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75 comments on “ron paul on benazir bhutto assassination; usa foreign policy

  1. His inability to display any leadership in dealing with foreign powers with nuclear weapons is proof he must never lead the US. He talks about the founding fathers. The founding fathers never had to face the possibility of their enemies (at that time the UK) getting nuclear weapons that can land on their shores with only a few hours notice.

    He offers no solutions or leadership or hope. His "assumption" that withdrawal will lead to good relations and not worse problems are baseless.

  2. We have ZERO business promoting democracy to a society of people that in general do not want our system of government. What happened on 9/11 in NO way should be forgotten but we cannot continue to police and impose our system of government all over the 3rd world. One step would be to cut the funds to these countries they need our money healthcare and food assistance cut it a empty belly will bend the strongest of wills. Dropping nuclear bombs will not defeat a terrorist enemy

  3. emm, maybe you should start reading. A number of countries do. and a number of others have ICBM potential, pretty much any country that has any space missions.

  4. cos there are people who see capitalism and the US as a whole as "the great satan" who will potentially have nuclear weapons if you do nothing. You see this as not of any concern? Just "lets have trade relations with them"? It's cute that ron paul still sees the US as a geographic island like the forfathers he loves so dear, but reality today is that this island is much closer to all the continents than ever.

  5. why did you assume I said you need to attack every country that might have a nuke?

    Why make the leap from "I think ron pauls isolationist policies (which he calls 'friendly trading relations') will lead to much much worse situations" leaping to: "I want to invade lots of countries"?

    Why are ron paulites so black and white and unable to see the complexities of the world?

  6. At least Guilliani returned money from saudis trying to score political points while handing over charity for 9/11. He showed some moral conviction there. Ron paul happily accepted money from racist leaders for his campaign.

  7. why are you calling me a guilliani supporter? I never said I was. I'm not even American or in the US. Also why avoid my points and simply shift them on to Guilliani?

  8. GLACIER187 (26 minutes ago)

    must be a Giulliani guy

    First mention of him was YOU! don't call me a wise ass after you mention it then say I mentioned it.

    He takes money from hate groups. I don't think thats right. He can say he won't be swayed, but really, if it was any other candidate, the paulites would say that person agrees with racism, but since it's paul, they think he's being smart.

  9. by takes money from, i mean accepts money from of course. as for you calling me eurotrash, who said i'm european? What so I live in London I must be european and euro-trash?

    I see this is a pointless conversation, all you do is insult. You called me a "giulliani guy" for no reason, now euro-trash. No thanks I don't need this abuse. Guess I shouldn't expect more from a paulite. Seems to happen every time I ask questions about his isolationism.

  10. I'm aware of these claims about the fed. And i've seen the charts about inflation over the decades. But during the period of the fed, there were two world wars, a complete integration of the world, mass growth of jobs for the masses from mass unemployment (even though of course there were a few rough patches like the market crash), but overall to compare the pre-fed era (e.g. say you can directly compare 1890 to 1990) doesn't make sense.

  11. not sure what you mean, but if u don't like me asking questions about america's economic system in relation to ron paul, then don't read it.

    You resorting straight on to attempts at derogatory remarks only shows you are not worth my time. Go away hatemonger.

  12. There is an expiration date on economic policies. What worked 20 years ago won't for sure work in 20 years.

    As for me.. I like to tihnk I have principles. It does not mean I'm rigid about topics. In any case i'm not the one making an internet explosion of support where anyone disagreeing on YT gets 250+ 1* votes without anyone actually disproving that person.

  13. if u didn't want to hear from me you could've just said so. Instead of answering a few basic q's I had about ron paul you resorted to one attafck after another. Making up that I support Giulliani, ASSUMING i'm European and now more derogratory remarks. You could've just said "I don't want to continue this discussion otherwise i'll just start acting like an insulting kid" and I would've said "fine bye". Instead you had to go and be an idiot. Nice 1 Glacier.

  14. well I don't know all the details about Giulliani… I never said I support him. Glacier started saying I must be a Giuliani man… I'

    But then how do you explain the 70% drop in crime (especially big crime – murder, rape, assult) during his time?

  15. Rullar you are an idiot drop crime????
    guliany was mayor when 9 11 hapined that was crime that was murder that was worst of all and you now celebrating guliany you are sick
    that man shuld have ben investigated for not protecting citizens and drop in jeil for ever

  16. Is Musharraf (our favorite military dictator) being investigated? .. No thorough autopsy for Perry Kucinich's unexplained death either… hmmm

  17. barak is on the CFR.. he is on the take too… research it. there are only two honest candidates running. Kucinich who just lost his handicapped brother in a mysterious death and Ron Paul..
    let freedom reign… Paul 08. he has my vote .. because he can win

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    watch out for the terrorists using these words to scare you into letting "them" "protect you"

  19. This idiot better know he has no chance to become the president. When is he going to recognize the CNN is a setup to fail his party. Ron Paul sucks, Ron Paul is an idiot..

