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Foreign Policy Analysis
Romney’s Foreign Policy – Adam Smith

Romney’s Foreign Policy – Adam Smith

c home with u then and congressman adam smith of decreased
in washington representative district of that state is is online as he is the ranking member
for the armed services committee in the house representatives and since the fall through the program more are traveling on a particular i’m
i’m curious uh… you know as a as the ranking member the armed services
committee i’m curious about your thoughts uh… you know what’s going on in the middle
east and and and the the domestic politics of it
how that ronnie has tried to turn this into agents of the beat-up president
obama within etsy averages looks to me like the only adulterer miss brock obama
but you know juries your thoughts on the spoke but
that’s what we’re clear princes began in community or period very disturbing things form but the
prospect of mit romney being commander in chief because i was going to handle
situations like this minute initial statement you know came out parikh prematurely was completely wrong
and attract and he never back down from it um… but even more than that let me
know four rhetoric that mister rahman has used throughout this campaign basically his foreign policy is going to
be denied state onto force spy you military ike yes or by you know sheer will our way on the
whole rest of the world the accident occurred serving forward
setting a president obama like say there’s a lot of countries out there it
we got a lot of prominent what lot in common with and run it like disagree with that um… so i think is issued is the do you
know america america basically forces arrest the
world do what we wanted to do and that’s not the way the world works it’s very
dangerous mhm compound she proposed to do that so beyond just sort of the fumbling
around about being able to have a clear message that matches with the fact you know you can look me o’connor meany
makes george w_ bush looked like a pacifist at this point what some of the
language that is store out there about how we could confront here again iran
and even china and russia for that matter i’m going to give you a pic dangerous
foreign policy in addition to an incoherent on hear your thoughts as as the ranking
member of the armed services committee uh… what is going on in the middle
east and how we should respond to the states could be that it’s did you know
it’s time for or perhaps they should have been at the herbs spring night and i know it is very difficult to get
through congress of the republicans in charge but should there’ve been some
small version of a marshall plan to to give these people some sense the life is getting better
out there overthrowing the dictators what we’ve done some of the i mean we do
have some a program for the very very small at this point uh… from freight todo um… you know i i think yes we have to try
and get your mail theft mindful of the fact that loop that part of the world
does not trust us uh… our credibility with those folks
in st louis we have to move very cautiously in very slowly and part of it
is the and i know that from you at this rate but we have to have some humility about
that part of the world it’s a dangerous place right now but the
u_s_ can simply decide they’re gonna fix it common whether it’s you know it’s been a
lot of money arson in the military we can’t automatically create civil governments and other parts of the
world particularly in the middle east where can eventually barry kaye problems
but economic and in terms of governance and we’re they don’t trust us and what we don’t have a very strong
relationship because historically we’ve backed a lot of the ferry
dictators that they were trying to overthrow so it’s a place where we’re going to
have to recognize dangers and be cautious and do what we can move towards
greater stability often try to get a new national partners to help us with that uh… u_s_ alone not going to be able to
fix it if there are about the nations of the world that have a stake uh… in peace and stability and they’re
all art comm we should look at ways to party
with them to be helpful to others to the middle east north africa because congressman adam smith the
democrats martian turns ninety district u_s_
member of the house of representatives ranking member the armed services
committee uh… you know about the campaign here
brock obama dot com kristen once and for the oklahoma campaign and and to that if you don’t if you know
my dialogue politics here for a minute congressman i’m curious it mitt romney
has literally you know of billion dollars behind him
that has been raised from uh… we just heard senator sanders i said they’ve
identified now u twenty three twenty six april which was a number of of
billionaires who have committed to at least
accordingly knowledge each to the ronnie campaigner to the super packs that are that are attacking the president uh… it looks like this will be the
first literally the first presidential election in the history united states in
which an incumbent president has been the outspent by challenger uh… they not to mention by although only the right wing infrastructure fox news
and the right wing factions in the house uh… help lay out what are your
thoughts on that wiretapping you know first of all um… you need to be a reminder that
even though clinton and obama right now it is looking good and i think clearly the democratic convention went
better than the republican convention in terms of delivering a cohesive message
that the american people could relate to it was basically middle-class
opportunity but in our commitment to trying to make that happen um… new
york in good shape america every the money that’s going to be spent in class cattery venting about seven seven seven
and a half weeks um… could shift that now the good news
desist president obama does have a lot of money he doesn’t have as much as they came to
be should work uh… but you know it’s got a lot of
money autographs roots organization basically he had to go out there and
fight it fight it out but also point out just for need for
campaign finance reform in a constitutional amendment to correctly i think of the mistakes of
the supreme court or corporations are not people and money should not be
equivalent to speak in those rulings that really handicapped our ability just
stop our elections simply go on to the highest better and we are no your
senator standards to spend a leader on that insulation altos well that’s tougher
battle that have to keep fighting yeah isn’t that frankly hasn’t this is
this is citizens united in and several released before that i mean
uh… first national bank for civil line you know that uh… uh… buckley versus
vallejo and others aren’t they really paving the way toward
oligarchy yeaa real distortion of small d_ democracy in a small are republic perhaps eliminated they even gone so far strike down yo
arizona had a great public financing law statewide elections where ip candid actually kidnapped raking in
money dash away you know focused on issues uh… pocus on you know telling voters
their message and spoon court struck down that wall based on men based on those opinions
that you just just mentioned soda that it at that situation but let
me get you gotta play a play on the field of confronted um… and yes it probably going to have
a lot of money but i think the president the better candidate clearly got the better message both in terms of
the domestic economic agenda and then at least off this week prompt
when foreign policy crops up they’re just white you know you can show during a crisis in
two thousand eight and i know that i am electric much much much better than
certainly john mccain did four years ago on the ground because now and quite
frankly for the first time in my memory democrats have an advantage on national
security questions when you have to merrick and people who they trust walk
uh… so i think we need to play up that of any trawler toward comet show that
the president is a reasonable steward of our national security interests and we
had no idea what we’re going to keep it from a rock why like you say no idea because he’s done some insight to so
many issues for the last twenty airport not because is insist pregnant women had
no foreign policy jericho four policy property and then you look at you know what
inaccurate care in playing a character question in oakville policy body telling
was the france during the vietnam war competitor he keep a truly upset about what’s going
on in the middle east and north africa yes presented no mclamb illegal upset
that were quote not doing more in syria or whatever that might mean somebody
commits no specific plan and then frankly one of my concerns is given the
belligerents of his rhetoric about how efficiently of shame for the president
of the good america isn’t easy the president obama is in protest out front i mean how many more worse if you want
to get us into the put america out for a um i think it’s it’s both and i don’t
know what to do you know about it which is quite frightening self some open that message will will drive
home and and people see it and ah… the president sweetener polls will cont
restricted remember sex uh… i’d by idled sensitive and and and
and so it’ll be like like the california license with the that wasn’t really
feeling it’ll be a of willie seattle’s
peoplepower triumphing over money cause left behind and doesn’t always work
after popular keep in mind bookmark there you go congressman adam smith
thursday washington thank you so much demands advocate their appreciate it people to check out the president
outside of iraq obama

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