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Rocky Anderson on the US’s Imperialist History – Undermining Democracy In Guatemala, Iran and Beyond

Rocky Anderson on the US’s Imperialist History – Undermining Democracy In Guatemala, Iran and Beyond

United States government has a long
history I’ve trying to dominate and dominating much of the Middle East I including
ripping off resources a specially oil that should benefit the
people love the nation’s where those resources are located we
continue along that course with many people still dying as a result and otherwise peaceful people thrown
into chaos terror and tragedy let’s put it all in historical context in the early 1950s under the direction of John Foster
Dulles President Eisenhower Secretary of State
and his brothers CIA director allen dulles the United
States plotted and carried out the violent
overthrow have democratically elected governments in Iran and Guatemala the CIA overthrew the Iranian government to make
certain the United States and Britain would
control the oil resources appear on in the face a threat by Iran’s
then-president most a DAG to nationalize those resources for the
benefit have the Iranian people the
ramifications have the US belligerence arrogance and utter disrespect for democracy in connection with the overthrow love
the most to the government in Iraq are still fell to this day as the Iranian government remains ever
suspicions for a good car I’ve US actions and
intentions in that region almost immediately after the US-sponsored coup against the
iranian President the CIA was approached by the United
Fruit Company whose land holdings in Guatemala were
threatened with nationalization by democratically-elected Guatemalan
President I koppel are bound United Fruit was informed that would be paid for its
property but that wasn’t good enough in order to continue exploring guatemala’s
resources United Fruit Company told The Doors
brothers yet wanted the United States to replace
a Guatemalan government with people who would serve the
interests have that United States corporation the CIA responded with the same worn-out
public claims about a communist threat and tried to
make its Koo against president Arbenz seem like an
internal uprising after interviewing people to play the
part have the had have that so-called
uprising that COO let decades brutal military rule resulting in the
deaths of many thousands of men women and children and
terror throughout much of Guatemala the reagan administration once again used to trumped-up threat of communism to undermine the Sandinista government
in nicaragua in the nineteen eighties the CIA drafted
a manual for those that organize to help
overthrow the sandinistas the Contra the CIA manual tot the
contras how to terrorize the population including the killing %uh local
sandanista leaders in order to turn the people against the
government because of its inability to stop the tear congress finely prohibited the United States
government from providing arms or money to the contras than the
reagan administration in a perverse illegal project run by
oliver north arrange for the celeb arms to iran above
all places with the proceeds of the sales being
illegally delivered to the contras these are just a few the many cruel anti-democratic
activities have a nation that continues to claim to be a beacon of freedom and a champion have democracy the details are disgraceful reflecting an astounding
contemn not only for democracy but for fundamental human and civil
rights let us put in that historical
perspective our nation’s recent history of
atrocities in the Middle East and illegal war based on a pack of lies resulting in the
deaths have hundreds of thousands of Iraqis who
pose no threat whatsoever to our nation grotesque torture for the first time in
our nation’s history authorized by the highest officials in
the United States government and holy ill legal under international and our own domestic laws the continued drone killings have
hundreds and innocent men women and children in at
least for Sauber nations creating evermore he tryd and hostility toward the United States We the People can help bring about peace by insisting
that our nation change its course demanding that our elected officials
choose peace over war respect for the rights and
sovereignty of other nations over empire building and domination and utilization have our nation’s
precious resources for personal security education and jobs over the waist and
destructiveness have the military industrial complex

19 comments on “Rocky Anderson on the US’s Imperialist History – Undermining Democracy In Guatemala, Iran and Beyond

  1. It's always good to hear a candidate for major office speaking like this.

    And sad to know that, on account of speaking like this, he has a snowball's chance in hell of being elected.

  2. I like this man. He has common sense, so long lost by the rulers of the US. Which once indeed was the beacon of hope, future and even morality.

    And which is now just an empire-hungry mongrel of a post-coldwar superpower.

  3. The first step in solving a problem is admitting you have a problem…

    If more american politicans addressed this issue and spoke about it maybe america  could change its way and regian a bit of trust internationally and actually start to stand for those lofty ideals it claims to stand for….

    its sad though that the tend is more towards undeserved self gratulation and self delusion….

    like repeating a lie a tousand times makes it true…

  4. any idiot who thinks usa is good and never done bad is a fhcking moron, everything thats been done is for oil and other shit that holds almost no value. long story short its kill or be killed

  5. there will never peace, war makes $ and thats really all people care for . peace is a lie, once u obtain it most dont know what to do with it and seek out " something more " some get bored and others will fight just cause

  6. Sadly people in Latin America belive countries exist in a bubble, and when things are going bad, the start pointing fingers at each other, they blame the government, the poor, the gays, and what have you.

  7. USA sucks cock they brainwash young guys to join and fight for their country for so-called "freedom" bullshit they bring terror to the world aiding all these Wall Street fucks like Bernie Madoff

  8. I'll be voting for Bernie this primary, but if Hillary wins the nomination and Rocky runs again, he'll definitely have my vote (once again).
    Now Bernie|Rocky 2016; that'd be the best vote of my life.

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