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Public Service

>>MARK CANNON: When I received the Truman
Scholarship, which is awarded to those that have outstanding potential for public service,
I was very much on a track of wanting to serve government in some fashion. I probably had
in my mind at the time, more elected office, but my career has focused much more on being
a careerist and actually working in the non-profit sector, serving government and serving the
aims of government. Right now, I’m the chief of staff, and I have
a cabinet of ten different departments, and one of the things that I get a kick out is
coming, bringing all of those departments together to work in an interdisciplinary nature
to solve an intractable issue, and I have to think that that really goes back to the
preparation that I had at Miami and its liberal arts, its interdisciplinary, multi-disciplinary
type of focus. One of the standout experiences at Miami that
goes beyond the boundaries of the campus was my work with the Ohio Student Association.
I was the ASG representative, and it really gave me the opportunity to work with peers
at the other public institutions around the state. We would travel to different campuses
for the meetings, we would deal with the kinds of funding decisions that were happening at
the state level. It was a real opportunity to make an impact, make a difference that
helped me understand that that’s where I really wanted to focus my career as well. That was probably what was most rewarding
about being in the College of Arts and Science, is how you are able to make those linkages
out to the real world and how it took multiple disciplines, it took a broad base of knowledge
to bring forward into those kinds of situations.

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