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Ridiculist: Trump makes up a new country

Ridiculist: Trump makes up a new country

time now for the Ridiculist it’s been a
while but it’s back in tonight we’re traveling to a magical land far far away
a place so special it’s almost like it doesn’t even exist allow me to explain
today the President of the United States of America was at a meeting of African
leaders at the United Nations when he straight-up made up a country I’m
greatly honored to host this lunch to be joined by the leaders of Cote d’Ivoire
Ethiopia Ghana Guinea nambia yeah he said nambia now I know what you’re
thinking he obviously meant Namibia just a slip of the tongue it can happen to
anyone right mmm no listen in Guinea and Nigeria you
fought a horrifying Ebola outbreak Gambia’s Health System is increasingly
self-sufficient he thinks there’s a place called nambia maybe it’s a
combination of Namibia which is a real place I’ve actually it’s lovely I went
when there for Christmas one year and Narnia which is not though I wish it
were and I would love to go there if I could only fit through that wardrobe
here’s a map right there take a look you see Namibia and right near it are Angola
Zimbabwe there’s Botswana in there or I guess if you’re the president you can
just say them however you want nambia and go go as in booby boots Walla Walla
for instance I just want to remind you he was speaking to African leaders oh
and by the way the president might want to consider taking a little break from
checking his favorite app tonight because the Twitter people there on this
just a few of our favorites nambia the world’s top producer of Gogh FA but they
got a bumper crop of calf FA this year by tomorrow Kellyanne Conway will insist
nambia is real by November it will be in Texas who studies textbooks another one
why did Barack Obama never visit hashtag nambia hashtag nambia is truly beautiful
this time of year everyone should visit at least once in their lives just take
psilocybin to get there I’m told psilocybin is the fancy way of saying
magic mushrooms and if I can learn to pronounce psilocybin for a frigging
ridiculous I think the president United States
take the time to learn how to pronounce the names of other countries or at least
the ones that exist

100 comments on “Ridiculist: Trump makes up a new country

  1. It truly is a shame that a little newspaper is attacked and lives lost but yet CNN still barely keeps its doors open.

  2. Haha funny. This is almost as important as the South African farmers being murdered for being white. I thought the Left was the defender of minorities against oppression? Not when the victims are white, huh?

  3. Maybe Trump's racist Tweets are the result of taking Nambien.

    We could compile his Tweets into "The Chronicles of Nambia". Book One: "The Lying, The Snitch, and The Wardrobe Malfunction".

  4. ??? It’s a real place? He just mispronounced it calm…I don’t even like him I’m just saying maybe don’t go after stupid stuff he says but actual crimes he may have committed

  5. So he mis-pronounces a word and CNN finds that news worthy.  Can someone dig up the CNN news story when Barry The Lying Scumbag Obama talked about our 57 states?  How about when that genius Al Gore got lost on a jog?  And you wonder why you are FAKE NEWS!

  6. 🤔🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  7. So asshole there's allot of countries people can't pronounce like some words you CNN don't use because you can't stand our President. So you can shove it where the dun don't shine CMN

  8. ya know Andy Pooper looks like that white haird lesbo on the American girls soccer team whats her name Reposo? Looks like at birth somehow what makes you a man got into her and what makes you a fairy got into Pooper.

  9. The dishonesty of CNN and Anderson Cooper – did this moron ridicule Barry The Lying Scumbag Obama when he talked about our 57 states?  One more example of fake news CNN and their biased presentation of what they think is news.

  10. And this is my personal Diatribe on this guy

    Donald J. Drumpf, is the greatest charlatan the world has ever known, and he continues to demonstrate that he is a naïve, ignorant, delusional, unprincipled, disingenuous, divisive, inarticulate, incompetent, hypocritical, thin-skinned, grossly narcissistic sociopath; an uncouth, arrogant, autocratic, bloviating, bullying, misogynistic,Zionist ,pathological fabulator and congenital liar, and a political neophyte, with a febrile brain that continues “status twitterus” (a dangerous mental condition in which twittering fits follow one another without recovery of consciousness between them)—in sum, a classic, “Dunning-Kruger” / “Peter Principle” affectee—utterly unfit to be POTUS. 
    Drumpf’s sole reason for being is to feed his insatiable narcissism, and underpin his — always exaggerated — wealth. Anyone that thinks that he has ever had any sense of service other than self-service, or that a man who has spent his entire adult life promoting his vulgar “brand” and the many scams to which he has licensed his name — to the cost of, usually, the “poorly educated” — now cares one iota about anyone else, or that he or his familial/crony parasites will pass up any opportunity to monetise his presidency, is naive — in the extreme.
    Patently, Drumpf is an idiot; had he not been born into great wealth it’s likely he would now be living under an overpass somewhere. Yet the “poorly educated” have elected this “bouffanted buffoon” to be POTUS, making the U.S. the laughing stock of the world.
    Drumpf has no principles; he offers only “snake-oil” tactics and delusionary or naively simple answers to complex problems — we will be lucky if this cretin does not cause some real tragedy to befall the country.
    “Trump is a man of flexible principles, the first of which is to display incoherent disingenuousness at all times.” —
    Now let's concentrate on the daughter!
    We are screwed, my friends!