  20. check out David Frost interview with Bhutto before her assassination. It's on youtube. In it she says Osama bin Laden is dead around 6:10. Amazingly, Frost doesn't catch it or remark on it!!!!

  21. "No more nothing" as Wolf says!(nice double negative, wolf)

    I agree with Ron Paul – no more billions to Pakistan! If Gen. Musharaf can't find the most recognizable 6'5 man in his country which is the size of California after many years and billions of dollars YES, RP's right, he's obviously NOT helping us! He's just collecting our money which we desperately need at home.

  22. USA is probably responsible for this too if Musharef is our puppet. Bhutto said if anything happened to her blame him. And he is hiding Bin Laden for the BUSH-Cheney crew since they know he didn't commit 9/11. They did it to create chaos in the one area that has 75 percent of the easily retrievable oil.

  23. Do you have any clue about why Osama exists? The US created Osama; it's called blowback. Foreign policies that support war, support terrorism.

  24. Ron Paul, a TRUE American and human HERO!!down with the Neo-Con Nazi bastards, kick them out of office, restore your GREAT Republic! You have our 100% support from this side of the pond (regardless of party coolour). This man is GREAT, I wish we had a politician like this in Europe. God Bless you, your nation and the constitution!

    Ron Paul 2008


  25. Great answer and ideas from congressmen Ron Paul! Kudos to Mr. Paul. In my eyes, he and Mike Gravel are our only real options for honesty. Support them, embrace them, and most importantly, listen and learn from them. Its time to wake up people.

  26. So his advice is "bury our heads in the sand"?

    I agree with non-intervention for nations we have no close ties to. But this is an ALLY.

    We've made commitments to the people of Pakistan. They've INVITED our involvement in their country, and that's different than Iran or Iraq. To turn our back on Pakistan is NOT the same thing as trying to force our will on a country like Iran.

    P.S. – I predict twenty thumbs downs on this comment before the night is over.

  27. They just played an old interview where Bhutto said that (US-backed) military rule encouraged terrorism in Pakistan.

    Just what Ron Paul said today.

    Ron Paul'08

  28. That is due to the previous mayors policies. Look it up, the previous mayor set up the policies that lowered crime in NYC, Rudy just took credit. There's an interview of the previous mayor saying this. I can't remember his name but if you find it theres a video of the interview on youtube.

  29. It's not that we need to ignore the world. We sure need to stop plundering other countries resources under the guise of 'war on terror' or 'war on communism' or 'war on drugs'. We should be diplomatic, but not fund the extremist, which is what we have been doing for over 50 years.

  30. Russia, China, India (in progress), Israel (believed to exist), N Korea (estimated). Search ICBMs and you'll find detials on the different rockets. Iran's missile programs are reaching the mid to high 1000's also very very quickly.

    I do note I mentioned any country with a space mission has ICBM potential. Because anyone capable of launching a sattilite in to space has the know-how to make a rocket taht can reach 1000's of miles. So again, a list of "may do" comes up there.

  31. isn't that what people always say after their successor has better results? The republicans said clinton did well because of their reforms, jimmy carter says the steps he took allowed for the growth under regan.. those who do badly before always say it's their reforms that allowed person after to do well… the reality is number of police increased vastly under giuliani no? Even if that -began- before (under dinkins), giuliani still made it a great success. So it doesn't prove him incompetent

  32. Brain – I want to know why people, who until they saw ron paul clips, knew nothing about economics beyond growth = good, recession = bad, and taking holidays when dollar is strong, suddenly advocate ron paul as a financial guru while discarding all economists as "elites" who only look out for each other or idiot's who know nothing. How can people who know nothing, after hearing a short 10 min segment that sounds compelling, really advocate this as proven genius?

  33. He is a criminal who's top donors (along with Clintons) are law firms. Russert brought up all the dirt and Rudy just kept laughing (which is Clintons tactic as well). We just want to be free. I hope you join us (and not just about Paul, we aren't going away even if he does).

  34. why fox news? Are you claiming the Iranians are not (as they are proud to admit, and often run tests which prove their claim) building the Shahab 4? Does north korea NOT have Taepodong-2 missiles that have been tested on a number of occasions? Does Russia not have many many many ICBMs?

    Why mock me with fox news comments when I don't even have fox news on my channel list here in the UK? Are you denying these countries have what I said? You asked me to name: I name.. you mock.

