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Reba McEntire Talks Hosting The Academy of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas | In Studio

Reba McEntire Talks Hosting The Academy of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas | In Studio

– Hey this is Reba McEntire
and you’re watching In Studio with Hollywood Reporter. (upbeat music) – So it’s not everyday
that you get to sit down with a country legend and so I’m
going to soak up every minute. How you doing? – I’m great, how are you doing? – Doing well. We have so much to talk about.
– Okay. – You’ve got the ACMs.
– Uh huh. – We’ve got a new album and
it’s your birthday today. – It is my birthday.
– It’s your birthday! You know, we did some research
and we know you love whiskey. – I do. – So we’ve got whiskey here,
we’ve got the right ice. That’s a big deal for me. You can’t do whiskey with normal ice. You have to do the cocktail ice. And some 7UP.
– Good. – Welcome to jump in. – You guys are nice. – Well you know, we
had to take care of ya. – Thanks, thanks. – Of course. ACM’s coming up on Sunday.
– Yeah. – You’re hosting it, executive
producing, performing? – Yeah.
– My gosh. – Tap dancing, driving
the bus when they let me, all that kind of stuff. – Tell us what you’ve got in store. – Well I’ve got about six or seven outfits I’m going to be wearing,
got them all right and we’re already working on the script, my monologue’s all ready to go and my song’s ready to go so I’m prepared, I am ready to be there, ready to see everybody. It’s like a family reunion when you go to an award show. You see all your buddies and your friends and you make new friends because there are a lot of the newcomers
that I haven’t met yet so I’m looking forward to that. – Now this show’s in Vegas. Do you guys kind of get together? – The thing that makes it so neat about having the awards show in Vegas, nobody ain’t going home. – [Laela] Okay. – You know, you’re at the same hotel. – [Laela] Right. – When we have it Nashville
or some place like in LA, where people live in LA so they go home. Well here, everybody’s, it’s
kind of like summer camp. – Okay, I love that. The ACMs are in Vegas and
you’ve hosted the show 16 times. – 16. – This is number 16.
– Yeah. – Looking back, do you
kind of a favorite memory? – I guess hosting with Blake Shelton, getting to sing with Kelly Clarkson. The first time I think was with, I hosted with John Schneider and Mac Davis.
– Wow. – Yeah.
– Oh my. – And I had real short curly hair. – Do you have any outfits
that you kind of regret from back in the day?
– No. – No, never?
– I owned every one of those. – I’m yeah, I was rocking it at the time. – There you go and you still own it. – Wouldn’t wear it again,
but I still own it. Yeah it’s going to be a fun night. I like collaborations. That way you get two for the price of one. – That’s right. Well I recently saw you’re a Cardi B fan. Are we going to see a Cardi B
Reba collaboration anytime soon? – Okur. (group laughing) – I’m so excited you did that. I was waiting for that. – I still can’t do it like she does. I guess that’s the Oakey version. – I think you’re kind of nailing it. – Okur. – It’s got that err going. (Leila and Reba rolling r’s) (group laughing) So much fun. – You can pass a lot of time doing that. – How did you even start doing that? Did you just see it and wanted to try it? – Yeah somebody said can
you do that and I said yeah. – [Laela] Bring it. – And we were waiting
around to go film something and they said are you
ready and I go Okur, Okur. I don’t know how she does it. Where does she start that? – I don’t know. – It’s pretty funny though. – She’s hilarious. – Yeah.
– I love watching her. – Yeah she’s funny. – You know, just a quick serious note. When you announced the nomination, there was a lack of female representation in the Entertainer of the Year category. – It was, wasn’t there? – It was such a bummer. – Yeah I think next year or in 2019 I think it’s going to be different because Kacey Musgraves had a huge
night at the Grammy’s. – Right. – Carrie Underwood’s
going back out on tour and she’s got a lot of females
helping her out on that opening the show for her and
so I think it’s going to be a rocking 2019 for the females. I’m putting that out in the universe. – [Laela] There you go. – I got a brand new album out. I’m going to help all I can. Ashley McBryde has already won New Female Vocalist of the Year for the ACMs so girls are already going. – What would you say is the biggest change for women in country since
you started your career? – Oh, how much time do you have? – Oh, let’s talk. – Everything is a lot
better since I started. My first single was out 1976 and it was pretty much
I walked in and I sang what they told me to sing
’cause I didn’t know anything about it and I wasn’t complaining
and I had great teachers, great producers, managers
that helped me and guided me and taught me and then one day I said I kind of got an idea, I’m
going to spring it on them and they said oh that’s a great idea. So I got more confidence
when I had a great idea to present it and then started
taking over a little bit more of my career and then
Jimmy Bowen complained about not liking the song selection or the musicians or the
instrumentation on my album and he said well go find your own songs. And I said okay how do I do that? So I had a lot of great teachers. It’s been a lot of fun and so
women now have more control over their careers.
– Oh it’s so great. – It is wonderful, but
you’ve got to be prepared. You’ve got to be ready for
it and if you’re not ready in any area of your career,
you need to continue always to have help and a good team around you because there will be always
something that you don’t know and you have to look to
your teammates to say how do we do this or what’s
another way of doing this and I have a great team with me. – Your new album, you called
it Stone-cold Country. – It is. – Can you elaborate a little bit on that? – It’s dance songs ’cause
I grew up in Oklahoma and I was playing dance
halls and honky-tonks and beer joints and rodeos and
