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Foreign Policy Analysis
Romney’s Foreign Policy Speech

Romney’s Foreign Policy Speech

mit romney decided okay i’ve been in the
virginia military institute on the set the record straight here women do mind
for a possible explain what is operate thanks dot taken away uh… so first of all his late throughout the debate wasn’t is what almaden orgo up with the leaders of iran on notice i notice for the sake of peace we must make clear
to iran through actions not just words how reaffirm our historic ties to israel
i’ll restore our navy to the size needed to fulfill our missions help implement
effective missile defenses there’ll be no flexibility with flat ameerpet i’ll make for the reforms four four two
systems organized all assistance efforts in the greater middle east fall rally
our friends and our allies to match our generosity with there’s i’ll champion
free-trade i’ll support friends across the middle east to share our values
alitalia way conditions on the ground i’ll support the libyan people’s efforts
to forge a lasting government and all vigorously pursue the terrorists who
attacked arkansas consulate in bank doesn’t i’ll give you peace in the middle east on him you war in the middle east i’ll give everybody a score up a lot of those you record things on
the forgot that all right how did you ever do you live mitterrand
news lead those things are called horns uh… i love the also the middle that it
will be no flexibility will prudent improvement break your back for st at while fighting a bear with the other
hand trial lawyer you’re a tough guy sprinted down there but of course is not going to bizarre assistant i know the president hopes for safer
freer and more prosperous middle east allied with us share this whole but hope is not a strategy we can support our friends and defeat
our enemies in the middle east one our words are not backed up by deeds dead deeds you know that means
right trip to fault is that with all pride of
missiles do camallo sorrow or in the weeks most of
that bra what you got where you’re at a run elicits a week or worth watching stymie change course in the middle east etc or should be organized around these
bedrock principles america must have confidence in our class clarity in our purpose and resolve the termites no friend of america will question our
commitment to support them no enemy that attacks america will
question a result the defeat them and no one anywhere friend or fall wheeled out america’s capability to back up our words janey wu doubt is now won’t block it resolving or more how many were so we have to start iraqis confused as the rest of middle
east confuse the rest of world confused as the weather were willing to start
wars in the middle east exp we’ve already kind of deliver that
message so what he’s saying here basically is if
you like the war in iraq what do you know the war that i started
forty resolve assignment due foreign policy it is
going to blast rate which is ok love them into carrots and
sticks to are well let’s listen up help make it clear to the recipients dot
o_ r_ a_ that ever turn for material support they must meet the responsibilities of
every decent modern government to respect the rights of all their
citizens including women at minorities to assure space for civil society a free media political parties an independent judiciary and to abide by their international
commitments to protect our diplomats and our property i like this now he’s and i would bring
unicorns but he’s getting all women rights to in the middle east then later except on the other hand
therefore wise thing the muslims are going on not such a bad idea of a mormon level artwork he’s saying here if you don’t follow my
rules are ninety viewing morale it seems attractive right but yet the think this role a bit and he said he he chipped that peace
illegalities his grade on a tv anymore money cuz you listen to me about
whatever it might be right men that i could have a visa with israel
anymore and you might have created a giant mess that is the issue news texas if you
absolutely should in fact president while mark straightened out and love and war cn
injured that more seat was not taught me about
how he’s in a put down the protest in front of the american embassy in you ship and then president while my god call
with them then next year or more sensible this is happened that day i’ve showed you here
on the actors been more succumbs admitted anyway sitcom now with all these protest was on
the protests about these cry did you ever mohammed no i don’t know part of
the merit in other as president while the said
that you may get you should straight otherwise that probably knows you again many don’t get as much so that’s a new foreign policy but it’s
not one-sided it’s not necessarily have the handed
it’s not going stratos and so as a kind of new ones mit romney of course can’t do

43 comments on “Romney’s Foreign Policy Speech

  1. Terrorists of America. In some countries in the world republicans are actually for the republic. Not for the very rich/white people.

  2. Ain't this world class jerk a Mormon Pastor or something.I believe that's against the constitution mixing freaking religion with Politics.He should not be even be qualified to run for Pres. cause his father too wasn't born in the U.S but in freaking Mexico,making the a-hole a anchor baby himself blasted Hypocrite & warmonger

  3. Hell yeah Puttin would break his back!

    If Mitt ever met Vlad he'd come from the room bleeding from his nose and crying like a little girl.

  4. He sounds like a child in middle school running for class president.

    "I will end all homework on weekends and give free brownies to everyone!!!!" Everyone knows he's lying, but we keep on listening….God fucking dammit.

  5. Please, stop trying to be rational. Morons will vote for this fucker because they don't (and can't) use their brains!

  6. I doubted America in 2003 before the illegal invasion on Iraq… I was 12 years old.
    Oh? What? You wanna slap me on the writs because I doubted your country Mr. Romney.

  7. So in-other words Obama used black mail because people were expressing their freedom of speech? lol fail. It may not have been targeted at the right person, instead it was targeted at America as a whole but c'mon, America targets socialism and communism as a whole.

  8. yeah… yeah… that's the ticket… let's start war with Russia! Not just the war! Nuclear one! Let's show the power!… May be it will be better off, if he goes to the wall and smash the wall with his head with allllll power he has…

  9. Gay marriage is not a minority issue, it has nothing to do with "being a minority". Why do you make such an absurd statement?

    Btw, Romney doesn't mind that gay people raise family's and even wants them to adopt childeren. You see, he even can be liked by moderates.

  10. How can anyone with half a brain get behind this guy?? Even Romney's foreign policy advisors have said that they really don't get the feeling that Romney has a clue. All the money Romney wants to dump into the military would gouge us even more. You thought the Bush years were bad?? Wait til we get a load of Romney… a shitload.

  11. im not a god fearin man, but i pray we dont start any more wars. im guessing about 90 percent of america feels this way as well

  12. I love how Cenk thinks how great it is that the US is bossing around other countries. I hope he also thinks it's great when they do it to pressure other countries in dropping legal charges against US officials for torture and illegal detention.

  13. Dear America
    Please don't elect this guy, we already had to suffer George W Bush. Please don't do this to us again.

    The world

  14. and this guy pumping his own gas now LOL , no one will remember a guy that loses presidential election. Be honest folks, could really name the loser of presidential election in past 50 – 100 years in a matter of seconds?

    This guy will go down as the loser and wont be in history for school books

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