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RT Life – Love Your Country

RT Life – Love Your Country

Gus: So, lately, Ben has Every time we video conference with Ben, he’s been Sitting in front of a British flag, wearing a gold medal around his neck Because of the Olympics So We thought it was a little obnoxious so we’re gonna go American style Really over the top So we bought a bunch of flags Some streamers and like sixteen gold medals So we can, uh, video conference with him properly We tried to find some Canadian stuff for Barbara So she wouldn’t feel like so much of a traitor But they don’t sell any of that Kara: I’m taking a picture. One…Two…Three Gus: So we’re Burnie: How much did you spend on this? Gus: Ready for a business meeting Uhhh Wasn’t that much Barbara: It was more than it should have been Gus: More than I should have spent Barbara: More than zero dollars Burnie: You guys look so well prepared Barbara(singing): America America America Burnie: That how the song goes Gus: I did this audio record for the podcast Burnie: You guys’re the pride of the nation *Laughter* *Laughter* Gus: Good morning Ben King Barbara: Hey Ben Ben: Wow *Laughter* Adam: How you doing? Ben: Well I was okay *Laughter* Barbara: And now? Gus: What happened? Ben: Now I just feel competitive *Laughter* Gus: Well don’t worry, you lost Just like the Olympics Ben: Well we still retain our dignity so I think *Laughter* Gus: We definitely lost that a long time ago *Laughter*

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  1. im sorry i know its beeen almost a year since you posted this coment. but the level of stupid you just showed me today made me much more happy about my bad grades, and i thank you for that. also i live on norway and still i know antarctica isnt a state. i belive you are thinking of alaska.

  2. When they said that celebrating Britain when the Olympics was going was a bit obnoxious, I just immediately thought of the 4th of July. Hm. I wonder America, who's more obnoxious about their country? We British people are allowed to be patriotic sometimes D: Most of the time we hate England. I've nothing against Americans, heck I love these guys, I just find it weird for them to say that.

  3. look at the number of gold medals won by Great Britain and USA at London 2012, then look at the populations of each country. Nuff said! The island nation of Britain has always overachieved, look at all the inventions & contributions to the world for example

  4. That's not the real PewDiePie. Not defending him or anything but trolls or haters do whatever it takes to give YouTubers a bad name

  5. Oh Pewds. Your videos make me laugh, but oh dear. Antarctica is a continent, dear. Separate from both of the Americas. Also, please, be chilling with the hate. I hoped for better. Still a bro, though 🙂

  6. no no no go online and look up the 50 states of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA BUDDY NO WERE IS ANTARTICA LSTED!

  7. Ahem, Antarctica is a fucking continent you dumbass, so you would be living in Antarctica, making it a country. I love how you, and others, though I'm not saying I'm not at times, are misinformed and just correct people as if you're totally right. I mean if I were told by people that I was wrong, I might argue, and then realize my mistake, but this is just going to the extremes. So, go get an education, learn some geography, and then come back when you can prove us wrong. Wannabe Pewdie prick.

  8. I'm glad you felt the need to tell the company that hired her that she is Canadian. They definitely didn't know that before.

  9. To be fair the Union Flag is better looking than the Stars and Stripes.

    Can't beat them side by side though.

  10. America, probably my second favorite state. My number 1 favorite however has to be either Obama or Jupiter.

  11. I generally find any kind of "flag waving" to be obnoxious and Yanks tend to be the biggest culprits. In this case, however, Ben was totally asking for it. Dumb Union flag…

  12. What's ironic is it is technically disrespectful to drape the flag around yourself and to depict it on anything other than the flag(the bows, for example).

  13. Can't believe I was watching this the other day, then soon after listened to the latest podcast to find that it has finally been realised… Barbara is now American!!! …or half of one or something

  14. So having a flag in the background is obnoxious? No offence, but isn't that a bit rich coming from America? I mean, it's probably the most patriotic country out there, and you have a whole code about the flag…

  15. Ben: Now i just feel competitive
    Gus: well don’t worry you lost.

    America’s relationship with Britain in a nutshell

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