you better have a dance tune. – [Laela] Yeah. – Or everybody’s going to get mad at ya. And so that’s what’s in this album. Good dance tunes, story songs, happy, sad, crying, breakup, get back together songs. – It’s the whole gamut on this album. – It’s a roller coaster of emotion. – Now how many songs did
you have to go through ’cause I know you’re getting
sent songs all the time. So did it take like six
months’ worth of songs being sent to you? How long did it take? – A long time. When we decide that we’re
going to do an album, we let everybody know. The publishers, the writers,
best buddies, friends, my favorite song writers and
everybody gets the word out. The record label’s looking, I’m looking, my friends are looking, my
publishing company’s looking and then when everybody starts falling in, they’ll send me songs that my team will that they kind of like but
know if I like it or not so I have to listen to every thing and Buddy Cannon and I, we
produced this album together and we had enough songs left
over to do another album of songs we were really proud of. So there’s great songs out there. The songwriters are hot. They’re really producing, I
mean writing some great songs. – And I heard when you’re
getting a song sent to you, you don’t like to know
who the songwriter is ’cause you really want to listen to it to see if it’s you. – Yeah because if it’s a Liz
Hengber song, I’m going to. I really want the song to stand on its own and then I’ll look to see who wrote it and I’ll be like ah I thought so. That sounded like Liz
or Tommy Lee or whoever. – Thinking back to your
career and all the songs that you have in your discography, is there a song that you never get tired of performing on stage? – Fancy.
– I love that song. I was hoping you would say that. – I love that song.
– I was going to say, that’s my all-time favorite. – Bobbie Gentry had that out in 1968. She wrote it and had a big hit on it and I played it, now that’s one song that I would sing at the dance halls and they’d go Reba, we
can’t dance to this one. I said well sit down,
shut up and listen to me ’cause I’m going to sing
it, I love this song. – [Laela] Yeah. – And it’s been one of my
favorite songs forever. – It never gets old.
– No. – It’s a timeless song. – It’s a rags to riches type song that this woman rose above it all and her mom was so smart
to do what she did. I mean a lot of people disagree with it, but look where she is now. – That’s right. Is there a song that you
would be happy to retire in your own discography? – Oh let’s see, You Lie is
a real hard song to sing. It’s got a lot of range
to it, but it’s not one you’d open the show with.
– Right. – But a lot of fans love it,
so I put it back in my show every once in a while. – Well you spent six seasons on a sitcom that a lot of us loved.
– Thank you. – [Laela] When are we going
to see you back on TV? – Oh we’re working on it. We’re always looking for a
new project for television because I love that genre. It’s fun, I love four
camera, I love one camera. I just love cameras,
but it’s a lot of fun. You know, to get to have fun with people that are so professional in acting and you get to play a character that’s not like you or
maybe not exactly like you. The Reba character was me totally ’cause I was mischievous
and I had Barbra Jean to play it up against and
we just had so much fun. Melissa Peterman’s a genius and then there was Brock
and Cheyenne and Van. We had so much fun doing that show. – Do you still see any of your castmates? – Yeah, with Melissa Peterman
and Chris Rich this weekend. We were in the Celebrity Fight Night in Phoenix last weekend. – [Laela] Oh wow. – Had a great time.
– Yeah. – Yeah they’re doing wonderful. – [Laela] That’s awesome. That’s great to hear that
you guys are still a family. – Yeah. – Still getting together.
– Oh yeah, yeah. Love ’em.
– That’s great for all the fans to know. We can’t not ask you about Kelly Clarkson. She has a new talk show coming out. – [Reba] Uh huh. – Are you going to be a guest? She’s got to have you on.
– I hope so, I hope so. – She hasn’t called yet?
– No. – Call her. (group laughing) We’re looking forward to that. – We got to chitchat. I’m really excited for her new show. – And one more entertainment question. – Okay. – Okay, when I heard that you
were going to be in Titanic and you had to turn down that role, let’s tell everybody that story. – Okay so the deal was I went
and auditioned for the part of the Unsinkable Molly
Brown and I got the part. James Cameron gave it to me. I was so excited and so they said we’re going to need you
for these three months. Well I was on tour and we
were promoting our own dates and our own concert tours and
so I had the next three months already booked, the arenas were booked, the band and crew, everybody. We had about 20 trucks on the road and so then he said oh
we’re a little bit behind. We’re going to not need
these three months, we’re going to need these three months and it’s really hard to reschedule
arena when everybody else that’s in the entertainment business have already got their arenas booked. – So the tickets were sold
at this point for the arenas. – Ready to be sold, the arena’s booked and there were no other arenas
for the next three months for us to get and I had all my
band and crew and everybody, you know, I got to take care of my people. So I said well Unsinkable Molly Brown will have to go on the
ship by herself, not me. – Oh man. Is there anything that you
haven’t done that you want to do? – Oh there’s lots of
things I haven’t done. I would really like to do a
historical fiction western. – Ooh very specific, okay.
– Yeah. Put it out there. – Putting it out there. Are there any that you love in particular? – You know I played
Annie Oakley on Broadway so getting back to the
westerns back in the 1800s would be a lot of fun. – We can’t wait to see it. – I’d be a cowgirl. – That’s no stretch for you. I love it. Well no birthday is
complete without a cake. – Oh. – So we had to do something special. – Oh. – It’s your birthday.
– It’s my birthday. – It’s your day so happy birthday. – Thank you, oh so cute. – Yes. We had to do it. – And I will share. (group laughing) Thank you very much.
– Oh of course. – That is so sweet. – Stronger Than the
Truth comes out April 5th and ACM’s on CBS this Sunday. Check it out.

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