hope so because I think at the end of the day
we need to put people over politics and we actually need
to focus on voting for the person and not necessarily the
party and you once were a lobbyist for a big
pharmaceutical company Glaxo Smith Kline I know you’re going
to hear about that in the primary at least and and then
the general if you make it there what’s your response I
worked for that company for
eight months and as a veteran and
thank you Mike for your for your service I think you can
argue that expanding access to vaccines for veterans for
specifically the department of at VA veterans affairs is
the right thing to do and so if folks want to criticize me for
and working there for eight months and and helping our
nation’s veterans well bring it on as I’ve said if not that
they’ll find something else they will pleasure me to thank
you very much for coming in and the best of luck in your
campaign thank you Mike that is Sarah Hart weir
running for the GOP nomination to the U.
S. house from the third district
of Kansas now let’s meet the panel and start a ruckus
Annie Presley is an author publisher and GOP fundraiser
Jon Stephens is president and CEO of port KC Terry Riley is a
former councilman now president of transformation consultants
and woody Cozad is president of the Cozad company a government
relations firm what we’re going to jump from
the Kansas house race to the increasingly interesting race
for the US Senate next year Johnson County state senator
Barbara Bollier of mission hills who renounced her
membership in the Republican Party last year is now entering
the U. S.
Senate race as a Democrat where she is no doubt much more
comfortable as she got in former U.
S. attorney Barry Grisome got out
offering his support to Bollier Bollier
says she shares governor Laura Kellys desire for pragmatic
solutions to the state’s problems Bollier apparently
plays well in her home district but how will she fair statewide
if he becomes the nominee what do you see as her greatest
asset and her biggest weakness we’ll start with Annie well
she’s K U. undergrad she went to KU med
school she practiced medicine in Kansas city so she’s going
to be really great on the healthcare topic she also has a
pretty easy primary truthfully and I think that of course will
be very helpful she was endorsed by Sebelius she does
know how to tweet and she has previously served in the Kansas
state house and Senate on the other hand did change parties
she’s behind in fundraising she doesn’t have a name hi name ID
and there hasn’t been a Democrat candidate
elected to this Senate seat since the nineteen
thirties nineteen thirty two be exact so given all that I still
think he’s the best democratic nominee to go forward John you
think Democrats as a party welcome somebody like Bollier
who suddenly switches party who ran every time she ran for
office and was elected she ran as a Republican now she’s going
to run for statewide office as a Democrat I think
traditionally both parties have been very skeptical of of
Candidates that have switched
parties but I think in in in today’s context
where we are her rationale in that also she’s she’s really
lived and delivered in the state house on her message in
her positions on women’s rights equality school funding has
been a huge cornerstone of her of her leadership so I do think
that there’s probably a fair amount of trust among of the
majority of democratic voters in Kansas well woody you
have to wonder why somebody with Bolliers beliefs ever
ran as a Republican in the first place could it be that
the district she ran in was mostly Republican
well you’re so cynical I try not to be
it could be that well I tell you I don’t pay a lot of attention
Kansas politics generally but they had
an issue over there a few years
ago brownbck came out with a tax
cut bill it went to the house where she was in a house member
and she voted for it even though she didn’t like it and
didn’t believe in it but she voted for it because of smart
and she thought it was going to die in the Senate which is what
everybody thought it went the Senate and instead of
killing it the Senate did what you cannot do in Missouri it’s
called and gut and go and they kept the number of the bill
it wrote the tax bill that
ultimately passed sentit back the house
now this is a bill is going pass its a rotten bill and she
doesn’t believe in it she hates
it so she who wants to be a voice for
reason in Washington she you can see your vote its right
there absent Terry she didn’t show up you
want to be a voice reason you you can’t lose your voice at
the crucial moment Bollier herself is going to say she’s a
moderate people supporting her campaign will say she’s a
moderate how do we know when somebody’s a moderate what does
a moderate Democrat believe well she believes in
independent democratic leadership she’s an independent
Democrat that’s going to be the new slogan from what I’m
hearing independent democratic leadership I think will play
well across the state and when you’re too far to
to the right in Kansas it has not served as serve people well