  35. Ron Paul is good, finally someone in the states that tells the american people what the rest of the world already knows. THE US IS FUCKED, if you dont do something soon. The roman empire hold for 2000 years, the Us empire is going down already and its only been what 100 years? 🙂

  36. zionist puppet this, zionist media that, zionist control this zionist money that.

    What is it with you people? Sick paranoid people.

    P.S. Since Zionism means belief in Israel, all the candidates are zionists, including Ron paul, who says Israel will be "better off" without US intervention. I disagree with the assesment, but his views are nothing like your paranoia and false usage of the word zionist to mean anything you dislike.

  37. what a pathetic lie. Jewish supremacism? Pffff. Don't think so. Exactly where in the original or any mainstream zionist literature or groups does it at any point say "Jews are better than someone else"? There is no mention of Jewish supremacy. Herzl started it after seeing the drayfus affair (false anti-semitic accusation against a Jew – research it). It was never ever about any kind of supremacy. Another ron paul supporter with anti-israeli phobias and lies. Shock.

  38. Maybe… if every one of us who sees this video and supports Ron Paul goes out every day and tells just one person how intelligent and reasonable Ron Paul is, being sure to include hard facts, Ron Paul will be our next president.

  39. The establishment likes to portray Ron Paul as naive and delusional. My question to those who believe that argument is this: Is it so naive or delusional to place the needs of one's own country ahead of the needs of foreign powers?

    No, it's COMMON SENSE!

    Sadly, most people are at a loss for common sense these days. Thank God that Ron Paul not only has it but also freely shares it with the rest of the world.

  40. I agree. It makes me sick that "Fox Faux" news called him a "looney" yesterday. Pathetic how if you don't follow the brainwash from the Whitehouse and co. you're treated as a crazy. The mindless ignorants follow that bs.

  41. That is sooo true. "The Chosen Ones" seem to have a monopoly on everything and I do mean everything. Genious how they snagged the position of victim and oppressor. The jewish elite are the masters of psychology and brainwash….I got to give 'em that.

  42. RP referred to it as an investment in terms of how the current foreign policy of the US views it. Yes, it's difficult to leave Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. when they need help BECAUSE of US meddling. But we need to start somewhere to move towards nonintervention. I'm sure if you asked the people on the street "over there", they would agree with RP.

  43. One month before benazir bhutto was murdered she said quite casually that "Omar Sheik, the man who murdered Osama Bin Ladin" – and this was in english on American television. Tell everyone – who is Ron Paul really working for?

  44. The Lusitania was sunk because it was suspected of hauling ammunition, which, in 2007, was proven to be correct. So under LOAC the ships safety was compromised and became a fair target.
    In WWII America committed acts of war against japan first with its embargoes and miltiary blockades. And don't get me started on Korea and Vietnam

  45. I agree that we should mind our own business, stay out of Israel (and no I am NOT an anti semite), stop supporting the Zionist terrorist organization, stop supporting Saudi Arabia's despotic regime (funny how fake repubs say that we liberated Iraq) but we support Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, two huge human rights abusers! wtf! If there were oil in Darfur, we'd be there too. People open your eyes for once! The Shah of Iran is an example of blowback. Read your history.

  46. RonPaul2008

    Bin Laden is Dead…that's what got her killed. She knew too much.

    McCain said in NH campaign " I'll get Bin Laden no matter what it takes" ….comedy…The guys in the dark.

    Even FOX aka" faux News said Bin Laden was more than likely dead a few months after 9/11.

    Wake up America! Vote for Ron Paul.

  47. U.S. used the Lusitania as an excuse to enter the war along with the Zimmerman note, Germany's response to the arms being sent to the Allies from America. And I'm not saying what the U.S. war against Japan was wrong, I'm saying the policies of America wasn't truelly isolationist.

    And I didn't know anyone still thought the Korean and Vietnam wars were a good idea.

  48. Ron Paul is an idiot! George W. Bush is doing the right! We can only help Pakistan with money because only if they have enough money they can fight. Pakistan suffered many losses in the tribal areas so they shuld not fall.

  49. Those merchant ships sunk in WW1 were no doubt set there as bait to draw us into WW1. Korea and Vietnam were great moneymakers for the Military Industrial Complex. Do your homework, this all goes back to the Rothchilds and the march towards world Gov't. Do yourself a favor and follow up on some of Alex Jones, or watch the movie Zeitgeist.

  50. if it would'nt have been bush then ron paul would'nt have won.

    well any wayz i hope he becomes the president at some time later next time hopefully.

    he is truthful, sincere and know what he is talking about and not making a speech like obama.

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