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Rizu Vlog №35 – Archie is а country boy (English subtitles)

Rizu Vlog №35 – Archie is а country boy (English subtitles)

Hello everyone we have no vlog from Red Bull AOM in Matera but there will be a vlog about me unfortunately Right from Italy I went to my home to the village this is Marushka village It’s next to small town Biysk in Altai region from here to the city is about 40 km I was born in Biysk and lived there until 18 years then my parents moved here and they live here around 6 years From Biysk to St. Petersburg around 4200 km I’m so far now and I will show you how live my parents and I and where I trained Well we came I am … alone I came to football field I trained here tricking, parkour and other things As you see it’s nothing her nothing I jumped from this gate where was another one but it’s gone Here is track and running and sand jump It how looks my foam pit and air track I will show you my favorite bars where I learned different tricks Cool right? There was another football gates but it also gone Will tell you about AOM a bit I didn’t make to the final Because I’ve got wrong tactic of fight wrong strategy I did a lot of flow and just 2 difficult trick and got not enough strength planned a lot I went wrong because as it turned out on AOM you have to go hard and all your mistakes and falls and stops will counts like whatever But it’s experience and I will be better and smarter next time The vlog will be about pigs and cows I will stay here 10 days at my motherland It was a good opportunity to see my siblings I haven’t seen them about 1,5 year I will fly to St.Petersburg after So enjoy the vlog The village is not that big Here is just few types of spots and I will show it to you You saw already football gates It’s like cool bars for me I will show you a log it serves to tie horses there I trained here with 2 more guys but not for long we dug wheels with them I had to show you the log now but unfortunately there only wheels left My favorite spot is destroyed There was the log … I’m so sad It hurts me a lot I will show you one of the local freerunner Meet this Seryoga Don’t film me move your camera This is my house, this is my Christmas tree this is my hay this is firewood that someone threw here it’s a gate Christmas tree closer some pipe burst here here is a car it seems I stepped in shit well this is my kitty kitty oh shit it’s not mine, sorry there’s a garage but there’s potatoes now we go inside it’s all for pigs here they have buckets firewood here here is the exit to chicken area to the bathhouse and toilet there is a firewood storage here the roosters are yelling WTF ? This is where things are drying Then we get into the second senki Yes it’s called senki we close the door and now we are in a more civilized place take off your shoes then here is a winter oven the oven is heating there is a toilet this is my mother she opened the door for me let’s go inside here we live here is the kitchen here is the stove everything is muddy And here is the cat for kisses this is my cat I mixed it up with another one Here is bedroom oh this is not a bedroom What is this? living room Here is the bedroom here is my cat my cat my kitty my favorite kitty very very gentle kitty That’s how we live Is it warm to you? well My outfit is so cool right? Simple rules here If you want to eat – work My shoes for today I have a very simple task for today I need to clean the garden to dig it up later meet with my dog hello gangster how is your live, are you doing? meet with cow’s shit Well my pile of leaves is ready Later it will set on fire the garden will dig up it will be ready for winter That area is waiting for me Workout is done I even sweated a bit Hot and cold at the same time This is my sister she is afraid of camera The task is to bring our cows back To bring them back You need a stick and sister who knows how they look Let’s go I’m tired From what? Tired of you Hahaha why? Look! I see one this one in the middle And another one with broken horn This is Musya and that one Dusya I just wormed up on that gates And now I’m going to that one Well grass in a frame I need tripod I will use this shit Training results Injured my ankle a bit Injured my shoulder a bit Got a shoes full of dry grass Screw up my socks Done And ones again If you want to eat – work Hello everyone Today I’m also alone at the football field and I will jump again Today I want to jump at this gates Then I have to bring my tripod from there whyyyyy? Here is dilemma TD Raiz Double Cork not in the line I can do in the line … I can’t I do something wrong I guess slide kick I was right I did wrong slide kick I don’t know how many attempts I did I decided to stand up fully after slide kick It helped my a lot Still did not perfect step for TD But I have no idea how it throw me up and I made it Tenacity There is sun For today I planned 3 combos And two of them I’ve already got When I imagined them in my mind it was too fantastic but they are realizable Almost rip my callus but I’m still working [email protected] !!! Mission complete I can easily go home Sorry for such a big amount of similar attempts I trained yesterday and got tired today the bar was slippery and the grass was slippery a lot of excuses in every combo I had not really stable tricks but I made it I hope it was interesting to watch a bunch of attempts that’s how I usually trained For 4 years, he went to college every summer for 3 months. Now I will tell you a little motivating story personally motivating for me this is the first gate and there the second there was a haystack behind them I trained my first summer here I was 18 I trained on the hay It was rainy … very nasty but it was not slippery, it was cool I trained and got very tired sat on the haystack and thought I will definitely travel I will definitely go to St. Petersburg because I don’t want to train here and I was so motivated at that moment an atmosphere was so cool that I just left and you can do it then let’s go! Well guys I’m in Biysk already my journey to the home is over and whom I see! Vasya Vasya Titov by himself from Yaroslavl to Biysk alive! I’m heading to another city Barnaul to get airport Little story about Vasya Vasya traveled in the Altai went into the very depths of the Altai to make some marks to do his author’s movie later dude drove through half of the Altai through unpaved road by bicycle! He saw a lot I think it is worthy of respect! I’m going to Barnaul now will meet a friend there and I’ll fly tomorrow morning to …

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  1. Как же суда подходит мем "Когда проиграл aom"
    Удачи вам в развитии. Ты мододец, что навещаешь родителей

  2. Дичайше позитивный влог, смотрел весь сюжетик с улыбкой на щщах, лайк однозначно!

  3. Кто то жалуется на споты а здесь споты жалуются на Арояна. Он слишком жесткий для спотов

  4. Классный материал, Ароян! Очень классный!
    А на AOM считаю всё правильно сделал, что не стал жестить и сделал все элементы чётко.
    Атмосфера напряжённая, и выступить уверенно куда важнее. В след. году будешь щелкать двойными винтами подряд))

  5. годно, я слова с трудом могу подобрать для описания тех эмоций что испытал при просмотре это очень круто!!!! )

  6. А ещё внимание к деталям нравится)
    7:02 взял бревно и не поленился снял отдельно как принёс его. (кинематографично)

  7. кстати, давно интересующий Вопрос когда туторы, и будут ли вообще ? очень хочется))))
    Ну пожалуйста)))) я уверен я не один такой)

  8. Your life is quite perfect even if it's simple🙂😃 and he also train harder and never give up to get what he wants

  9. пример того как важно желание, а не крутой зал для акро скила, очень понравился "деревеский" влог, жду еще

  10. Наверное, самый душевный влог из всех 35 вышедших. Вдохновляет.

  11. Пожалуйста сделай обучалку на элемент который на начале 8 минуты видео

  12. Великолепный влог, просто пример всем тем кто тренируется и хочет выбраться из своего села либо города.
    Очень атмосферно и круто.
    10/10 💥🔥

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