here recently in the election cycles so you need to be in the
middle of the row I can tell you what a moderate is
so are you a moderate or no do you know what a moderate is
John how do we know a moderate when we hear one or see one
woody cynicism aside that the the landscape
continues to shift in the Democratic Party I think a
moderate is is it’s particularly in Kansas and in
the Midwest in in in rural more rural leading states it is a
fiscal someone that that has more physical focus and and a
little bit of conservative principles at least portrays
as a framework of fiscal conservative principles but a
focus on education and a focus on social rights and social
The Rupublicans are not fiscally conservative well I’m not
saying they are I’m not saying
they biggest spenders out there
but go ahead that’s why there’s that’s I think that’s why
there’s there’s ground to gain in that moderate framework of
things out there so Anne on the Republican side you see anybody
interesting Mike Pompeo the secretary of state talks
about maybe running maybe running I don’t know if he’ll
end up back here in time or not or run into jail
I like and the Cheif Dave Lindstrom I think he’s great
Susan Wagle has always been that very she’s officially
gotten in now she’s a candidate there’s a businessman whose
name is Russell no well how about Roger
Marshall Rogre marahall is a
first district congressman from the
big western part of Kansas he’s winning the money race which
as I have said before on this show if you get people’s money
you are popular and he too is a medical doctor and is a big
supporter of the president and he was one of the Republicans
who stormed the meeting
yesterday yes that was being conducted by
the Democrats all right Tonys Kansas city is a popular
website focused on local news with stories from a variety of
sources it is paid close attention to the Jackson County
tax issue in recent weeks as we know by now thousands have
appealed their property tax assessments to the board of
equalization claiming the increases in property values
are dramatically and unfairly
high Tony’s Kansas city offered
this observation about what may happen when the tax bills
ultimately arrive in mailboxes and I quote there’s going to be
an outcry Kansas city has not seen in many decades forcing
people out of their homes putting them on the streets or
in public housing at best turning homeowners into beggers
so do you share this rather dystopian view or do you
forecast a more optimistic outcome in Jackson County we’ll
start with Terry it is my fervent hope
that something is done before we get to that point I know
that there was a tweet and or a press release about three weeks
ago from the County executive stating that their
number one goal and priority is making sure that the citizens
of Jackson County remain in their homes as our number one
focus and and then immediately thereafter another article
came about two weeks later and so I’m hoping it doesn’t get to
that point and based upon that knowing Frank and knowing all of
the members of Jackson County legislature and even the people
that are on the board of equalization I don’t believe we
will go there get to that point that people actually kicked out
of their homes Jon something
I’ve found rather interesting is the
Kansas city star a few weeks ago was talking about how high
the property tax rates were going to be and how people were
going to have to face unusually high taxes the last
few days the star is reporting that things aren’t really that
bad it’s going to work out
pretty well for a lot of people yeah I
don’t I don’t know what what data points have actually been
provided to them so I can’t speak on that but it is a it is
a real one eighty in in all this back to the bigger
issue it it is it was rolled out it was an unmitigated
disaster when it was rolled out let’s just put it out there but
there’s been a a lot of under assessments I think over the
years a lot of missed
assessments it was time to catch up now how
you do that and over the years and how you roll that out
that’s where there is a significant problem woody
you and I have done the show a lot of times over the years and
have talked about Jackson County taxes a lot of times
over the years there’s really nothing new about taxes
being controversial in Jackson County well this happens almost
every time they reassess something like it it’s a
disaster of either greater or smaller proportions every time
they do it how do I look I’ve lived in Jackson County over
thirty years how do you pick the board of equalization maybe
they need to run for office I don’t recall people running for
County executive or legislature with a clear plan for here’s
how we need to do what we need to do about property taxes and
property assessment let’s change this system let’s do
this I don’t remember and maybe I missed it that that’s
somebody’s platform and then they get in there and it’s time
to do this and it blows up on
them Annie I know you’ve talked
about Tory shultze the city manager of Kansas City Missouri
in a positive way in the past as
you are probably aware there is