  11. CNN your right President Donald Trump has made a better country. Our economy our military. Obama care sucks the it's time to do the hokey pokey vote the left ones out and vote the right ones in

  12. trumps Such a MORON ! and this clown is in charge of the USA.. you got to be kidding! This nightmare will end soon .

  13. Nothing new the so called greatest leader on earth is illiterate can’t read can’t spell therefore cannot pronounce words
    Daddy’s millions couldn’t buy him education So Wharton wasn’t able to send us their best at all but we sure got their worst ever👺👺👺👺🤯🤯🤯😲

  14. Hey whacko lyberil xtreemists U shud al just get mad about the fakt that a normul thinking persun lik me has a much hyer IQ then al of u cumbined!!!! Please don't get mean & nasty there arnt no safe spases that I can git to fast enuf. But I wil tayk anybuddy on in a spelin cuntest and I wil win!!!

  15. Great choice Trump supporters vote for a man who doesn’t have any idea what the hell he is talking about. You know these things are written down for him but they are forgetting he can’t read. I think they hold up a picture of a cheeseburger then he knows it’s lunch time. 🍔

  16. I'm glad to be here in Um Bongo land… A lot of black people here today. They say I'm racist but nobody in the history of the world has had more black people in the audience than me today in Bongo Bongo place. #MAGA

  17. These people hate America so much that don't want anything that benefits Americans to be law! Democrats want to tax and regulate american jobs out of the country as global elites like George soras make money in other countries and fund democrats! Treason!!!!!

  18. We the ppl want the NRA held accountable with Trump! Don't think we firgit his treason, collusion, and inside trading charges pending his impeahment! We want a protest started against this shut! This is bs and all yall know it! Killing unarmed civilians on fruendly soil! Have you all gone MAD! Stop this shit!

  19. Well to be honest I prefer he made up the name of that country instead of calling them "shit hole countries" like he does in the White house.

  20. Trump's a successful billionaire businessman who is now the leader of the free world, and "Up-the-Pooper Anderson Cooper" is just another liberal douche-bag that wears a pink pussy-hat. LOL

  21. No, Anderson, he meant to say "Narnia" – as in, the Chronicles of Narnia. It's one of his favorite books that he's never read.

  22. When he says he's a stable genius does that mean he's smarter then the other donkeys in the stable.

    How about someone gets him to say banana. Bananananananana.

  23. What difference does it make, since Americans make up their own BS names for everything they can't pronounce. Can't pronounce München? Just call it Munic, cause it looks like that.

  24. Martrumnojjokvarasprekvesttikenrelasenoktataltetraptrunzinselftovarumasosprekdatnojvatentrummencinvilendatnojkotakmivaruvnitmartotubamencinsigmuzikdatvetenlakvilenoktrumbaksigto

  25. Anderson, it's an African country. Ok? And we know what Trump thinks about African countries. They're "shit hole" countries. Trump doesn't care to learn the correct pronunciation of an African word like "Namibia." To be fair, Trump doesn't care to learn the correct pronunciation of English words either.

  26. He is speaking maga language they don't understand big words just little ridiculous words. In N.Y. THOSE WORDS MEAN GARBAGE AND HE KNOWS IT.!

  27. Nambia. A newly formed supernation consisting of Namibia and Zambia. And they actually do border one another. That's what the Cantankerous Cantaloupe was talking about.

    Who am I kidding? The Tangerine Turd never knows what the fuck he's talking about. He is an oxygen wasting moron who thinks Washington and Jefferson were traitors just like Jefferson Davis and Robert E. Lee.

    TURN BLUE IN 2020! Let's get a Democrat president who won't embarrass America like this.

  28. So what,….. Let's talk about the time Obama said he was the first American president from Kenya..???? What did he mean by that..??? Cause y'all made him not have to prove anything, after peeking America's curiosity…

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