significant discussion that Troy Schulte has been meeting with
the county executive and the head of the legislature and
that as he retires from Kansas city Missouri city government
in February he may go to work at Jackson County government as
some sort of the county manager and while I tend not to like
bureaucratic increases I would tend to think somebody like
that might have the ability to get a handle on some of these
marital problems of Jackson County government Troy did
serve well Kansas city Missouri and I think he would actually
be a great candidate if he’s offered the accountability
and the flexibility that had as city manager we all know that’s
a strong position and has a lot of athority so you have to have
that but I think the issue with these taxes is the incremental
they they haven’t provided incremental change they just
throw on these giant changes that people just can’t
everybody’s on a budget and they just can’t stomach the change
they’ve been artificially frozen in the past in pockets of
the County for what reason for political reasons
Yep for political reasons I don’t want
sound cynical again No No for political reasons and then the
chickens came home to roost this time around Troy can fix
that I’m confident If he had the athority If he had
the athority that’s the key is is much like
a city manager form of government I think a chief
County manager and actually giving a professional leader
the authority granting him the authority to really focus on on
a new the new jail a lot of these other things that need to
be sorted out and
professionalized I think there’s a great
opportunity for the elected officials to seed some of that
authority and get
professionalization in there and finally If you have a jail
shouldn’t the people elect decide to do that well they
should but I think they need
professional support I think the first time
Mike Sanders ran he told me we gotta have a new
jail we’ll do that in the second term here we are nobody’s done
it yeah just kicking the can if what you’re telling me
is elected government doesn’t work okay we didn’t say that
but why do you need a professional to tell you you
need more jail space and newer
jail space Sanders now knows the
jail issue from the inside Terry there have been some predictions that this tax
concern in Jackson County is going to lead to major changes
in Jackson County politics Frank white especially affected
by the situation do you agree well
all of the legislature I think across the board now at first
it was just Frank but now it’s just pouring over into to the
entire legislature and and I also researched that
the group that they voted on everyone voted on the group
that came in and did the assessments and so every to do
the work yeah to see the work the consultant and so I
think everyone bears but I think he’s gotten the brunt of
the attention because he is the County exc we’ll have to wait
and see there’s major change in County politics we’ve
got to move on to the next topic the Missouri department of
elementary and secondary education often called dese
like desi and Lucy has released results of its
annual state school testing program and the results are
still apparently unknown more results will be issued next
month another problem is a change in format by the state
making it difficult to say the least to understand the results
already released so as of now for example we don’t know for
sure if the Kansas city Missouri school district has
finally reached full accreditation
if by chance it has not is there any tenable excuse woody
for whom whoever is there now it always
has the same excuse they wrecked the district a long
time ago I’m here doing my best to redeem it give me more money
and more time so that’s the excuse and it’s always the
excuse They’ve said they’re on
the pathway that they’re almost there
let’s go back to desi and Lucy they got some splaining to do
because they are trying very hard to
conceal what’s going on in the schools
Missouri we were talking about the is that why the format
showing the results has been
changed Yes and if you go out south of the
lake of the Ozarks there’s a series of districts out there
that are in exactly the same academic conditions as Kansas
city public schools if not worse
if not worse if you go over
northwest of Cape aways there’s
a cluster of districts out there that are
in exactly the same conditions Saint Louis public schools or
worse and they never get in danger of being declared taken
over by the state or something because those are out state
Republican areas and those are the guys who were standing in
the breech against education reform and if they make them
mad they might get education reform so they’re never taken
those districts down they’re saving that for the black guys
in the cities Jon shouldn’t parents expect
and deserve to know the results of their school district and
how their children are performing absolutely we’ve
been told this district’s on the brink of success in the last
several years I talked to the superintendent I think last
year after the test came out and he said you know we’re just
still so close it’s bound to happen do you believe that it’s
bound to happen you know I I think they’ve made
progress but we can’t we can’t be certain we don’t know that’s
the least you’d expect but I think what what happens
is if I came home when I was a kid if I came home and I brought
homework home and I didn’t show my work and the teacher wrote
incomplete on it I’d be in trouble that’s where dese
that’s where we are and and I do I I sympathize with KC
public schools and and the leadership KC public schools
because they can’t tell their story they can’t what’s the
target they don’t have a target
right now they’re shuffling
the deck now now since it’s time on the Titanic yes on the
Titanic but no no Kansas city has made
significant progress but those other school districts and I
was told it’s about five or six months ago those other school
districts that are out there that are in these very powerful
senators district we’re not
talking about the metro area now NO we’re talking about rual
Missouri those guys have even
fallen under where Kansas city is and even Saint
Louis but they cast the blame and he said it and I can agree
with him the poor black districts they’re not hitting
the mark but if you say anything against these powerful
conservative Republicans end your you’re
going to get shut down and they control the appropriations
process the narrative of Saint Louis and Kansas city being
failed is powerful in Jefferson
City I want to get Annie in here We’ve
only got about a minute what are some of
your thoughts There is one data
point that we have to look at and has
not been discussed and it is only one and I have to say sly
James was right if a kid is not reading to grade level
in second grade the likelihood of them graduating high school
is almost nil second grade so if you’re not reading and
learning to read in pre K. and reading first by second
grade your history is seen do you think we’ll have another
pre K. initiative in Kansas city
before long well we need to we have enough money going into
central administration to pay for a pre K program in
Kansas city right now I can assure you this data point it
is going to apply to every district you’re talking about
it’s been applicable to the district since I was there you
know but we need parents it used
to be third grad now it’s second
were we on the board this problem would have been erased
by now woody said no they wouldn’t have a prayer
meetings Amen it is time now for
roasts and toasts where the
Ruckettes and thirty seconds each to
accelerate agitate or obliterate and we’re going to
start with Jon I’d like to give a
toast to the young KC student leaders who have launched feed
KC it’s a program that diverts food waste to feed those most
in need in Kansas city they’ve diverted one point eight
million pounds of fresh food to feed people in Kansas city and
it’s a student led initiative that is powerful and important
and I would they’ve raised thousands at the pure pitch
rally and I would love to see more people visit enactus
UMKC enactus dot org and support our student leaders in
Kansas city woody well we’ve heard about political
confusion and opportunism in Kansas we’ve heard about a
bundled property tax in Jackson County a troubled
school district Kansas city I’m from platte County in platte
County our three commissioners run on very clear conservative
Republican principles you know what we stand for we vote for
them we get what we vote for our schools are actually fairly
good now I would close by inviting you all to move to
platte County but actually we’re
doing okay without you stay right where
you are Annie
well I am going roasts for the first time ever on Ruckus the
Congress this impeachment proceeding has turned into
nothing more than a circus and I can’t say how disappointed I
am and I think America needs better leadership than what
we’re seeing that’s your first roasts ever ever I always
toasts ruckus is making you meaner That’s a good sign this
is not good alright Terry let’s
take it one step further on the roast of Congress I want to
roast those thirty congressional members even the
one from Kansas for walking into a secured room and
protest with cell phones this these proceedings are private
for a reason because during
benghazi in two thousand fifteen
the Republican Congress voted for this follow the rules and
and don’t worry about I mean
they are in the Congress with they
are in the rooms themselves the Republicans and so I want to
roasts them and the president for planing this the night
before in the oval office unexpected from you
in his presidential campaign Joe Biden often says he will
beat Donald Trump like a drum so
is the drum reference an appeal
to Biden’s base or is he using it as a symbol
it does look as if he’s going to stick with saying it
meantime president trump brushes it off rim shot please
and that is ruckus for this week we’re back next Thursday at
seven now for the Ruckettes and
the crew Mike Shanin saying thanks
very much for watching and goodnight

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